Friday, June 8, 2012

Teeth Day

Yesterday I had Vera's teeth done. We were unsure when she last had them done, and I was unwilling to stick my hand in her mouth to check. My friend (the super-famous-wonder-vet) came out to do them for me (for free I might add.) It was weird to have a horse who stood perfectly still with so little sedation. Denali took at least three doses to be able to do her teeth, and it was dicey at that.

She was such a good girl. Towards the end the sedation wore off and she got a bit concerned. I just started petting her and telling her that she was fine, and she was. As long as I stood next to her, she was fine. It made me feel good that even though I haven't seen her in two weeks she trusted me.

After leaving the barn I started to miss Denali. I haven't heard about her in a few weeks so I decided to call and check on her. Poor guy that owns her now, I'm sure I drive him nuts. He is a really nice guy. I didn't keep him on the phone very long (don't want to wear out my welcome.) The conversation went something like this.

Me: "Hi, How are you? I was just calling to make sure Denali hasn't killed anyone."
Him: "She's been totally fine the whole time. Not one problem."
Me: "Denali? The bay mare?"
Him: "Yes, your horse."
Me: "Okay, that's good. I'll let you go."

I guess when Denali gets 40+ acres to run around on (and that's the small pasture) she does fine behaviorally. He still hasn't see her do anything neurological, which makes me ecstatic that the bazillions of dollars I spent on her (and blood, sweat, and tears) didn't go to waste.

My summer is filling up with random family coming to visit. I am excited, but am getting nervous about making it out there to see Denali. I need to nail down a date and plan a trip I guess.

Hope all is well in your worlds! Happy Friday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lost and Found

I can't believe how fast time goes! I can't believe that it has been two weeks since I've even been to the barn, let alone ridden. Life got in the way. I went away for Memorial Day weekend with my husband, and them on Tuesday last week I woke up with the Plague. I don't remember the last time I got so sick so fast. It wasn't fun.

A few fun things have happened in the past two weeks.

1. Ophie's mom came back into town. We got to spend the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend hanging out and visiting Ophelia. Ophie looks good. We at at a place called "Jim Bob's Chuckwagon." It was delicious.

2. I won! You may remember me saying in January that I joined a gym. Then I also joined their biggest loser contest. Honestly I didn't try too hard towards the end (enter chocolate) but kept working out and going to the gym. I ended up losing 22.2 pounds in 3 months. While I was happy, I never thought in a million years I would win. So, I'm the overall winner for my gym. The other overall winner (male) from my gym won the city, and I will be surprised if he didn't win it all. He doesn't even look the same.

So those are my two exciting things. We've been fostering kittens for the shelter and they are adorable!! I haven't heard about Denali in a week or so. It's hard to not call and drive them crazy, but I don't have any worries. I just miss her pretty face. This is the first month that I haven't paid board or supplements in 4 years. 4 YEARS!! My bank account is confused. So is my credit card company. I think Smartpak misses me.

Tomorrow I go to the barn and Ms. Vera gets her teeth done. Maybe I will get back on her here at some point before the end of the month! School is out on the 22nd so I will have more of a life after then!