Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I post on Facebook...

I posted this on Facebook yesterday.... thought I'd share it with you as well. :0)

Equine America

As you may or may not know, I am on the board of directors for a non-profit that provides veterinary care for horses from local rescues. The WONDERFUL people at Equine America sent us some items to try out on our rescue that we currently have in their care. We received four products, and I have personally used the Bute-Less before for a certain Thoroughbred that we all know and love. I really liked their products.
We are currently trying the Gluco-Flex powder for our 15 year old warmblood/cross that has some joint problems. So far he does seem to feel more comfortable, and his typically sensitive stomach hasn't seemed to be affected. I will report more, he's been on it for three weeks. 

Have you ever used any products from Equine America? What did you think? I do want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to the nice folks at Equine America for their donations. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Non-Pony Related, (but still fun)

In my non-horse time I am a teacher. I teach kiddos who are in K-2 and have severe emotional/behavioral problems. I use to have a self contained program, but starting last year I decided to do "full inclusion." It has gone really well, and my kiddos are some of the best behaved (FOR the most part!) They are pretty much amazing kiddos, and I love them more when I'm not getting bit. Friday at school I was going about my business when a man in a suit came into my school and asked to talk to me. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I suggested he find my principal.

Flash forward 30 minutes and I'm told to go to the office. All of my students are taken to lunch, and I am stuck sitting in the office. Something was up, but I couldn't quite figure out what. I hate surprises.

After another 5 minutes the principal called over and asked for me to come to the cafeteria. I think to myself, "I told you that I should go with them, why would you let "Johnny" go to lunch anyway, he usually eats with me." So I did what I normally do and I took off at a dead run into the very quiet cafeteria. There in the front was a man with a giant check being held by my students, a man with a camera and a lady with a big smile. As soon as I hit the door 200+ kids yelled "Surprise."

Side Note: SO Happy that I decided to actually get dressed nice for Friday. SO Happy.

Anyway, the man was from the Seattle Seahawks and apparently I was nominated for an award, and won. I am one of 24 teachers picked for the "Heroes in the Classroom" Award, and I was picked by the Seahawks. I have never won anything for teaching before other than some silly awards here and there that they gave me so I would keep killing myself.

What did I win? (This is from their website):

  • $1,000 donation to their classroom
  • Two tickets to a Seahawks regular season game
  • In-game HawkVision (JumboTron) "spotlight"
  • Pre-Game VIP sideline experience
  • "Heroes" award certificate
  • School visit by sponsors to recognize their achievement

I'm most excited about the fact that I get a jersey with my last name on it. I also got a $350 gift card to Office Max and a "special" discount card for 50% off at Office Max and a bag of goodies. 

The guy went over what I won, and instantly I had 72 little boys ask if they can go with me to the game. I'll probably take my hubby. It was pretty fun day. 

Today I spent it shopping for food for my "Pantry." I started a program last year and send home backpacks to kids who might need more food over the weekend to help them make it to Monday. 

Overall, a pretty good weekend. Even if horses weren't involved. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years

Eleven years ago I was living in Pennsylvania and was a junior in college. I already have an uncanny ability to remember dates for random things, so the fact that I can remember almost every step that day doesn't surprise me. I remember walking out of the bathroom after showering, and seeing my roommate Nicole watching TV with both hands over her mouth. She was just standing there and I couldn't for the life of me recognize the movie she was watching. She didn't say anything, even when I asked her. She just stood there. I started watching the "movie" and just then the second plane hit the tower. It was that moment that I realized that Nicole had tears in her eyes and that wasn't a movie.

Classes were cancelled, my National Guard friends ran and packed their bags and left campus in droves. We just sat around watching TV. Friends frantically called family in DC and New York. A friend's mom called to tell her a plane just hit near her school in southern PA. Then it came one to the news. It amazes me that it was 11 years ago. It feels like yesterday.

I will never forget this day. Today at school, I realized that none of the kids I work with were alive, most of our school wasn't alive and if they were they were only a year or two old. I tried to explain to them not the evil involved in that day, but the heroes. The people who ran in when everyone else ran out.

We will never forget, and thank you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mental Health Day

It was hot Saturday. I hate heat (hubby, if you're reading this, I hate 90+, I still want to live somewhere that is warm most part of the year.) I had to go out to do some stuff for the non-profit in the morning, and had friends coming into town for the night. Somehow I managed to slice out two hours of time to go visit Vera. I haven't been out in a few weeks because of school/meetings/school.

I didn't want to ride (didn't have time) but wanted to give her some love. She is the sweetest mare ever. She was standing in the corner of her pasture eating grass. Someone has manage to pull her mane. I don't know who, and I wonder how that went over. She was having none of it when we were trying earlier in July. I "borrowed" an apple from a tree on the property and gave it to her. She seemed so happy to get a snack and not have to go work. We hung out for a bit and then I went on a hunt to find her fly mask. I bought it, I know she has one. She had flies all over her eyes, and she wasn't having any of it. After twenty minutes I found her fly mask where she gets tacked up. I tired to think good thoughts about the other woman who also rides her. I hate when people don't clean up and put things back where they belong (like on the horses head.) I think it was good for her to just hang out. Horses need mental health days too.

It's been about a month since I've quit working at the GWB. I am L-O-V-I-N-G having my Sundays to myself to do things around the house. Today my friends and I ran the Iron Girl 5K. If there's one near you, they are so fun. Plus? You get a metal!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The World of Crazy

I should re-name this blog, and I think it should be "The World of Crazy." The new crazy barn lady is driving me so up the ever loving wall, I am afraid that I'm going to snap at her. She sends me (and ever one of my friends at the barn) text messages...every fricking day...and if you don't respond (because let's be honest, we don't) she responds with another message asking if you got the last one. She likes to add as many smiley faces and exclamation marks as possible.

Example: " HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii HUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):) HOW ARE YOU!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!<3 mmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssss you <3<3<3

It takes me a few seconds to realize that she even is writing in English. Side Note: Some of you out there may think I'm the biggest bitch in the world. For those of you who know me in the real world, you can attest that I am a really nice (sometimes too nice) person right?

I've run out of nice with this woman. When I don't respond to her 7,394 text messages she sends, she then goes to my Facebook and writes that she sent me a text message.


In other words the reason I am so pissed at her tonight is that my friend went to ride Vera for me since I couldn't and she commented on how much she has shut down and just seems depressed. Poor fricking horse. I hope the trainer notices soon and pulls her off her. UGH!!

In other news, I only have been bitten (well, close) 5 times in 2 days of school. Winning?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

Summer is always fun, but then it ends. It usually ends much faster than I expect it to end, and I find myself with my head spinning. All of the sudden I'm back in a classroom with small children, little time, and lots of work. Sigh...My pony time decreases a lot when school starts. It's still so weird to not own a horse. I didn't realize how much I stressed out and worried about Denali until she went to her new home, and I was able to see that she was fine.

Ms. Vera is good. I fell really bad for her though. We have this woman at our barn who is, how do I say this... ANNOYING AS HELL!! She is just so obnoxious and I can't handle it. Seriously, I run from her. As in pick up my feet and run. She drive everyone nuts, and while we are all nice to her, she just drives us nuts. She came to the barn telling us all about her elusive riding career and how she use to own horses and jump, yada, yada, yada (I don't believe it.) Well...I could write a whole blog on her and her crazies, but I try hard to keep my blog nice and not complain about people (plus, you never know who will find it.) Back to Vera, she started leasing Vera on the days that I don't. Now, when I ride Vera she is just SO on edge. She expects me to hang on her face and kick, kick, kick her. I spend 5 minutes reminding her that hey, I'm not ########, I'm not going to be super hard on your mouth, don't worry. Poor thing.