Saturday, November 24, 2012


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were able to fly back to Pennsylvania last weekend for a quick trip to see family. While in Middle-of-no-where-Pennsylvania I saw a girl I use to go to high school with out shopping (note: I hate shopping unless it's at a tack store.) She looked at me and said, "hu?" I was confused but kept talking to her, she has never been one to be rude. Then she says, "You know, my sister said you were having a baby, but I just assumed that meant a horse baby." LOL. Oh how well everyone in my life knows me. Yeah, wasn't planning on a human baby so soon (I'll be 32 in 2 weeks, so I'm not exactly jumping into it I guess.) I've never had a horse baby, but they sound like they are almost as much work as a human baby (except they grow up a lot faster.)

Yesterday I was having "I miss ponies" sort of day and met up with my friends for lunch. My one friend is almost 30 weeks pregnant and she is still riding daily. Seriously beyond impressive!! She thinks this is her last week because her belly is getting in the way now, but I only rode to 12 weeks and my hips hurt WAY too much. I guess if I rode every single day, with multiple horses my body would be use to it and it wouldn't hurt.

I got to go see Ms. Vera after lunch. Apparently she has been a pill, but in her defense, she is the kind of horse (much like Denali) that if you let her think (at all) that she is in charge she takes it and runs away with it. One of the new clients came off of her twice, and then she tried to buck off the new trainer too. I think it had more to do with her fresh clip job than with wanting to actually get people off. Also, she always was the kind of horse that you needed to get on and sort of warm up slowly. The trainer got on her and got after her right away (which who wouldn't, someone came off of you.) Anyway, the long of the short of it, that woman who drives me nuts (note: I'm still really nice to her) had a lesson after my friend. She was so terrified of Vera, that it reminded me of Denali, and I know exactly how she felt. She asked another friend of ours to walk with her while she warmed Vera up. I told her, if you act afraid she's going to think there's a cougar hiding behind the arena wall. Fake it. That's my best advice. Ride the horse you're on, not the one you've been told about. See, Denali taught me a ton. :0)  Vera didn't look like she was out to kill anyone. She's a good horse, but she's a horse. I can't wait to not be pregnant and to hope back up on her. She looks good. She's super lean and muscular now and just beautiful! I miss that girl, but am really excited that she gets to stay there.

Not much new in the whole baby thing. My back is killing me, and I wake up everyday with the first thought being "did I come off a horse yesterday?" That's exactly how my back feels. Like I came off of a horse and landed on my butt.

Monday we find out if we're having a girl or a boy.  Half my friends are convinced I'm having a girl, and the other half are convinced I'm having a boy. I don't care honestly, I just want a healthy kid (and if they are obsessed with horses, bonus.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still MIA

The car is still missing. Last night I was laying in bed trying to think of all the stuff that is in it. At about 2am I woke up realizing that the tools that came with my saddle (to adjust it) are in the car. I don't know what I'm going to do if my car doesn't turn up. Ugh. It tried finding online where to contact Toulouse to try to order another set. I have decided to sell my saddle. I really like it, but A. I have no place to keep it in my house, and B. the room it is in now is about to become a baby room. I'm not too devastated  I decided I'm biting the bullet in the future and just buying the saddle that I want. It will probably be a few years anyway. Plus, Vera has a saddle now so I could ride her in that when I get back to riding.

Anyone know where I could order more tools? Ugh! Also, if you see an old crappy Subaru driving around let me know. :0( I figured if I start car shopping it will turn up.

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of Denali and mine little "accident." I think Pia's mom is happy that I didn't stain her trailer too bad. Opps. That's the first thing I thought of when my car went missing...November hates me.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I guess this post is horse related....

I woke up this morning to go to work and walked out my door. Sort of hard to get to work when your CAR WAS STOLEN!! To say that I'm pissed would be an understatement. Totally pissed. I LOVED my car. It was old, it was beat up, but it was mine. In addition to stealing my car, all of my tack (ALL) was in the trunk. Luckily my saddle and boots were in my house, but still... We live in a little house and since I don't have a barn to keep my stuff, there it sat.

And I was pissed when it was broken into. Grrr... I'm so upset about my stupid car. The cop was really nice when I filled out the police report (while bawling.) He said that cars are usually broken into, and found within a week. We'll see if it shows up! I hope so. I can only imagine what they did to it/in it/with it.

Poor Carter (my car).....

Pregnancy Hormones + Subaru commercial (the one with the chocolate lab) = sobbing mess.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest Post?

Anyone interested in doing a guest post? e-mail me! Might as well post something here, my real life is full of little kids, lots of work and no horses (boo.) I was DYING to go riding today, but figured I shouldn't since I haven't ridden in 2 months and should just wait...Should.