Monday, May 31, 2010

Change of Plans

I called Pegasus last week to see if I could come in today instead of Saturday. I wanted to go to a horse show, and I also wanted my trainer to see the facility. We got lost on our way there of course, and ended up getting there 15 minutes late. The first thing we saw was the Water Center. It was amazing, there were 4 horses in the center, two in the hot walker, one on the underwater treadmill, and one getting a bath. It was beautiful! The whole place was beautiful.
We talked about a "game plan" for Denali and what it was that she was going to need. The biggest thing that I don't want is for Denali to come back a buff monster. I want her to be fit, and have that leg back to feeling good, but I do NOT want to hope back up on a horse and ride her after an extensive lay-up. That could be ugly, really ugly.

The vet comes back in a week or so. I need to call and schedule the appointment. I am a slacker horse mom. I went out today to see her, I haven't been out much in the past week. I'm a horrible horse mom. I have had work, work, work for the past week and a half. The cut on her leg is healing, I'm lucky my trainer took pity on her and started to treat it. Denali apparently HATES the stuff she puts on it, but it looks SO GOOD! I think the hair is going to come back in white though. Maybe I can register her as a Pinto? :)

My favoriate part of this pool (which is 16feet deep!) is the sign. "NO Horseplay."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mighty Morgan!

Know anyone who needs some books? I sat on eBay tonight for over an hour. Life? Yes, I use to have one!

I'm going away for the weekend again, so no or limited internet. It's slowly killing me! :) Thanks everyone for your comments! I keep forgetting to mention this, but Denali is drugged, very drugged! It's how we function! When we start to hand walk her I will probably ACE her. Lots and lots of drugs!

There's a horse show next weekend June 4th that I might be taking my little Morgan mare to. How little you're wondering? This little! I don't feel little on her at all, and No, she's not swaybacked!! I am not sure why the picture looks that way! She does have a long back, but again this is a cell phone picture at the walk, and I don't think she looks this bad! We were walking, and I look pretty ridiculous! It's okay, I'm fine with it, and she is a little stout pony and I got her collected so I called it success! She likes to keep her head up, she use to be a carriage horse before my trainer bought her to get her out of a bad situation. I love her attitude, it's just like Denali's. So from my 16.1 hh to a 14.1 hh a bit of a difference.

Weight loss class is going well. Waking up at 5 am, not so fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I honestly didn't think it would happen, but because of you I have something new. Hope. I'm 10% of the way towards being able to send Denali to Pegasus. Many of you bought my stuff. So many in fact that I'm still organizing, cleaning, and packaging. Then there are some of you who have just donated out of the kindness of your heart!! When you give 5$ and say "I wish it could be more" it already is! 5$ is more than I had before you donated. I greatly appreciate it and am forever in your debt. Denali designed something to mail out to people who bought something or who donated, look for it in your mail box! Remember neither Denali nor I are graphic designers!! Be nice!

Next Saturday I go to Pegasus to check it out and fill out any paper work that I might need. I still need to sit down with the vet and figure out the "game plan." She wants to come out and x-ray Denali's right hind, but I honestly can't do it right now. I know it sounds horrible, but I am now that person who has to wait until I get paid! Ugh. I never wanted to do that, ever! I am trying to not feel horrible about it, but I figured if it has been hurt since September, then a few more weeks won't change much.

Positive thing is that my husband and I have no debt (well, the truck) and he is really good with money. I however, not so good with the saving part. I have become better! I have a jar of money in our bedroom that I put all my spare change in. I use to call it my "saddle fund" but I don't know if that will ever happen, and if it does it is now in the 5 year plan (or I magically make more money plan.)

I shouldn't be babbling on about finances. I hate talking finances. If you want a sure fire way to watch my husband and I fight bring up money + horse = not pretty. He loves her, but she's not the cheapest thing in the world.

Okay. Back to Denali.

I went out yesterday to see her. Super lovey! She's defiantly losing muscle tone quickly. She's also very stiff walking around her stall. I felt bad watching her move around her stall. I think it will be good for her to be able to go swimming and to loosen everything up. We still have two more weeks until she is allowed out for hand walking. THAT should be fun! Maybe I could sell tickets to people to come watch the "show" because I can guarantee it will be a good time!

Before I ran to the barn I stopped and bought Denali the biggest apple I could find! .76 of a pound. I was impressed and she was in heaven. It took her 9 bites to eat it. If you know Denali you'll know the normal amount is 1 bite. While she was eating it I snapped my fingers and she panicked, so I kept doing it but stopped when I figured out that it sounded like the electrical fence. Wow, I'm a horrible horse mom.

Other than that not much else going on in horse world. I had paid for training for Denali and that's not going to be happening so I'm going to lease my trainers little Morgan for the summer instead. At least I'll have a small beast to ride. Same personality, about 10 inches in height difference.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cancel the comment about the one good leg

It had a huge gross gash out of it tonight. I guess my trainer noticed it today and started treating it. So, now none of her legs are good. I guess that makes her even? Sigh....

In addition, guess who has to go see the Orthopedic Surgeon? I'm just as bad as my horse. My right foot has a lump on it, that is bone that shouldn't be there. I started running and it started hurting, the hurt didn't go away. Oh the fun times!! Last thing I want to do is to have surgery during the summer.

One cute thing is that my normally anti-snuggle horse was a snuggle bunny tonight. She was obsessive about me tonight. It was really cute and made me happy. I had to put some medication on her gash. It looks so gross, but I think it's going to be fine.

I walked away from her and turned around to this. That wall is about 8 feet tall. She was trying very hard to see where I went. Sweet girl. Now if she only knew what she was costing me.

Quick update- UGH!!!!!!!

Got back from the East Coast last night. Got a phone call from the vet today.

I usually like hearing from the vet, but at this point I'm sick of it.

I asked her last time she was out about Denali's right hind (note that her tear is in the left hind) and the swelling that is still there. She apparently went over the x-rays and said that there are some areas of concerns. Sigh. She's coming out to do x-rays on her right hind in two weeks. I heard Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching....

Things I've canceled:
All magazine subscriptions, my subscription, my Starbucks stops, my weekly eating out with friends, etc.

Anyone want a horse? At this point I'm just so frustrated. She has one good leg, her left front. I can't imagine what it would be like to own a horse that wasn't constantly breaking down. It makes me very jealous that I don't. I am starting to really hate dumping money into something that might end up being a pretty pasture pet.

I'm 5% of the way of my goal. If you need to buy anything check out our other blog. I'm thinking of renaming it not really, but it would be funny.

If anyone has an Ipod I'm selling 60$ worth of iTunes gift cards for $50.00 and I guarantee that they have never been used! Also, I have hundreds of children's books (grades 3-8) if you know anyone who needs some!

I haven't even seen the poor girl in 5 days. I should stop complaining about her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Driving Fail

I tried to go to the barn tonight, but did not succeed. I sat in traffic for 1 hour and made it less than a mile. I gave up! Ugh. It's Seattle, you'd think people could drive when it rains!!

No pony love for me. I'm leaving tomorrow to go back East for a wedding (my husband's sister) and won't have internet access (or cell phone-how will I live!!)

Thanks for those of you who passed on the "other blog" to your horsey friends, and those of you who donated! I really hope that I am able to do this. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her new nibble net I guess. My trainer put a flake in there and she took 5 hours to finish it. It's perfect for her!!

I have another e-mail that you can write to me if you wish (well technicality it's Denali's e-mail, but she kept buying things online so she can't have her HoofTop for a few weeks.) It's

I just checked it and saw this e-mail.

This is to inform you that you have won a cash prize of £1,350,000.pounds from the irish lottery,please contact the processing agent;send the following: name,Age,Sex,Country. (Contact Office Email: irish0111 at )

Gee! Maybe I should contact them to pay for Denali's rehab. LOL, really? I wonder the IQ of the person who writes this stuff. I mean irish0111 at sounds so legit!

5 days without internet or phone.... how am I going to live!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Nibblenet

Denali's nibblenet showed up today. I'm glad that I finally have something to hold her hay, and to keep her occupied. Without it she'd kick and bang on her stall because she snarfed up the flake quicker than anything. Seriously, if there was an eating contest for horses, Denali would win. Hands down. This at least slows her down. I'll keep you updated as to how it holds up.

Today was a hard day for me. I don't handle stress well, and today was a stressful day. I walked into Denali's stall and was taken back a bit by how much muscle she's lost. I know that's what happens, but it still makes me feel bad. It makes me feel guilty. It makes me wonder if there was anything that I could have done differently. It makes me feel guilty that she costs us so much money, guilty that my money goes towards her, and not towards our savings, guilty that even with spending all my money we still just don't have enough to send her to Pegasus. It's still the goal, and I'm not going to give up on it. I still have planned to go and visit it on June 5th. Even if something happens and I can't send her to Pegasus, I still need to make money to pay for her vet treatments, which quickly add up. Wait, why am I telling you this? I'm sure you've all been through this. I don't mean to complain, I'm just frustrated.

Anyway, I posted some books of mine for sale on the other blog. I included shipping in the price. Also, if anyone has anything that they want to sell, fell free to e-mail me a picture and a description and I'll post it on the blog along with your info. No fees (but if you win the lottery, remember us!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

300th Post

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who's been following my blog. I saw a post that I did in September where I mentioned getting my 12th follower, well, I have a few more now than I did before. Thanks for joining our ride! How did you find me? Why did you start to follow (aside from my basic threats and beggings?) I'm just curious.

I'm excited for the day that I can log in and say, "I rode Denali." I thought I'd be there by now, but I guess God has different plans. Part of me wonders if it was meant to happen this way. I kept getting frustrated that I couldn't ride her and then guilty because I wasn't. Now I have not guilt. I can't ride her. I can't let her out of the stall. She's not being ridden, but I continue to ride and work out. By the time she's better I should be back to being a fit rider. I guess I'll take that as a sign that as much as she frustrates me and drives me nuts sometimes, I should keep her. Everytime I talk about selling her something happens.

I'm going to post some books on my other blog tonight or tomorrow. Some one e-mailed me (and you can too @ ) and asked me how they would pay for something. There is a little box on the side of the "other" blog that says "Chipin" if you buy something (and we talked) that will direct you to paypal. Also, if anyone knows Bill Gates pass him the address.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stall Bound

Today I started my working student position. The woman I'm working for is very nice and e-mailed me very specific directions. Made my job that much easier. The horses are AMAZING!!! Big, huge, amazing Warmbloods who I want to sneak in my car and take home. It's amazing what working with Denali has done with my confidence. Each horse tried to see what they could get away with, and very quickly learned that it was nothing. Made me feel better.

I washed and conditioned tails, and pulled manes. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun to just dote on horses. The one horse has the thickest tail I have ever seen or felt on a horse. It took forever to just get the tail wet.

I was suppose to go to a dressage clinic today. I really wanted to see the stallion Rodioso under saddle. I worked until noon and had planned on attending the afternoon session, but couldn't justify spending $25.00 when I needed to also full up my gas tank and am trying to get money to send Denali to Pegasus . I was a little sad, but spent the day in the stall with Denali so it wasn't too bad. She has definitely formed an opinion of how she should be treated, i.e. should have everyone's attention on her at all times. She's still shedding so I got out the furminator and groomed her while she ate. She's funny, you'd think she was starving at all times! She's the only horse I know that won't chew, she gulps her food. I bought her a new hay bag to try to slow down her eating and make it last longer so she doesn't get bored.

Friday the farrier came back out to try and do Denali's feet again (she was a do I say, uncooperative the last time he was out.) She was a good girl I guess, and he did her feet in her stall so she didn't get worked up. We decided to just pull her shoes and keep her barefoot for now. No point in having shoes on when she won't be outside working. It also helps save me money. She seems totally fine without shoes. OM told me that I can now complete one of the things on my list of 101 Things to Do With Your Stall Bound Horse, become fanatical about barefoot trimming and then take it all back when I start working her again. Lol, obviously I'm not going to be fanatical. I'd like to keep her barefoot when she's back to work, but that's a whole other post to discuss that.

Okay, back to working on our OTHER BLOG come visit us there! Who's to say I'm NOT a dedicated horse owner. I tried to talke to Denali about doing some art to raise some money for her rehab, she didn't seem interested. Also, if you see something you're interested in e-mail us at Happy Monday!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Sale

All my stuff! :)

I'm currently trying to make the money to send Denali to Pegasus. The goal is to make 2,000.00 by July selling stuff and working extra jobs. I hate craigslisting everything, so I made ANOTHER BLOG (yes, shocking I know) to put up pictures of things. I told Denali she could do guest appearances on the blog, but she can't complain when I sell her stuff!

What do you think of the page? I made a "donate" button in hopes that Bill Gates is a horse lover and wants to donate to Ms. Slew.

I'm currently holding a yard sale, but wanted to write this quickly because I needed a break!! Feel free to pass along this other blog to your horsey friends who might need stuff. I just need to sit down and post pictures!

I'll work on the other blog tonight. :) Happy Saturday! I got my first sunburn of the year!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

101 Things To Do With Your Stall Bound Horse

Ophie's mom was at the barn yesterday when the vet told me about Ms. Denali's newest vacation stay in Stall #3. We actually have a trophy (that isn't actually created yet) that we pass back and forth for the most expensive vet bills. Ophelia thought she could pull ahead yesterday with her $1,000 vet bill for her 3 joint injections, but Denali pulled ahead at the last minute! Denali was the Champion of 2009 with her EPM treatments!

Well today at work I checked my e-mail and had one from Ophie's Mom entitled, 101 Things To Do With Your Stall Bound Horse. She made it up and I can honestly say that I have not laughed this hard in a LONG LONG TIME! I was at work and checked my e-mail and started crying I was laughing so hard!

So for your enjoyment! From Ophie's mom

101 Things To Do With Your Stall Bound Horse:

1. art class!
2. clicker training
3. There are about 7500 varieties of apples in the world. But which
is her favorite?
4. Perfect your horse massage technique.
5. Patent and sell photo-op with "Famous Glass-Legged Thoroughbred"
6. Still life photography
7. Perfect art of body-clipping
8. Tell people she's about to foal. Set up webcam. Laugh.
9. Teach her to stand square. Impress your vet.
10. Apply temporary tattoos to shaved area. Let the hair grow back.
Next ultrasound appointment - surprise your vet!
11. Make casts of her hoofprint and decorate. Sell to raise money for
vet bills.
12. Offer her as a demo-tester to companies selling "no-chew" sprays.
13. Hang a blue screen behind her, photoshop her image in front of
famous landmarks
14. Hoof glitter polish inspired make-over
15. hypnosis
16. Use her as test subject for new horse-treat baking enterprise.
17. Become You-Tube famous
18. Make her bedding into a zen garden
19. Story hour
20. Hug-tolerance training
21. Record her nickers. Remix. Get record deal.
22. Teach her to pick up her feet with a verbal cue.
23. Cover stall wall with white paper. Screen "The Black Stallion"
"National Velvet" etc
24. Bedazzling!
25. Stall window-box garden. (Instant compost built right in!)
26. Train as watch-dog to spot intruders
27. Teach her to hold a sponge and see if she'll polish your tack for you
28. Bridle model
29. Learn really, really complicated braiding techniques
30. Hang intro dressage patterns in her stall. Maybe she'll learn by osmosis.
31. Speed eating contests
32. Hold up a mirror, see if she pins her ears
33. Daily weight-taping + excel = chart making fun!
34. Hold a lottery, where $1 buys one guess as to how much she'll
weigh after 90 days stall rest. Winner gets first ride
35. Photograph 1x per day. Make really boring flip-book
36. Play horseshoes with pulled shoes
37. Drive trainer crazy by demanding her transitional housing be
EXACTLY 20x20. Claim the vet said it makes a difference.
38. Buy her inflatable arm floaties to get her ready for swim-therapy
39. Enter to be on "Extreme Makeover: Home Addition" with request for
"X-Treme Rehab Pad"
40. Write "Letters from A Woodinville Jail" from her perspective a la
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
41. Enter "Dee Nali" in local school board race. When she wins, have
her give you a raise.
42. Start a blog... wait, nevermind
43. Learn to make rope halters
44. List her as available for a partial-lease. Claim that you will be
able to give the leasor "the REAL experience of what horse-ownership
is like"
45. Send vet hourly text message updates on her condition
46. Hang a keyboard in her stall at head level. Tell people she sends
you messages. Convince them you are serious.
47. Have her subscribe to "Field and Stream" "Thoroughbred Studbook,
2010", and "Apartment Living". Have them delieved to the barn owner's
mailing address. If asked, tell them she gets bored easily and needed
reading material.
48. Checkers
49. See how many sketchy registries (eg "Blue-Eyed Horse Society") you
can get her registered in
50. Aisle-way dance party
51. Start a petition to bring back tan M&Ms. Explain to Mars, inc that
you'll never be able to build a life-size M&M sculpture of your horse
without them
52. Start a religon, call it "Denali-ism" Religious rites consist
mainly of eating
53. Install a call-button in her stall
54. Assign your class to make her Get-Well cards
55. Learn acu-preassure
56. Market her as "extraneous finger removal" service for children
57. Learn to sleep standing up. Take naps together.
58. Post her profile on
59. Make balloon-animal-esque hay sculptures.
60. Wine tasting
61. Meditate on the nature of time
62. Brush her teeth
63. Threaten to enter the stable dog in showmanship-in-hand if she
doesn't get well
64. Play catch
65. Body paint zebra stripes
66. Set up a TV and turn it to the Farm Network for her
67. Use the stall window bars as a loom. Weave new stable blankets
68. Make her a really big friendship bracelet
69. Make her a calendar and let her X the days as they go by
70. Take really crappy pictures of her and market her on Craigslist
for "stud service" count how many self-righteous emails you get
71.Drinking games
72. Edible flower arrangement
73. Distance-learning classes. Get her GED
74. Launch a campaign to get her (non)story covered on the local news
75. Pen a series of haikus with her: "Day 5 of my jail/How I long to
see my friends/so I can bite them"
76. Cut Ralph Lauren logos off old clothes and sew them to her polo wraps
77. Get her a pet. Birds would be nice.
78. Compose emo songs together
79. Paint a mural on her stall walls (easier to beg forgiveness than
ask permission vis-a-vis property owners on this one)
80. Tether ball
81. Pull her shoes. Become a fanatical devotee of Barefoot Horses.
When she returns to work, put shoes back on and disavow any knowledge
of your previous beliefs
82. Teach her poker, lose your money to her in new ways
83. Translate her wall-kicking into morse code, discover hidden messages
84. Drag in a kiddie pool. Splash together
85. Unicorn-horn ring toss
86. Sand/bedding castles
87. Water bucket bobbing for apples
88. Start a punk band with Denali on drums
89. Request autographs from B list movie stars. Hang in her stall
90. Send post cards from her to your friends' laid-up horses
91. Put on a puppet-nonnie show
92. Books on tape. Maybe Agatha Christie?
93. Costume Party
94. Next vet visit, explain that you bought your own ultrasound
machine. Then whip out an etch-a-sketch
95. Whittling. She's a natural!
96. Braid flowers into her mane and play "If You're Going to San
Francisco..." on repeat. Explain to trainer that Denali is now
exploring "enhanced consciousness" due to the reserpine
97. Bake bread, Denali can help with kneading
98. Publish children's books together, start with "How Timmy Learned
Not to Stand Behind the Horse and Other Fun Decapitation Tales"
99. Get her a chemistry set. What could go wrong?
100. Earthquake readiness drills.


101. Smile, this too shall pass.

I will soon post my list of Pros and Cons that I've come up with! I'm having a yard sale this weekend and I'm really busy getting that ready and spending time with the stall bound princess!

Bad News

The vet came out yesterday. I was so optimistic that I wasn't really prepared for the diagnosis. She has a tear in her lateral Suspensory ligament by the splint bone where it bisects. She's on stall rest for at least 90 days. I had to sit down when the vet told me that. Denali. Denali in a stall. Denali in a stall for 90 days! She's not allowed out of her stall at all for the next two weeks. Too much of a risk of her hurting herself. Rehab is going to be one interesting journey! One very interesting journey for sure!

We have lots of options. The vet started talking about stem cells and I stopped her, "You do realize that I bought this horse for around $400.00 right?" Not that I don't love her, but dropping that much money into a horse that I don't plan on taking to the top is just not fesible for me financially! I didn't even ask how much it cost, but I can imagine. Don't think I'm a horrible person!

Some other options:

1. Shock Wave Therapy. It's $300.00 a pop and she'd need at least 3 treatments.

2. Pegasus Rehabilitation Center. It's amazing and I'd love to send her here!! It is $1,800 a month.

The vet said that doing the shock wave therapy and Pegasus would be the most beneficial for her. UGH!!!!


Oh and to top it all off, remember this lump? The vet is going to look at the x rays again. It keeps seeping and so one suggestion was it could be a piece of dead bone working its way to the surface. She'd need surgery if this is the case...

For Sale: One Thoroughbred Mare, 6, has a suspensory injury in left hind, possible bone fragment in her rt hind, and was recently treated for EPM. Has aggression issues with other horses, and needs a confident rider.

How does that sound? No, it's not real! That is how it would read! Ideas on treating this kind of injury? Anyone else going throught this fun time! She hates, hates, HATES the stall!

Monday, May 10, 2010

8 pounds

The amount of weight I lost according to my weigh in this week at school. That's in one week thanks to food poisoning. I'm pretty excited. I still want to lose 30 more pounds. The first 8 were really easy. Tomorrow starts my 6 weeks of morning work outs. I spent the weekend thinking to myself, "What in the hell was I thinking?" I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I lose the weight. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I need to apply that same thinking to Denali. Yes, I'd love to have a horse that I can ride now. My friend gave me a really good way to think about it. To quote Ophie's Mom (my best horsey friend) "Let's get you and Denali both sound and working together for 3 months before you make any decisions." I agree.

Tonight I worked on "Operation Ride A Horse" (Formally known as Operation Ride My Horse since she's still on stall rest.) I rode my trainers Morgan mare. She's technicality a pony, but she feels and moves like a horse. I like riding her, she keeps me honest. It was a good lesson. I do really like my trainer. I know that I've been very frustrated with her, but she's what I need for the moment. She helped me take Denali, a wild and insane TB into a calm, cool and collected TB. I just need to get working with her!!

Today I took Denali out of her stall. She was a naughty, naughty girl!! I took her to the little turn out grassy spot, but apparently the grass was not as inviting today. I watched her for a few minutes to make sure she was going to be calm, and as soon as I turned my back she started to buck and jump around! I turned and ran towards her and as soon as she saw me (I kid you not) she stopped dead and started to eat grass. I think she knows she shouldn't do that. She did it again and I took her back into the barn. She didn't look off, or like she did further damage, but she is fired from being off the lead rope for now.

Wednesday night I go for my interview for the working student position. I'm excited for that. I love playing with fancy warmbloods. I'll never own one. Plus I like learning. Speaking of learning have you ever heard of the breed "Georgian Grande?" I think I want one... a properly bred one.

Thanks everyone for your comments! I really appreciate having you as my readers you make me feel better. I'm not sure what I would do if someone was mean to me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wild Pony

Today was the first day that I got Denali from her stall that she was worked up. Who could blame her! We had blue bird skies today, warm weather, and not a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day! I didn't use the stud chain on her today because she's been so good. I opened her stall and got her halter on her. She was super hyper. Literally bouncing around, and making the funniest noise ever! She's not allowed to squeal, so I think that her little low pitch squeal was her attempt at expressing herself without getting into trouble. She bounced over to the little turn out area and didn't care as much about the grass as she had.

OMB (Ophie's Mom's Boyfriend) and I stood there and watched her. Then she tried to run. We both yelled, "NO" in unison and she stopped. Not saying she listened to us, but more likely she realized there was delicious grass to start consuming. I watched her for a little bit to make sure she wasn't going to be going crazy, and she didn't.

I rode my trainers horse today.It's been a while since my last time on a horse. I'm having a lesson tomorrow. I could tell how much I need to do in order to be able to ride. I have no muscles in my back, and very little everywhere else.

I keep going back and forth on if I should find Denali another home (my trainer had nothing to do with my thought process.) A home with someone who could use her to her full potential, but then I think that COULD be me. I also think, who in the heck would want a TB who cost it's previous owner THOUSANDS of dollars.

I wish that I had a straight answer. I stood in the field today with dead dandelions making wishes. "If I should keep Denali, I'll be able to blow off all the little wands." Well, then one or two would be left on the flower and I didn't like that answer. I think that what I need is to work with her everyday in order to figure out if we're going to work or not. Part of me doesn't (for a million obvious reasons) to get rid of her. I want her to grow old with me, but then the other part of me wonders if she'll ever calm down enough for me to feel comfortable to ride her. I think we both need work, and I shouldn't just do something on a whim. That's how I got her to begin with. When I ride Denali I get off feeling better than I feel after riding any horse. I think that's because she's mine. I don't know. I'm rambling... I love her. I don't feel the way I feel about Denali about any other horse. I think it would be easier if she showed affection to me.

This will be a much easier decision to make once I'm in shape. Much, much easier. I guess I get frustrated going to the barn and riding another horse. I want to ride my horse!!

I start my 5:50 am pilates class this week!! Ugh. It will be worth it right!?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dead Skunk

I am finally alive again!! (*loud clapping*)

I went out to the barn today to see the stall bound girl. When I showed up I was the only one there. My trainer and the young girls were at a show, and the owners were out of town. *gulp* At least if I lose control of her no one will see me I thought to myself.

I wasn't even in the barn when she started nickering. My trainer left a huge pile of hay in front of her stall and she (Denali) gets thrown a handful through out the day. She likes this arrangement. I got the stud chain out, went into her stall and she was pretty much jumping for joy. Sometimes I don't think she actually likes me, she likes what I do for her. Today we went for a walk out of the stall. It was a big day for Ms. D.

We went to the sacrifice paddock and she proceeded to put her head down and start to eat. I held onto the lead rope for a bit, but then took off the stud chain, and eventually took off the lead rope. I stood there next to her when I smelled it. It smelled like dead animal. I don't even know how to describe it. I started walking around the small paddock looking for the dead creature. Then I found it. My horse. Denali smelled horrible!! I guess that's what you get when you haven't had a bath have been in a stall 24/7. She smelled horrible! I felt horrible.

Ophie's mom's boyfriend came over and very quickly asked what the horrible smell was. Sigh. It was my horse.

OMB (Ophie's Mom's Boyfriend) helped me by cleaning her stall for me (my barn owner does it everyday, but I wanted to make it extra, anally clean.) Ophie's mom helped me by holding Denali, and we gave her a bath. Much happier girl.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bubble Wrap

I need bubble wrapped, I'm not even kidding.

I have finally started to feel better and was able to get off the couch today. I was so sick for the past two days. I don't wish that on anyone. Today I decided to try eating something and attempted to make some tomato soup. In the space of 5 minutes I dropped my husbands favorite glass, stepped on the glass, and blew up the vacuum cleaner. Not even kidding. I just took the glass out of my foot a little bit ago. I didn't realize I had a piece stuck in my foot.

A friend of mine dropped off a huge roll of bubble wrap. He left it on my doorstep and I had to laugh out loud when I finally made it out of my cave which is the living room. I am not trying to decide if I should wrap myself in it or Denali. Decisions, decisions....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick update

I lost 12 pounds overnight. Not in a good way. I'm really sick and wasn't able to go to the barn. The vet didn't feel well either, so she just did x-rays. No breaks. That's good. There was something else going on, that she said we will see better on a sonogram. SO for now, still on stall rest, we'll sonogram next week. She's e-mailing me the x-rays, so when I get them I'll post them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I signed up for the "Biggest Loser" at work. I paid $20.00 and the winner (greatest percentage lost) wins the money. Money is a huge motivator for me. I spent today sending M&M's to other teachers. I work with some fun people.

After work I ran out to ice the girls leg and re-wrap it. On my way I started feeling sick, and by the time I got to the barn I couldn't get out of my car. After a little bit the feeling passed (I'm not pregnant!) and I spent some time with Denali sitting in front of her stall until I felt like I could stand up and handle her. She kept sniffing my head as if to say, "Hey! HEY!! What are you doing!? Why are you ignoring me?"

I unwrapped her leg. There is no more heat or swelling, but there is a lump on the outside. I guess I'll see tomorrow what is going on. She is in good but in a weird mood. It's the drugs. She doesn't want touched. She isn't normally a touchy horse (and BOY do I wish she was) but she's not. She kept flipping her lip up. That's new. I'm assuming she's bored out of her mind and trying to do things to amuse herself. I'm glad it's that and not cribbing.

I'll let everyone know what we find. I'm assuming at this point it will be nothing. (Fingers crossed)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Patient Update

I went out to see Denali. Now I'm nervous. I've been fine up to today, but I really don't like the way she's moving on her leg. I'm sure she is fine right?

I unwrapped, iced, and re-wrapped her leg. She didn't give me any trouble at all, but she also didn't want any touching what so ever. She wanted left alone, so I sat in front of her stall for a little bit to just keep her company. I was eating cheese crackers and she really wanted one. I said no, I've become a treat monster, nothing tasty for her! I'm afraid she'll colic or founder. I went back to eating and she started to drink water. Then she stood right behind me and spit it out on my neck. I thought it was a fluke, and just her drinking and making a mess. I laughed and went back to talking to Ophie's mom's boyfriend. He was laughing too. Not a minute later she did it again. I turned around and her ears were out sideways and she had the best look on her face. She's funny. Sorry Nawlers, you're still not getting any treats!

2 more days until the vet. She only gets a little bute tomorrow and then Wednesday my checking account takes a huge hit.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

I went to a saddle fitting class this morning and learned so much about saddles, fitting saddles, and everything else. I'm really excited to have this new found knowledge. I'll ramble some of the key points later this week, I just wanted to give an update on Denali.

I had to call the vet yesterday because she got diarrhea. The poor thing, she was a mess. The vet had told me on Friday that the shot of Reserpine could do that and to call if it happened. I knew what caused it, and didn't want to call, but was afraid that if she choliced I would never forgive myself. He said to watch for signs of depression and make sure she's drinking enough water. Check and Check. By the way, Reserpine is my new best friend!

Today she was doing much better (i.e. not screaming or thrashing around in her stall.) She was very, very quiet. I was the only one at the barn when I got there today. If this was six months ago I would have waited for my trainer to come help me, but I'm a big girl and figured the worst that could happen would be she would run me over. I did buy a stud chain to have on hand JUST IN CASE. I had to use one on her on Wednesday with the vet because she was freaking out, and I didn't think that was a safe thing to do when you only have 3 good legs. I don't want her to be overly wild and hurt herself. I put the chain on and led her for our few minutes of walking. She's still off, but the swelling and heat is almost gone. That's a good sign! Denali was an angel so I took off the chain and let her graze for a bit. Iced her leg and then re-wrapped it. I'm so nervous about wrapping her leg! I don't want to make it too tight and have her lose circulation in it, but then again I don't want to make it too lose and have it slip around. I followed the vet's instructions and voila! This is only the second time I've ever wrapped a leg (ever) yesterday being the first.

She's still in pain, so I gave her bute. She's putting some pressure on her leg now and seems to be walking a lot better. As soon as I take off the standing wraps then it becomes a lot harder for her to walk. I'm very excited/nervous/worried for Wednesday. I hope this is nothing big and that she'll be fine without a long rehab. OF Course this would happen right as I was getting back into "fighting shape" Operation Ride My Horse is still on, but I am going to have to change it a little to Operation Ride A Horse. My trainer very nicely offered me one of her horses to ride while Denali rehabs.

Made her a hot bran mash to eat and gave her a kiss on the nose when I left. I love this horse. She's not overly affectionate, which I wish she was, but then again I have my days too when I just don't want to be touched. After bringing her in from our little walk, I sat in front of her stall while she ate her treat, she's a really good patient (easily said on day 3 of stall rest.)