Monday, January 31, 2011

Mudane Monday

One positive of today is that I got to sleep in! Yay! I love sleep ALMOST as much as I love my horse (almost, razor thin margin.) I had to go to the doctor's to get a check up on the old body post - Denali stomping. My regular doctor couldn't believe I didn't break anything. Neither can I. I also got to start my 3X a week allergy shots. Oh the fun of it. Have to love getting shots so I don't die around the mare in the spring.

Speaking of the mare, she has her own "store" on my blog now. (Yes, I'm THAT ridiculous!) Denali is selling tail bags to raise money for her vet care. We can be as optimistic as we want to be, but let's be real. It's Denali. We'll get another big bill. I know this, you know this, my vet knows this. After shelling out as much as we did in a year, I decided that we need to make sure we have the money, rather than continually draining our savings. Plus, I'd really like to get her a Back on Track blanket to help with that tight back. I've also included my header info!

Here is one positive thing! It's the end of January. We only have a bill for her fecal float (no more wormers for this girl unless we can help it.) Yay!!

Saw this on Facebook, thought you'd get a kick out of it.
New texting codes for horse folks:

OOH - out of hay
LAS - lost a shoe
BBM - bastard just bit me
FOMHL - Fell Off My Horse Laughing
FTC -- Forgot the carrots
MIHA -- Mare's in heat, again
IPTI -- I'll pick up tennis instead
LWW -- Lesson went well
MSMBO - mud sucked my boot off
HSIH - Horse Snot in Hair
HAO - Hay All Over
HIMB - Hay in My BRA
PIHH - Poop Induced Half Halt
UD - Unplanned Dismount
PTTDG - Prayed to the Dirt God
MMM - Master Manure Mucker
OOM - Out of money
MHTS - More horses than sense.
BAHHFDP - bought another horse husband filed divorce papers
GBBF - got board bill, fainted
GFBF - got farrier bill, fainted
HRHCF - husband realized horse costs, fainted
SLH - Smell like horse
DQFOY - Dressage Queen fell off - yipee
HTNHFH - Hiding the new horse from hubby
WWFNS - Will work for new saddle
AROGC - Arena rained out - going crazy
SSB - saddle sore butt
BTLGR - b###hy trainer left - good riddance
ALIGAR - At least I got a ribbon
NLT - No lesson today
HGR - Have a great ride!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunnish Sunday

Sundays are always really busy. Today I went out to my old barn to "borrow" the Morgan to try out my Passier saddle. I had yet to ride in it, and wanted to see if I liked it enough to hold onto it. It's amazing how much better of a rider I felt like finally riding in a saddle that fits me. It was great. Still not sure I'm sold on the saddle. I keep playing on the idea of selling it on eBay, but then again I don't know. After taking those saddle fitting classes I continue to freak out that something is wrong with it. I will probably feel better sending it off to get the tree adjusted. If I find out something is wrong with it I could never sell it. I'm too honest of a person to sell something I know that is broken. I've shown it to a bazillion people and they all tell the same two things. A. You paid what for this? (Because I got a good deal on it.) B. There is nothing wrong with this saddle. It's fine.

I continue to have the same problem riding. My arms move all over. I can not keep them from bouncing. Any ideas? I rode with a whip for a little bit and it helped keep my inside arm steady because I rested the hip on my leg, but I can't keep them steady consistently. I'm sure if I got out riding everyday I would get better at it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

BTW, I rode in the pants that I bought with Sprinklerbandit and they were awesome!

Happy Reading!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Denali, the therapist

I wasn't planning on going out to see Denali today, but a last minute cancellation of a lunch date freed up my day! (I can't say I was terribly sad, it meant I got to spend time with my girl.) When I got to the barn it was POURING. I hate the rain. The vet was doing teeth on some horses from a local rescue, and I helped clean up. I love helping her. I feel like I'm always learning, even if I'm just cleaning up the outside of bottles.

When she was done, her dad, who does Equine Facilitated Therapy started to work with a horse in the arena. We asked if we could bring Denali in and groom her while he was working. He asked me if he could see how she'd be for a therapy horse. Therapy horse? Sure! I wish I could have taken a video of what happened next, but it was that cool that I just stood there. We put Denali in the arena and told him of her need for 5 minutes of "down time" before we started working her. She did her thing. You can see it here: 

(I'll come back to my thoughts on the video when I finish my story.) He walked around the round pen really slowly while she did her thing. It was so weird. She slowly noticed him and started to follow him. He made no motion towards her, and didn't even look in her direction. She still followed. He went into the round pen and she glued herself to him. For about 15 minutes she just followed him, licking, chewing, and relaxing. It was truly amazing. He didn't say anything while he was with her. When he came back out he told me that it was one of the most powerful sessions that he's ever had. I wish I knew more about EFT so I could know what it meant. I told him of the powerful connection I felt to her the day at the auction and how I could almost hear her asking me to save her. He said it didn't surprise him. It was pretty cool. He's going to evaluate her again a few times to see if she would make a good therapist. My pony, a therapist. I don't know why I am surprised by that. She has saved me from myself, I think she would do great!

As for the video, you can see a few examples of her neurological issues we still struggle with. I wish that I could say that she was "cured" and we'd go on. We'll always have this, and we'll always have to work on it. As the vet said, when she's calm, and in control, she does fine. When she is excited, that's when she has the nero signs. Regardless she's happy isn't she! God, I love this horse so much. She fills my soul with such joy, I don't know if I can get that from anything else. (Asides from the husband. I mean the husband puts up with the expensive horse.)

Ms. Slewy is shedding so bad right now. Mare. It's January. I was grooming her and she got spooked by another horse. I think the vet was worried that I was scared. Nope, nothing. No fear. It was nice. I also got to go near a trailer. I walked one of the rescues that got her teeth floated up to the trailer. It's the first time I've been near one. Now I need to practice with Denali and a trailer. (edit: near a trailer since our accident.)

Overall, it was a wonderful day. I hope I passed the test so I can come back and label today a "perfect day."


Well, I'm done.

The last time I took it I walked out knowing that I failed.

This time I walked out feeling like MAYBE I passed. It's the most ridiculous test. I hate multiple choice questions. Especially when there are two choices that are SO CLOSE.

Regardless I'm done. I won't know for 45 days, so if 46 days go past, and I don't mention it...don't mention it! :) I don't think I will take it again. If I don't pass, I'm done.

Yesterday I had to give presentations at work. Half way though the day I started to feel ill, and realized that I was getting sick due to nerves. I texted my friend Joanna and asked if we could skip hot yoga because the thought of the smelly man was not helping me feel any better.

I'm going to try to get out to see Denali after lunch with a friend. If not then tomorrow morning. The poor thing. I haven't seen her in a week. Not that she cares, she's perfectly content. I still like to know she's okay.

Tomorrow I'm having a riding lesson. It will be the first time I've ridden since September when I finished up my lease on the Morgan. After that ponykins made it so I had no extra money in our account to do thinks like take riding lessons. 

I'm also on a show committee for one of the local venues. That is interesting. I figured the best way to learn about showing was to be on the inside. Plus I want them to like me when I bring Denali and one of us freaks out.

I have had a few e-mails asking me about banners. I just use Paint. Nothing fancy. What makes it easy is a little program called snip. It makes it so you can copy anything from anywhere. That's how I made Pia's banner and I was playing around with a picture of Laz (not that she needs to use it, I just thought it was cute.) I was REALLY GOOD at procrastinating. I even made an icon for Back on Track's contest. Really, reallly good at procrastinating!! It is one of my best skills!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I read this story and thought I'd share it with you. A friend of mine was telling me about her a few weeks ago. It is just amazing! I wish her book was translated into English. I can't read German.

That's the end of the inspiration.

In other news, hope you like the new blog layout. If you checked yesterday you were probably wondering what in the world I was doing. I think I changed the header 10 times. I thought I liked it, but them my husband told me it looked like camo. I couldn't have that. I actually have a program on my computer that made it super simple to make the header. I don't feel so technologically deficient anymore. Maybe I can make a side business making headers. (Kidding.) Also, I can't take credit for the photos. Ophie's mom took them, and I just lucked out that she took them in quick succession and has an amazing eye for photography. Thanks A!

In other news tomorrow is THE test. I don't feel ready at all (and when I'm stressed, I procrastinate. See exibit A. the updated blog.) I will just be glad when it's over and I don't feel like I have to study. Although I am putting off a 30 page paper, so that will need done too. Plus the fact that my horse only has seen me on the weekends for the past three weeks.

Going to hot yoga again tonight. We'll see how long I last before I pass out on the mat. I'm guessing 10 minutes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot Yoga = Hell

Have you ever had a friend try and convince you that something is a good idea. I can think of a few examples in my life where this happened.

1. When I was 7, my friend Emily convinced me that swinging as high as you could on the swing and THEN letting go at the very top was indeed a good idea. I spent three days on the couch, unable to move my leg at all, and weeks struggling around. My parents told me to "suck it up" and that I would be fine. My hip still hurts from time to time.

2. When I was 15, my friend Amanda (still one of my best friends) convinced me that sneaking out of my house was a good idea. My mom use to set an alarm clock and when I came in the house, I had to turn it off and go to bed (10:30 pm.) That way if it went off she'd go looking for me. Not something you want from a short German woman who is WAY too overly protective. Well, needless to say we did go in the house, and we did turn off the alarm. The problem was that we decided to go back outside. My mom heard the door close and long story short I spent MONTHS in my bedroom. MONTHS. It was the summer of sucking. I would have killed me if I were her.

3. When I was 20 (three days prior to my 21st birthday) my friends talked me a drinking contest. I won! I also spent the evening in the hospital. My parents drove to the hospital (I was in college) to see me. I was convinced that they were going to kill me. I tried to explain to them that I had only drank 2 drinks (which is all I remember.) My dad said he believed me, but that they were out of 20 gallon buckets. I am so glad that my parents allowed me to live to see 30. I don't know how they survived parenting me.

I am a pretty independent person, and I usually do a good job of making my own choices and deciding what is a good idea and what is a bad idea. Sometimes I fail at decision making.

I let my friend Joanna talk me into going to hot yoga. (edit: Joanna has so kindly reminded me that it was MY idea and I talked her into going. It was a dumb idea Joanna!! You should have talked me out of it!)

It was hell!!

The woman explained to me what it was like and I figured, I can handle that. I don't mind heat and I don't mind sweating. She failed to mention the smell. I was so nauseous and being a foot from the sweatiest, smelliest man on Earth didn't help. I just kept getting a whiff of B.O and wanted to vomit. You weren't allowed to leave the room, and you had to stay on your mat. It felt like I was in Kindergarten hell. It was the longest hour and a half of my life.

One thing I realized half way though class is how tight my side is where I was kicked. Totally inflexible. By the end it was better, so that is good. I think I spent half the class laying down on my mat trying to not vomit. Worst part? We bought a month membership through Groupon, and you know my thougths of wasting money. The next 30 days won't go fast enough.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two months ago....

I think this quote sort of sums up the whole experience. I just wish that it were true for all instances. I know a great many people who have loved their animals with such a great love and still lost them. I think animals, especially horses teach us so much about who we are as humans. 

 I know I am lucky to still have Denali and I will never take that for granted.

Side Note: Sorry for the ugly blog. I can't get the hang of trying to make it look better. I need a new header, but have 0 skills.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you happen to be in Seattle on February 19th

You're Invited to Denali's Birthday Party!

Seriously. I'm having gala event for my horse! I usually make a big deal about her birthday, but the fact that she gets to have one this year is even more important to me. SO. If you're going to be in Seattle, let me know and I'll pass along the party info. I don't want to post it here since I'm afraid the Paparazzi will show up! 

Also in terms of Smart Vitamins we have gone with Smart Performance. It looks like it has everything she needs. I posted a question on their facebook page and they contacted me to help. I even got to tell them our lovely story of massive breaking and then coming out of it.  Smartpak was a MASSIVE help. The lady I talked to even made it so we could try the Smart Performance for a month for free. I somehow think that when you pay what I pay each month for her Smartpak they start to feel sorry for you. Regardless I love them. I was looking at supplements and actually am very much intrigued with Smart TLC. Does anyone have their horse on it?

Monday, January 24, 2011


I went to a Parelli clinic tonight. I'm not going to turn into a Parelli zealot or anything like that, but I am always looking for ways to improve my relationship (or lack there of) with Denali. It was a new experience for me. For one, I was the only person there without a horse. I watched the trainer, Michael something or another working with two horses and their owners (that's the part I liked, the owner did the work.) It was way above my head and I was clueless as to what they were doing or why. They were on level 4 or something like that. I can't even get to Level 4 in Mario Brothers, not sure how you do it with horses.

During a break he came up to talk to me. I gave him a brief run-down of Denali and what we've been through. It's always fun for me to watch their expression. I don't know if most people would believe our story, but hell, that's what makes us fun. I explained to him that I want her to know that she can trust me and that for two years I've given her mixed signals that she can't. I don't want to be the reason my horse is messed up.

He asked one of the ladies to borrow her horse and he quickly showed me the 7 games. There are a few I think Denali knows, and then a few that I'm going to try with her. He was very nice and gave me a CD to watch along with his card.

We'll see. I think in the end I will come up with my own form of training from taking in everything I'm learning. We'll call it Denalism and it will require special treats.

I would also like to announce that regardless of anything I do in life I EXCEL at procrastination!! EXCEL!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday as I was staring at Denali I thought to myself, "Hum.... I wonder what you did to yourself that would cause the neck problems." Then it dawned on me. I think Sprinklerbandit said something to me that triggered it.

If you've followed this blog long enough you may remember this photo. 

This happened at our old Shit Hole barn on January 17, 2009. Denali went through the wall like a freight train. It was scary and amazing at the same time. She tried to jump it but didn't, not even a few inches off the ground. She then ran into a paddock and let herself in. When I ran to find her she was dunking her head in the water. I didn't call a vet out because she seemed "okay." She was sore on her chest for a few days, but I massaged it and she seemed okay. It was soon after this that I found our new barn and I moved her.

I wonder if this is when she hurt her neck. It's hard to say since I don't know what happened to her from February 22, 2004 - July 6, 2008. Even after that I'm not with her 24/7 and our first barn was not the safest place for horses. I know I could sit here analyzing everything and worrying about things that happened years ago. I just hope that we can keep the arthritis from progressing or getting worse too quick. I bought her the mesh Back on Track neck wrap. If anyone wants to win the lotto and send her the blanket too feel free. ;0)

In updated Denali news I decided to skip studying and go see the mare. When we went out yesterday it was dark and I didn't really get time to play with her. I got to the barn and she was already in the arena. Her boyfriend is lame and he needs a buddy so he doesn't get too upset. Denali keeps him calm. Can you believe that? My horse keeps another horse calm. Ha, ha, ha.
I decided that she looked like a mud monster and she needed cleaned up. So my horse stood perfectly still while I took off her blanket. She was so sweaty under her blanket and he had lots of matted hair. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face while I was grooming. It was HILARIOUS. She was into it. Then while I was grooming her belly I felt something on my shoulder, I looked over and Denali was grooming me. She has NEVER, EVER done this. I guess she is finally turning into a horse. I was so happy (although I did put a stop to the grooming.)

I cleaned her feet and although they need trimmed, they look really good. Her heels look long, but again she needs trimmed. Her last trim was 11-11, and I am waiting to hear back from a natural barefoot trimmer. The last farrier trimmed her feet a little too much, so she's not too bad yet.

In other news, think some good thoughts for our vet. Her horse, who looks so much like Denali, might have cancer. They did a biopsy and are waiting for the results. I will feel horrible if the vet looses her horse. I hope she does okay!

And now photos and videos of Denali and Pete. I took Pete to the arena to lunge him. They just put up full length mirrors and he had a Massive spook. It was so funny I almost fell on the ground. He was so embarrassed when he realized that it was him.

Hi Guys! Look at me, I'm clean and without a mohawk!

Dreaming of more treats

Showing off her...assets. ;0)

I love her. There's just something about her and I can't explain it.
Another reason I love the caretaker and the vet. Denali approves! How funny is this!
Denali walking around.
Mr. Pete, trying to find a nice spot to roll while keeping an eye on the scary TB at the other end of the arena (aka, his reflection in the new mirrors.)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wine and Dine

Friday evening I met up with Ophie's mom. We met for happy hour, and after a few bottles of wine (yes, few) we ended the evening trying to determine if you can make cookies with the dough in Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The answer is yes, yes you can!! Ophie's mom's boyfriend put an end to our baking skills. Boo.

It makes me remember how much I miss her. I wish our horses had similar needs so we could board together again. That won't be for a while.

In other news today I got to hang out with Sprinklerbandit and her friend. We started our day at a local tack shop trying on breeches and oogling the expensive saddles.

Our new pants! I figured, if they're not black it doesn't count that they are not little. Plus they were more than 1/2 off.

After going to Olson's we went to McDonalds for drinks and then drove through the equestrian community that is nearby. We stopped to look at a house and played the "guess the price game." It was only $990,000. Cheap! I wish I had photos. So not worth it!! We stopped at a few places that I have on my list to look at for boarding. We didn't even make it out of the car. It's amazing how good they can make something look on the Internet. We also managed to make it to an Estate Sale.

After hanging out in Bellevue we drove to Woodinville and went to another tack store. We tried out saddles and found a particular saddle we both liked. Do I remember what it's called? No, of course not. Check her blog, she's smart and writes things down.

We finally made it out to see princess. She was standing by herself away from the herd and happy to see us. That is until we ran out of apples. She wanted nothing to do with us once we ran out. I went to get some new treats and Sprinklerbandit and her friend stayed with princess. She proceeded to ignore them until I showed back up with treats. Magically she became interested again. Something dawned on my tonight while I was rubbing her neck. I will mention my findings in a future blog.

No treats? No way!
  They got to meet the wonder vet who was working on the mouth of a 26 year old Arab. He was so cute. He had to have a tooth pulled and it was interesting to watch. We left the vet's barn and stopped at McDonald's to wash our hands. It was full of 20+ teenagers. Terrifying.

After cleaning our hands we went to the Giant Warmblood barn where they got to see Pete. He was being a huge ham and showing off his adorableness.  I love Pete. We gave him an apple and I groomed his neck. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to give him a bath. He is really gross.

After visiting Pete and the rest of the ponies we left and stopped to eat at.....

Yeah....about those little black breeches... we decided that today didn't count. That works right?


It was really fun to meet Sprinklerbandit. It's always funny when I'm able to meet fellow bloggers. It feel like I know them so well from reading their blogs. It's fun! I had a great time with them!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wild Pony Beast

You may know by now how easily amused I am.

I've been amused several times in the past two days, and I can't wait to share! However, I have learned that placing all of my eggs in one basket is a bad idea. So until then, mums the word. I'm horrible at keeping secrets, but I'm sure if I see you I will squeal!

I was writing my blog title into something when I remembered trying to come up with the web address. Green and Green = Black and Blue was taken, so I decided to use that as my title, but something else as my web address. I started out using appendix princess,since that is what I thought Denali was an appendix. I quickly realized that she WAS a princess, but she was not an appendix. Then I decided, no one would read this blog anyway, and no one had registered wild pony beast. Do I like that name? No. Is she a wild pony beast? Hell yes.

I can't wait for the day that someone reads this blog for the first time and thinks.

1. I wonder why she calls it Green n' Green = Black n' Blue
2. Where did Wild Pony Beast come from? She's so calm.


Also. I survived the field trip. No aliens tried to kidnap us.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your choices

Here are your book choices! Now I have them for future reference. I can not wait to have time to read more. I said that I'm not a reader. I think that I actually am a reader, just don't have any time. I have a little over a week until the damn test than 6 weeks of freaking out about if I passed or not. I think that I will know when I leave if I passed or not. I knew the last time that I bombed it (but then again I didn't study at all, so not a hard guess to make.)

Haven't been out to see Denali, but I'm really looking forward to Saturday. SprinklerBandit is coming to town and we are going to the tack stores and to see princess. I'm excited! In other news the vet and I sat down an talked supplements. I think I mentioned it. Does anyone know of a good multi-vitamin on Smartpak? She is already going to be getting SmartProtect and SmartVitaminE (Thanks nero issues!) so I need to figure out what is lacking and find a supplement that works. She's also getting SmartHoof, SmartCalm Ultra, and either Cosequin ASU or Smart Repair. Suggestions on either of those? I have her on Smart Repair right now and they are about the same price, so... it's just a matter of figuring out which one. Anyone use Cosequin ASU?

Tomorrow we are taking my class on a field trip. If you don't hear from me for a few weeks it's because the space aliens have taken me hostage.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tao of Equus

I am not a reader, but if it has to do with horses I am sucked in and can't put it down. I've been given another distraction to keep me from studying for my test. The vet gave me a copy of The Tao of Equus. I can't put it down.

Are there any other good reads out there that I'm missing? I've read Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards. That book made me BAWL. It was such a good story. I've read a lot, but can't think of them at the moment. Comment with your favorite and I'll share them all on an upcoming post.

In Denali world I have started the search for a barn. Always a fun task. I'm so anal and obsessive that it could be a long search. I contacted a barn yesterday that is really close to Seattle and has HUGE turn out with a stall at night. It has everything she needs, but nothing that I need (aka: a trainer.) That isn't the end of my world. There is also a wait list (most of the good ones have one) so I figured if I can get on lists now then when she's ready we can move her. She needs good arena footing and turn out with at least a buddy for at least 8 hours a day. I'd also like her stalled at night and a round pen. I need to make a list of what I want so that it makes looking at barns easier. Anyone have a sheet that they want to e-mail to me? I know most of you are as anal about your horse as I am. You can e-mail me here.

I have also contacted a Parelli trainer. I think the idea behind Parelli is good, and the person I am going to be working with said she focuses on building the relationship with the horse and owner, using Parelli and other things. We are going to meet this weekend so I can grill her about her experience and references. You'd think I owned some $100,000 Olympic prospect with the way I drive people nuts. It doesn't matter she's worth that to me (because that's how much I'd need to pay for someone to take her. Not that I ever would.)

In other exciting news, I noticed that the last time she was running around her hind legs seemed set a little farther set apart. Before, when she ran she hit her hind legs together ALL the time. The last time she was running she didn't hit at all. I don't know if all the body work could change that, or if it was a fluke, but I'll take it at the moment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guess who's sound???

I'll give you three hints.

1. It's a mare.
2. She's cost me thousands
3. I love her more than anything.

Yes it's true.

Ms. Slew came in from the pasture with me like a peach. Once inside she decided that she had to roll RIGHT NOW. The vet held her and we took her blanket off and made her be a good girl for a few minutes. She ran around like a crazy girl for about 10 minutes. It's been raining all day and so not so great for running outside. She was giving some mean bucks (and I continue to pray she never figures out how to do that under saddle) and had a good old time. I wish I would have thought about filming her during the first half of her running around.

Doesn't look very neurological does she? We continue to be clueless.

Her neck is still tender, so lots of massage and other work on that. (edit: I am looking into buying a Back on Track Neck wrap for her. Anyone use one on your horse? They are all out of stock and I'm having a hell of a time finding one.)

I worked with her for the first time since before our accident. I forget what a good, solid horse she is. She was a peach and we did walk/trot in the round pen and a little canter. She just seems so confident. She's such a different horse than the one I owned 2 months ago. She's very sure of herself, but not in a bad way. I am so glad that she is out with a herd.

After her massage and acupressure we brought the rest of the herd into the arena for the night. It was PORING out and the field was starting to turn muddy. One of the caretakers was walking around outside and all the horses spooked. All but one. My ponykins. I was so proud of her for using her head. She looked at the rest of them like, "Guys, it's Ann, Ann feeds us. What's the problem?"

The vet and I sat down and went over her supplements. I have a good idea of what to give her now. She said that even if she doesn't have EPM that we need to keep giving her the high doses of Vit. E for her neck. That's fine with me. We also talked about the next steps. She wants to trailer Denali to a few different places with me and let us both have a positive experience since our last one wasn't so hot. Seriously, this vet is amazing. If you live near Seattle and need a good vet let me know and I'll give you her name. We LOVE her! She goes way above and beyond what a vet should do. I wish there were some sort of award I could nominate her for.

After doing that I volunteered to de-lice a new patient. She is a super tiny Arab. I volunteered to do it since the vet had her daughter and I didn't want her to have the lice dust all over her. Plus, I like a challenge.

And a challenge it was.

1. Ponykins is newly halter broken.
2. Ponykins is VERY timid.
3. Ponykins is afraid of her shadow.

 It took me about 5 minutes to get the halter on her without traumatizing her. We did, and I gave her some love and told her thanks. The blanket coming off was difficult, but NO where near as difficult as putting it back on. I finally just threw it on her and quickly buckled the straps. She did really well, and I was proud of both of us. She is SO, SO tiny, I thought she was a foal or a yearling, but it turns out she is 6! People who treat an animal the way she's been treated...well I'll keep those opinions to myself.

Disaster averted! Pony was de-blanketed, de-liced, and re-blanketed.

And now for your viewing pleasure...Photos of Princess Ponykins!!
Getting work done on her neck. Look mom, no ribs!

Falling asleep while having work done on her legs.

Hi guys! Thanks for reading about me and being so supportive of my mom.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

And then there were 4...

I guess I won't complain about not having a horse to work with or ride for a while. (Although I will continue to complain about the rain.)

Denali, take the time to heal...I'm busy.

I got a phone call tonight from a woman I use to board with. She's been sick (edit: back injury), and her horse Duke has been sitting. He's 12 and a Kentucky Mountain Gaited Horse. I've never ridden a gaited horse. She doesn't want him to just sit, and she doesn't want just anyone to ride him (I know that feeling.) She asked me if I'd ride him.

I know nothing, nada, zip, zilch about Gaited Horses. We're going to have a few lessons to go over his buttons and such. He is a beautiful horse. He does have his own opinions about life sometimes, but who doesn't.

This could be fun. (Key word: could.)

So including Denali that makes 4 horses that I'm "working" with. We use quotes until I actually start to do it. It's easy to talk big, but follow through is important. Two of them are sound, Mary and Duke, and then there are the unsound Pete and Denali. Well, Denali is "soundish" we won't push it though. Her suspensory does well for about 10 minutes of trotting. The vet said that's "normal" and that she needs to use it now in order for it to heal the whole way. I trust her, she saved Denali, but I still get nervous and do I ever hope she's right!  It doesn't matter. I wouldn't keep Denali in a stall to heal. She hates it, so if she is going to be broken so be it. She's a pretty broken pasture pet. As for Mr. Pete, after yesterday I can say that he is lame right now. He's had his shoes pulled and is a bit ouchie right now. So not doing a whole lot with him other than love and grooming.

The owner of the Giant Warmblood Barn and I figured something out tonight with Mr. Pete. Yesterday when I was working with him I thought he was just unhappy, and he kept shaking his head. I said something to her about him, and she came over to watch him. She said she suspects he's a head shaker. What in the hell is a head shaker? Regardless, he's also adorable. I'm glad that she thought about me, and about his well being and paired us up.

I decided that Pete's mane needed some tender loving care. I started to pull it while he was eating since I didn't want to pull his mane in the aisle way. He was so sweet. He was so excited to be groomed he stopped eating and kept trying to rest his head on my shoulder while I did his mane.  I LOVE this horse.

His mane is still a little long, but it looks SO much better. I tried to take a picture of him after, but this picture scared him (well the flash did) and I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable in his own house. So another bad picture of Pete. I was trying to judge how tall he is. I can't see over his withers and I'm 6ft tall. Who knows. 17hh?

One of the other horses that I am going to work with is Mary. She is one of the horses who is living with Denali. She is a beautiful Thoroughbred. I'm still waiting to coordinate with the vet to go out and work with her and make sure I'm doing it the way she wants it done. It's so weird to work with other people's horses. The goal is go do groundwork with her there and get her in shape so that I can take her to the Giant Warmblood Barn (MUCH closer than where she is right now.) She can get some miles there and HOPEFULLY find herself a forever home.

Then there is my baby princess ponykins... Denali, oh sweet Denali. We're going to do groundwork again as soon as we can coordinate with the vet. I don't mind working with her, but I don't like working with her with no one around. Actually, that goes for any horse.

And now for your rrandom cute Denali story. I forgot to write about this yesterday. I took out apples for Denali and her friends. Her boyfriend Bailey (another ADORABLE Thoroughbred looking for a forever home) came up to the fence with Denali to eat apples. I gave them each an apple. Denali inhaled hers, and Bailey ate his like a proper horse. He took the half he had left, leaned over and fed it to Denali. It was so adorable! She has him wrapped around her little hooves. I'm pretty excited that I can feed other horses around Denali. She use to be SO SO aggressive. She's doing SO well. I'm so happy that we are where we are today. Especially since I know I should be horseless.

And a photo from Friday evening....the one and only Pia! Sure, she looks sweet and innocent. ;0)

Ms. Pia, being sassy in the cross ties.


That title can sum up a few things in my life right now.

1. The damn test. I either know it or I don't. If I don't know it, I am having the hardest time learning it. Lets just say that I don't know the majority of it. Much like Denali if it is frustrating or confusing I give up and find something else to focus on (like blogging.)

2. Pete. Sweetest horse ever, however he wasn't having it yesterday. Anyone want to guess how many times I washed his tail before the shampoo only turned a light brown?? Anyone? 4 times. 4 times and it was still light brown. Poor boy. By the time I was done washing and conditioning his tail, and then attempting to get a comb through it an hour had passed. I don't think Pete has been fussed with for an hour ever. He was good boy and stood still for the most part. He was really ouchy walking to the wash rack so I didn't want to walk him to the arena when I knew he wasn't feeling great. After cleaning his tail it magically grew about three inches. I went and found some scissors ad hacked off about four inches since it was now dragging on the ground.. Next thing to tackle his homeless pony mane. I like long manes. Denali's is really long right now, but his is so uneven and thin it just looks horrible.

3. Well, we won't even get into #3.

Onto weekend fun.

Friday evening I had the pleasure of finally meeting Pia! Pia's mom is a wonderful person and I'm glad for this blog, because through it I got to meet her. Pia's barn is beautiful, and the trainer was really nice. I got to watch Pia's mom work with her. I told her, the only pain that I see her in is the pain in her mom's ass. She's a sassy mare that is for sure! I'm interested to see what the Regumate does for her. That's one route I thought of going with Denali, but haven't....yet.

I finally got out to see Denali yesterday. It was poring down rain and she was out in the pasture with two of her friends. She came as soon as I screamed her name (she was really far away.) Luckily through the wind and the rain she heard me and she came. That's one thing I'm proud of, that she comes when she is called. That wasn't installed on this model, I had to work on it.  I hate chasing horses. See! I taught her something!

She was soaked but warm under her blanket, so I didn't worry too much. There is a shelter out there, and of course no one uses it. I did some neck stretches with her and she was SO much better with them then she was a month ago. She struggled a month ago to do them, and yesterday she had no problems. She loves carrot stretches. For a while when we were doing them everyday she'd touch both of her sides and her chest when she saw a carrot. Cut to the chase right? I love this mare. She is so sweet and does try so hard. I hope I can be a better communicator with her so she understands what I'm asking her to do. (Can you tell she was a good girl yesterday?) When I love her, I love her so much, and when I hate her, I fucking hate her (One of my students last year told me that is how he felt about me. At the time I was really confused, but I do understand thanks to Denali. Sorry for the swear word.)

Off to yet another meeting. I am on the committee for one of the local horse shows. They couldn't find anyone to take over, and so I offered to help. I get to help with advertising. I will have to go from barn to barn with fliers. Dang. I hate seeing horses and other barns (kidding of course.) In actuality I will e-mail first to see if I can come hang up the fliers first. I hate when people just show up.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have off tomorrow and I am SO excited to sleep in.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My OTHER, OTHER favorite thing...

awards. Yes, yes, I realize that although fun they don't really mean a whole lot. This blog isn't going to win any Pulitzer anytime soon.... awards don't mean $$ (my favorite thing) and in reality I'm the least stylish person you've EVER met. I hung out with Pia's mom last night (most stylish person I've ever met) and I'm pretty sure I looked like a homeless person that she felt pity on.

 I use to be skinny (see Little Black Breeches) and then gained weight, and more weight.... to the point I stopped shopping for cute clothes and picked comfort over cute. Then the Ponykins came into my life and all my $$$ went to her. But if my blog is Stylish, then that's great.

Done rambling....

Regardless! We got an award! Thanks to Erica and Sebastian over at Sew Doggy Style (Cute name by the way.)
Stylish Blogger Award

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 Things about me....

1. I love to organize, as long as it isn't my house or my office at work.
2. I have a huge pet peeve against people who don't call or e-mail back in a timely manner.
3. I obsess over things (WHAT? I know, shocking right?) to the point that I make myself sick.
4. I still dream about what I want to be when I grow up (I'm 30 mind you.)
5. When someone does something nice for me I file it (literally, I have a box) away and try to make a point to repay the favor somehow, someday.
6. I met my husband at a bar. I was tanked and he drove me home. I knew the moment I saw him walk in the door that I was going to marry him, and I don't even think that it had anything to do with the 3 prior Malibu and Diet Coke.
7. I use to be so shy I didn't talk to anyone. In college I got a little more outgoing, and if you know me in real life I know you'll find it shocking that I could have ever been shy.

Okay. #1, check, #2, check, #3, naming 15 bloggers.
This part will be hard because I have a huge problem with making it fair and not hurting anyone's feelings.
I will try my best!

In no particular order.....drum roll please......

and #15. You! I realize that isn't fair, but I can't pick JUST 15. Consider yourself Stylish!!

As for #4, let them know they won... that part will have to wait, I'm late for my date with Pete!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend


Studying is going "okay" but I am the queen of distractions and between reading blogs and facebook I think the three hours I studied last night really ended up as two hours of studying and one hour of reading blogs. Boo me. Yay for you though. I love your blogs.

A few weeks ago I said I was going to do something...I forget how I put it. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have certain fear issues around Denali. After the trailer accident my fear turned into phobia (mostly about trailers.) It's hard to love something so much, and to be so afraid of it. You also may know that I'm into trying weird things.

So what did I do?

Guess anyone? Anyone have a guess?

I've gone off the deep end and did some "deep-meditation" (aka. Hypnotise) with a woman.

I'll give you a moment to laugh...

...go ahead... I know you want to...

Okay, now that you got that out of your system.

Do I think it worked? I haven't seen Denali since, but I can vision doing things with her without breaking into a cold sweat. I can actually think about trailers, so that's good. It actually gave me something to think about when I do get nervous. I know that she feeds off of me. I also know that unless I work with her now, she'll get my number and make it harder in the future.

Do I think I'm cured? No. I do think it helped a little, but I think that I will know more once I go see the Mare-wolf tomorrow.

Have any of you ever been hypnotized?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I was almost killed. Yes, yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but from what my husband told me, I was one hoof kick away from being a vegetable.I do know that I wanted to die for about two weeks after so I say it counts.  Everything is healed, and all bruising is almost gone. What surprises me is that my side still hurts. I've never had trauma like that before, so I"m sure it's normal.

It's also been about two months since I've agreed to start working the TB at the Giant Warmblood Barn. Due to injury, flooding, holidays, school, studying I have failed at doing much other than grooming him. So, the goal is this weekend to pull the old guy out, groom him up, and lunge him to see how sound he is. Rumor has it he is sound, but that comes and goes. I have been toying with the idea of getting him some biotin (since his owner does nothing for him) to help with his feet. It's not that much a month, and I do love this horse.

Have I introduced Pete?

Everyone, this is Pete (who really is much cuter when I don't take pictures on my phone and in the dark.) Pete, this is everyone. He hasn't been worked or ridden more than 6 times in a year. Not by any fault of his own. I'd love to help muscle him up so that we can find him a little girl to love on him. His owner pays board which is great, but doesn't do much with him. Pete is HUGE. He has to be close to 17 hh, if not bigger. I am going to bring out my stick this weekend if I remember. Regardless he is a love, and I can NOT wait for it to be warm enough to give him a bath. He's a hot mess.

In mare-wolf news all is well. She hasn't tried to kill anyone this week, so that is good. I didn't make it out to see her today (I usually go on Wednesdays) due to a wonderful migraine. I finally feel human, but it is 10 pm at night, so I'm not driving 50 miles at 10pm. I did inform her that she is now a working girl. She has a whole $60.00 from the ads on her blog. I actually didn't realize that they made that much. Yay for Google and Yay for those who view them.

In regard to the ads, I wonder if they are the same for everyone who views them. I always get ads for rehab centers (Pegasus, where I still wish I could have sent her) and Regenerative Medicine. HA! I should change the name of this blog to the broken horse/broken owner/broken bank account blog. Oh well, it's only money and I can work and get more if it. I'm pretty happy that we have now set up a savings account for the mare (well, not at the bank, but we're keeping track of "her" money.) I haven't reminded my husband that we didn't pay back our Savings before we started her Savings. No need to bring up a sore subject right? 

Still studying for this bloody test. Fun times my friends, fun times. I guess it's no secret, and not a huge deal. I am studying for my BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). BUT! Remember that if it's May and I haven't mentioned said test, don't bring it up. ;0) There are moments where I feel, "Oh man, I'm going to ace this, and moments where I need to double check that the material is indeed in English and feel that all hope is lost. I'll be glad when January is over so I can focus on horses more and studying less.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks Molly!

See. I'm easy to please. Back to 150.

I am studying for a test. A huge test. A possibly life (job) changing test. I took it before and bombed it. FAIL. Which was hard for me to take because every test I've taken as an adult I've Ace'd without studying for it (all my teaching cert. tests.) This is not a teaching cert, and WHEN (I'm trying so freaking hard to be optimistic!) I pass I will tell you about it. When I don't pass I will go back to this post and delete it so we can all just pretend that it never happened.

So, why am I blogging when I am suppose to be studying?


I have the hardest time with your blogs. I get sucked in and next thing I know an hour has passed. An hour that I was suppose to be studying....


I'm trying SO hard this time. The last time I didn't study at all. Nada (FAIL) so I was not shocked when I failed, I was more shocked that I was pretty close to passing.

Which means if I would have just studied the first time I might have passed.

January 29th I take this horrific thing. 5 hours of my life sitting in front of a computer answering mutliple choice questions until my eyes bug out of my head.

I think I need to ground myself from reading blogs. Maybe I should ground myself from writing my blog.....nah, I need to do a little procastination!

I need Cliff Notes for your blogs.

Study. Study. Study.

Celebration Fail.

...forget about being excited about 150 followers. We're back to 149. I'm telling Denali! No matter. I just like knowing who's reading because then in my free time I stalk check out your profile and visit your blogs. I am thoroughly aware that I am WAY behind at adding your blogs to my "readers blog list."


In fun exciting news. I got a letter in the mail from the University that I attended. I had two student teachers last quarter from them, and totally spaced on the fact that I get PAID for having them in my room. They were so awesome I think that I should have paid them (Shh....dont' say anything.)

Yay! Denali now has $300.00 in her "savings" account. I'm so excited. We're actually in the black for the first time in I can't tell you HOW LONG!!! Seriously. We are over $10,500 in vet bills since September 2009 (this includes teeth and shots, so not TOO bad.) It does not include the current stay at the vets barn!! Each month involved paying our bills, paying her bills, and pulling from our savings to cover the rest. Savings is still suffering, but if Mare will just stay sound we will be good to go.

Dear 2011.
I would like a sound (sane) mare, and to win the lotto. I don't need to be greedy, but enough that spending $50,000 on Rio wouldn't piss the husband off too much.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

My horse doesn't need a trainer....

...she needs an exorcist.

I went out to see princess and she was in her stall. Apparently she was SUPER naughty last night when being led in, bucking, rearing, and trying to take off. She saw dead people. It is suppose to get cold tonight and snow and they didn't want her to fall and hurt herself if she decided to play bucking bronco again.

Damn Mare!

When I got there I went into her stall and loved on her for a bit. She kept trying to rub her head on me, and was getting pissed when I wouldn't let her. Mare. I am not a scratching post. Also I know that rubbing can be dominance so I don't want to allow her to rub on me. We have enough issues.

She proceeded to scream for her girlfriend, who stood at the fence screaming at her.


Overall Denali was fine with me. We obviously haven't worked together in a while. She forgot what the word "back" meant, and had to have a few reminders. I didn't take her out of her stall since I was the only one there, and if something happens I'm screwed. It's in the middle of nowhere.

After loving on Denali, and a visit from Piper's Mom, who's heard so much about the fire-breathing, flying beast, we went to Piper's barn. Piper's barn is also the home to Angie, Cashmere, Buckley, and .... (I know there are 4 of them that were saved by Angie's dad...sorry, I forgot their names!) Angie is also an OTTB who I met through this blog. Her dad and mom are super nice people. Angie is on stall rest for a heel injury. I dropped off my nibble net and some treats for Angie and Piper. Piper just had surgery on her leg for a broken splint bone. Poor Ponies!

What in the hell happened to Year of the Sound Horse? (Althought Piper had surgery in 2010 and Angie got hurt in 2010 too, so I'll let it slide...this time. ;0)

Since it's Sunday I went to work at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I am currently sucking at working with Pete and need to get on that SOON. The poor guy, he was so excited when I went into his stall and loved on him for a little bit. I wish I would have had more time to groom him and free lunge him.

After starting my shift the owner of the Giant Warmblood Barn (who I LOVE btw) called to ask me to hand-walk one of the Giants who is there to be sold. He apparently had broken a splint bone in his front leg, and needed to be hand walked.

Gulp. He is HUGE. If he wanted to do something, he could have.

However, much like all ponies there he was an angel. He walked right next to me, and quite fast for a pony who had surgery this week. It was a 10 minute walk so I took him to the giant outdoor arena to walk since the footing is so good. He was SO FRICKIN CUTE!! He walked really quietly, and like with Denali I decided to walk the dressage patterns that I remembered (even if he does Grand Prix, and even if they are old tests) I get bored just walking. At one point he arched his neck, I swear he looked like he was looking for contact, and started to do his fancy-shmancy ubber trot. He looked so cute, but I had to ask him to save the fancy moves for another day. Today. Today you're just walking. He gave me a super sad puppy-dog face and went back to walking.

Anyone have $80,000 dollars they want to loan me? He is a DOLL!!! Wonder if I throw in a mare if I will get a discount. I decided that he wouldn't fit in my Subaru, and that I would just go love on him some other time.

I love the ponies at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I keep forgetting that I get paid to love on them.

Back to the fire-breathing, flying hell-beast.

I've decided, that even though I am freaked out about training Denali, getting her trained, etc. I am going to just take VERY small baby steps. I'll take note of Pia's mom and her STP (Short Term Plan.) Rome isn't built in a day, and until I can make it out there at least 4 days a week, the hell-beast and I are not going to get anywhere.

Our goal for the week. Not to get killed. I ordered her a box (yes a box) of Cherry Lik-its so she better stick around long enough to eat them all. It still freaks me out that something else could be wrong. I wish I was rich so I could get that dumb scan done. I guess I'll just start saving my money. It will either go towards training or more diagnostics.

How it feels to own the world famous glass-legged thoroughbred.

On a non-hell-beast note: Welcome to my 150th follower! It excites me when it hits a 0 or a 5 in the ones place. I don't know why, and yes, yes, I'm strange.

Happy Monday

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Saturday

Okay, so nothing really made today "super" but it rhymed and I couldn't think of any other title.

Before I start I wanted to say "thank you" for everyone who is following our blog. It's nice to know who's reading!

It's one week into 2011. So far things are going pretty well for Denali and I. Nothing really worth complaining about, although I'd be lying if I didn't say the massive die off of all of the fish, crabs, birds, etc. didn't freak me out a little.

I haven't been out to see Denali since Tuesday. Tuesday! Bad horse mom. BAD. I had to run errands with my friends this morning, and although they wanted to go see her, it's not exactly in a "stop by and visit" location. It's almost 50 miles from my house.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go see Mare and see how she's doing. It's amazing to me what turn out has done for her. She seems so much happier, and she is getting stronger by the day. It makes me realize that she really needs to be boarded where she has turn out in a herd, or at least a buddy. There is so much stuff she needs, thinking about the next steps freaks me out. It isn't going to be for a while (hell, maybe even a year) but I'm going to send her somewhere else for training. I want to find someone who has re-started OTTB's and has a successful record of doing it. Not that I don't like our old trainer, and wouldn't want her to work with us again, but I think this would be best for Denali. Who knows...I'm rambling, and that probably doesn't make much sense. As my mom always tells me, "Don't worry about it until it's time." That's easier said than done.

What I want in a boarding facility.
1. Stall at night (pretty much so she is looked at each day and if something looks wrong, they call me.)
2. 8-10 hours of turn out in a large enough area that princess could kick up her heels if she wants to. (7 days a week.)
3. Indoor arena (with level, non-cement footing. Not too deep, not too thin.)
4. Willing to feed her supplements to her.
5. Consistency. At one point at one of our barns the person who did turn out was afraid of Denali. Denali sensed this and was a HUGE pain in the ASS. Naughty mare.
6. Quality Hay. I'm terrified of her getting EPM (if she doesn't have it, which I don't think she does.)
7. Lots of quality hay. I get nervous when they have 10 bales for 30 horses. I've been there. We're not doing it again. I also don't like switching up the hay source all the time.
8. Less than 30 miles from home, or work. (Which means anywhere between 30-35 miles.)
9. No automatic waterers. I like knowing how much she drinks, and I know of someone whose horse coliced because the waterer stopped working and no one noticed.
10. Price. Price is a huge issue. However, I fully understand that you get what you pay for but I'm not going to pay $700.00 a month

Our old barn had almost all of this except Denali didn't get turned out with a buddy for long (sorry Ophie's mom.) The arena needs fixed. The trainer fully understands this, but the owners have been dragging their feet. With the weird nero thing, I want her to know that when she puts her foot down, the ground will be just as level as it was the last step. I actually really like our old barn, but we're both high matenence and I would feel bad "demanding" the big pasture for her. The arena would need fixed too.

As for a trainer (which does not need to be the same as her boarding facility.)
1. Kind. No cowboys with bad attitudes.
2. Will consistently work her 4-6 days a week (when she's ready...yes, yes, I'm dreaming.)
3. I don't care about discipline. She likes the thinking in Dressage. She is much happier when she is made to think, so I think that's our way to go. However, not sure at this point how much collection she will be able to do. I just want someone who can give her a solid (SOLID) start.
4. References, I prefer someone who has worked with OTTB's (and maybe idiot owners.)
5. Close enough that I can go check on her once a week. I am willing to ship to an approved trainer.
6. Willing to be gentle and start her slowly. I don't plan on sending her until she is physically ready, but I know there are SO MANY trainers out there that I want to start this search early.
7. Someone to build confidence in her. Being with the herd has helped this so much, and yes, I know I'm a HUGE part of the confidence, but I'm working on myself.
8. Miles. She needs lots and lots of miles.

I'm sure there are more things I should look for. I don't know what else I should look for. I'm pretty set on someone who has worked with OTTBs.

I'm really glad that I have to worry about this. Really, really glad. I figured, even though it might not be for a year, I can make my wish lists now.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Look Ma! No ribs!
 I don't know what Ophie's mom is talking about...wait, I guess I don't know what the woman who said that she was ribby was talking about. I guess if you catch it in the right light you can sort of see her ribs? I wish we had a "before" picture of Fifi.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's raining in Seattle. Shocker, I know.

I went with Ophie's mom to visit Ophie at their new barn. I haven't been there since October when they moved. Ophie looks amazing and was a very good girl for her momma.(I took a picture, but forgot to ask if I can put it on the interwebz for the world to see. Can I?)

 When we first got there Ophie's mom pointed out a horse and whispered that he was being put down tomorrow. Reason: EPM. I felt HORRIBLE. All I could think about was that EPM is treatable, that there are people out there that have been through EPM and that the horses have made it. It reminded me of what I went through with Denali in November and those feelings leading up to putting her down.

It sucks. Many of you know those feelings (some of you all too recently.) I am grateful that I didn't need to go through the grieving process.

After watching Ophie's mom ride we went to put her away. I walked up to the boy and said hi. The poor boy. He was so neurological, his hind end went everywhere. I would do the same thing. OM said he can't lay down anymore because he can't get back up.

Worst part:? (Not that it can get much worse.)

He's a little girls horse. She was there when we first got there and I just felt so bad for her. It makes me want to hug my girl extra tight and count all my lucky stars. I got lucky, I got so VERY, VERY lucky.

In other news, tomorrow night I'm doing another crazy secret thing. You can save the laughing up, because I'm not sure what I thing of what I'm doing and at times I giggle too.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Black Breeches

and my goal is to fit into them.

Yesterday's Tack of the day gave me the inspiration for my "new" blog since I honestly could give a damn about fitting into a little black dress, but breeches...that's another story.

I bought a pair of breeches, 2 sizes too small because they were the color I've wanted, full seat, the kind that act like a seat belt in case of an unexpected spook. I wanted them. Thanks to the $$ from x-mas (that I put into Denali's fund, just to turn around and pull out the $58.00 for the breeches.)

Who buys breeches that they know they won't fit into? Me.

I'm excited that several of you want to do this journey with me! Although, Pia's mom....really? I've had the pleasure of meeting Pia's mom in real life. She looks like a model, and is such a nice person. (Hell, I was smeared throughout her trailer and she still talks to me.) The extra weight you need to lose is probably from that rock on your finger ;0). Okay, kidding. Also, Pia's Mom!! Hope you feel better! Naughty Pia, NAUGHTY.

For those of you who said "yes." Send me your google e-mail to rehabdenali @ and I'll get you set up on the blog as an author.

In other pony related news I went out to the barn yesterday (instead of my normal Wednesday trip) because it was sunny and beautiful! (Side Note: I made it before it was dark!! Yay for longer days!)

I got to the barn and noticed Denali walking the fence like as I drove up. I stopped my car and she stopped. I started driving again and she started walking towards the gate again. I laughed. She knows what my car looks like, and I'd like to pretend that she was walking to meet me.

I walked up and gave her some carrots, loved on her and then walked down to the barn.

There were a bunch of cars at the barn, which surprised me because usually I am the only one there. Turns out the vet has two students working with her (and I hope they know how lucky they are) and they were planning on doing some work with Denali.

Oh great.

The vet went to get Denali and I followed behind (because I'm still a huge chicken, and although my head says, "she's not going to hurt you" I'm having a hard time convincing the rest of me.) We brought Denali down and groomed her. I held Denali and the vet tacked her up minus the bridle and took her to the round pen. Denali was FULL of it! She was being super naughty, and the vet continued to amaze me.

Vet by day, Rodeo Cowboy by night...

There were some noises in the woods and Denali decided to have a cow over it. Eventually she got her focused and listening again and then she got on. I told her that after that behavior I'm not sure I'd even want to continue working with her, but she bridled her up for the ride.

She rode her in the arena for the first time, and although head as high as she could get it and her tail swished the entire time she did good. No freak outs and she eventually relaxed into the bit. I was proud of her. She did try to do her stopping at the group of people that she does. She loves attention and has a bad habit of stopping to get it.

We think that he extra swishing is from her butt rubbing together and the hair bothering her (more on that in a second.) After the ride the vet asked me to groom her. I felt better about handling her, and I appreciate the "Just do it" attitude that she has. She knows I'm afraid, but won't let me use it as an excuse.

I groomed her off and put her in her stall. While doing this the vet started to work the ex-stallion rescue that is at the barn. He is so cute! He looks like he is a Morab, or maybe even a Morgan. Adorable and little. I think he'd be a perfect gamer with his starts and stops. He has one problem.


The vet was riding him for a little bit at the walk when she asked for the trot. Up he went. I've NEVER seen a horse rear like this! Up, Up, Up. This vet amazes me. She stayed on and got him back down each time. I wish I had it on video. It was crazy.

After watching the rearing I remembered that Gogo's mom had asked me for some tail hair. I didn't have scissors, but thougth I should get the Bob Marley dred locks out of her hair. I haven't brushed it since before the accident. While grooming her I started to scratch the back of her legs, there were large clumps of hair hanging off and I knew they were making her itchy. I did it very slowly and she was fine. Apparently though at one point I either scared her, or pissed her off.

For the first time ever, my mare did not kick out! That is her normal response when working with her butt. She turned it away from me, had a hissy fit, and then went back to eating. I was proud of her, but went back to touching her legs. I didn't want her to think hissy fits get her out of it. She did fine. Still proud that she didn't try to kill me. I wonder if she remembers kicking me the last time and that's why she made the extra effort to not kick this time? Who knows. I'll take it!