Saturday, August 29, 2009

Touchy Feely Time...

When I bought Denali, I saved her from a fate unknown. I don't know who I was bidding against. I know it was one other person, who finally gave up. I don't know if it was the meat guy, I hope it wasn't, they were there that day, and she did look quite plump. I would bet though that it was really someone who wanted a horse for riding, not for a snack. She was ridden through (super drugged up) very calmly in a western saddle (which I now now makes her VERY nervous.) Anyway, I have had to put so much patience into that horse in the past year that I'm pretty sure anyone else there that day would have never taken the time to understand Denali and give her the time she needed to become the wonderful 4 legged pony beast that she is.

When I bought Denali I was struggling with depression. It came and went and at the time I was on medication, and things weren't going well. I HATE, HATE, HATE talking about it in person to ANYONE because it makes me feel like I'm crazy. I know that doesn't make you crazy, but I worry about everything (see previous 92 posts.) My doctor sent me to therapy to try to help, they drugged me up, and I went through life. I'd be better for a little bit, then start to slip which meant more drugs since nothing else helped. This was okay, I was not happy, but not depressed thinking bad thoughts. I just existed. When I was around horses I somehow always felt better. Not 100%, but I felt good.

Then I met Denali. I tried to explain to my husband that there was just something about her. I don't know what it is, I don't know how to explain it. I just KNEW she was my horse. I had looked at 36 other horses that day, knowing that I couldn't have one. When I saw her, I didn't care. I had to have her.

I now call Denali my prozac on 4 legs. After I got her I slowly started going off my meds and am now on nothing. No pills, no stupid sessions, no feeling horrible. I still get anxious and can usually sort out what's causing it, but when I can't I go to the barn and she comes running and I feel totally fine.

That makes no sense. But I 100% believe that I may have saved Denali that day, but she saved me forever.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steady Eddy

So I've been confidently riding Denali now for a month or so. I still get nervous when she tenses up, but she hasn't taken me for any long scary gallops around the arena in a few months, so she gets the benefit of the doubt. Last week she thought I was going to make her walk over a tarp and she bunny hopped away from it. Quite funny, but not scary.

Since she's been in training she has become so light on aids. Good for her, bad for me. I CAN NOT keep my hands quiet to save my life. I feel like I can either keep my legs in the right position, or keep my hands quiet, but not both. I have that horse on and off the rail so much it looks like she's drunk. I keep my hands still and then my leg brushes her and she moves over. I keep my legs still and then my hands move and she can't figure out what I'm asking. UGH. I suck. I have a video camera, but I can't even set it up because I know I'll get sick watching. So. How do I fix this? Is this a keep riding and I'll get better or a go work out and that will help? Another lady rode Denali last week and they looked AMAZING! She said she loved riding Denali, which was nice to hear. She's a great horse, just gets a little feisty sometimes.

She needs to get new shoes today. I wish I could keep her bare foot, but she has such pancake feet that her she can't walk without it hurting. I'll probably have the shoes pulled for the winter (I did last year at least) but that's another area of worry. I know a lot of natural barefoot trimmers who do amazing things BUT 1. They're 50+ miles away and 2. I'd need to have it done every three weeks or so until her feet improved (at least that's what I was told.) Maybe I'll take pictures today of her feet for judgment.

Friday, August 21, 2009


hothed, that was Joanna's word verification and it made me laugh out loud, therefore it get to be my title. That and I don't feel very inspired!

My husband is back from the middle of no where! We went out to ride Denali today and she was SO good! I swear that she behaves because he's around. She stood for tacking, stood for mounting, and was AWESOME for riding.

I rode her for a little bit trotting around and working on keeping her straight. A lady at our barn had said she's like to try Denali out so we switched horses. I cantered hers around the arena and it was SO much fun!! He is an awesome little Appendix. Denali did a really good job for her too, I was proud of her!!

Tomorrow is the SAFE horse show where I'm going to go sell my bazillion Nonies for the rescue. I was so sick of making those damn things that if I ever see another Nony someday I'll freak! What's a Nony you ask? See my other blog I made them registration papers today. They'll have their own horse class tomorrow at the show. I hope it works out!

Okay, I'm tired. I really suck at posting pictures hu? I thought I'd include some from my vacation to the Caribbean. These two are from Grand Cayman Island. I didn't take them, but they're amazing regardless!! I LOVED THE OCEAN!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad horse owner!

Two things that I should NEVER EVER be allowed to have in my possession at the same time.

1. Denali
2. Scissors

Remember my post about how I butchered her hair at the beginning of summer? Everyone gave me great ideas and I went out and bough thinning shears and a thinning blade. Do you think I took those out yesterday? Nope. Went straight for the Ikea scissors.


It's a mohawk now!! Well...not that bad, but close! Her trainer told me it was cute, but I think that was just her trying to make me feel better!! I'll post pictures when I have enough guts to take one and admit my mistake.

In other non-horse hair butchering news, had a great ride on Denali. Her trainer had me do the introduction Dressage test and it went really well I thought! Our 20 meter circle was a bit flat and not as big as it should be, but I was proud of her/me.

Next week is there is a Dressage show that I'm thinking of taking Denali to, not to compete, just to watch!

Hope that everyone is having a great week! I'm really depressed that summer is almost over (I'm a teacher so I have to go back to the kiddos in a week and half.) I know, I know, at least I have the summer off.

What are you looking forward to in the fall? Give me some hope!! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Staying in the Caribean, please send horse.

Ok, not really. I absolutely LOVED the Caribbean!! Who wouldn't? Beautiful blue water? 90 degree temps? Swimming with Dolphins, Sting Rays, and fish. I DID not want to go home. Apparently someone upstairs took that literally because I'm stuck at the airport. I showed up this morning at 5 am for a 6:40 flight, and then found out that I can't get out until 7:25pm tonight. That's a grand total of 14 + hours sitting in the airport. Not what I'd call a good time. They DO have free Wi-Fi which makes me a little happier!

Got a good report on Ms. Denali's behavior, aka she didn't kill anyone while I was gone. I'm looking forward to seeing her big mug tomorrow. I'm not even sure when I'm going to have time to ride the beast before September. So much to do, not enough to do it!

Hope everyone's horses are behaving!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eat Shit

I'm sitting at the Miami Airport waiting for my family to arrive so we can be on our way...I only have 3 more hours to wait. Sigh.

About the shit, Denali eats manure. What could be missing from her diet that she's trying to get from the poo? If you look at their paddock there is very little poo in there. I just finished up a 5 day Panacur to kill off anything that doesn't go with the regular wormers. It's just gross, but I still kiss that nose everyday.

Yesterday we had an FEI Judge, (Paula Kierkegaard) come to our barn to give one of the ladies a lesson. I was in the cross ties grooming a very grumpy, crabby Denali (I think the panacur is making her not feel so hot. Well Denali, don't eat shit.) Denali tried to kick me twice, TWICE! She's extra, extra crabby. I think she's going into season. Anyway, the point of my rambling... Paula walked into the aisle way and was on her cell phone. Since Denali was being grumpy, I didn't want any chance of Denali kicking the FEI judge, I finished quickly and took her outside. She did the most beautiful trot I've ever seen her do (She wasn't suppose to be trotting, but I was walking fast) She arched her neck and it looked almost like she was prancing in place. She's SUCH a show off!!! If she has more than three people watching her, she always shows off. It gives me hope for showing in the future. I wish I could have taken a picture or video of her. She may not be an expensive warmblood, but she knows how to work it!!

Back to the vacation... spending 10 days with my mom, dad, and brother. I hope no one gets hurt! It usually doesn't end well when we spend that much time together. I'm envisioning Stewie on Family Guy when Peter and Louis went on a cruise. Okay, okay they're not that bad. Actually, my parents are pretty amazing people and help me pay for Denali's training. My mom is the one who told me to move her to a new barn, and that's how we found the one we're at now. I wish they could come meet her!

Enough babbling!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I cantered Denali tonight for the first time! She has a big lofty canter, and it's not to hard to sit, but I am going to need to get better coordinated if I plan on making her do anything but go straight!

NOW! I need to finish packing!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm running out of titles

Went out yesterday and rode Denali for a little bit. There is a girl (15?) at our barn who does gaming. She had her horse in the arena lunging while I was already lunging Denali, and Ophelia's mom was lunging her. That's already 2 horses. Sigh.... (See where I'm going here.) Denali did really well! She HATES other horses near her, and pins her ears very tightly to her head. I think this is because of race training, and her being jostled around by other horses.

Well the gaming horse did something that freaked him out and that caused Denali to spook. She went 90 mph (okay. I didn't clock her, but it was fast) backwards towards Ophelia. I got her started, and kept her going until she was calm, but that was it. I refused to ride with crazy horse/owner. I was so pissed. I'm not doing a very good job of explaining it, but I just don't see the need to be dragging barrels and tarps all over while we're riding. She was there before us, and could have set up AND (more importantly) probably should have mentioned "Hey, I'm going to move this tarp."

TODAY was different. We had a great ride, she collects so nicely and does such a great job. I did have to buy some boots for her front legs. She had a lump on her leg the other day last week, and the trainer suggested that she hit her leg while playing outside. Well, with the boots on, I've figured out she ALWAYS hits her legs together, you can hear them when riding. The boots I bought have plastic on the outside, so I think maybe that extra thickness on each is what is causing the noise. I can't imagine her hitting her legs together all the time. Does that happen? My trainer was surprised at how much Denali wore her boots after just one ride. You can see the marks on them. If she keeps getting marks, I may need to work on plan B.

Other than that, packing my bags! Wonder where I'm going? Think little umbrellas! I'm going on a cruise with my family (Mom, Dad, and brother.) I'm pretty excited, but I HATE leaving Denali! I know that Denali is in good hands, but after my last experience of leaving her while we were in Denmark, it's hard.

I'll post pictures of little umbrellas!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Boy

I guess I can't call him "My Boy" anymore since he's not. :( I went to visit Yukon, and he's doing amazing!! The people at PONYUP Rescue have done a great job with him and the other horses that are at the stable. Yukon's new "mom" Chelsea was absolutely wonderful to me!! I did start to cry like a baby when I got to go see him. He still stomps his foot and demands food. It makes me very sad that he was in a field by himself, stomping for food, and no one was there to feed him. I don't know what happened to to him, or how he ended up in a field, but there is no excuse. I hate people!

Here are some pictures of my boy for your enjoyment! Also, the website for PonyUp if you ever have extra funds you want to donate to a good rescue! (There are a lot of NOT good rescues out there.)

(Please ignore my large butt)