Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vet Appointment

Today was Denali's vet appointment. I woke my poor brother up at the crack of dawn to drag him out to the barn. When we got there Ophie was already being having her yearly check up. When they brought her in from her lameness re-check I took Ms. Denali out into arena to blow off some steam. She was such a nervous nelly! She kept checking out the arena to see if the vet's truck was still there, then would run off with her tail in the air to the other end of the arena, snort and walk slowly back up to the wall again to check to see if the vet left. It was pretty funny! Eventually she calmed down and went about eating the arena wall. sigh.

We had her re-check and the vet was VERY impressed with how she looks! She said she's not showing any signs of EPM, but that she is really stiff in her joints. She had a lameness re-check and took a lame step every time, but only a few then she was fine. The vet suggested that I start her on Adequen injections. I think it's a good idea, and I have noticed some stiffness in her hind end, but I just thought it was from her getting worked so much. I guess it can't hurt to try, but I am waiting until I have a little more "horse money" saved up before I start her on them. $275.00 is a lot of money that I wasn't expecting to spend today.

The vet and her assistant were also very impressed with her ground manners and how good she was for everything, even her flu vaccine (the one that goes in the nose) she didn't budge. I laughed and told them that she was putting on a show for them. The assistant kept petting her telling what a nice mare she was. I have to agree, but I'm also a little partial.

No luck on the saddle. I called twice and send two e-mails. I stop at that point. I don't want to be crazy girl! Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be! I'd like to have a different saddle, but I will get it when I'm meant to get it. Denali's funny. She HATES, HATES, HATES when you lean forward in your seat. She has always hated it, even when I rode her. She throws her head HIGH in the air and fights with the bit. It's my reminder that I need to sit on my tailbone. She also really needs a quiet hand. She's just SO sensitive when it comes to the mouth and the seat.

I'm pretty excited about the idea that we had a POSITIVE vet appointment!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My live works in weird ways. If I keep things a secret they usually work out for me. If I tell people about something ("counting the chickens before they hatch") then it doesn't work out for me. It has always been like this!

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned my "exciting news." I don't think it is going to work out, so I might as well tell you about it. I found a saddle. Not just any saddle, essentially the perfect saddle. My "dream saddle."

I haven't ridden in a lot of saddles and I know that there are a lot of different saddles out there. When I first got back into riding I rode in my trainers Karl Niedersuss, and I LOVED IT!! When she sold it I couldn't afford it. It was way more money then I could afford.

Sunday I found one on craigslist...exactly my size, exactly Denali's size, and only $700!!! I figured if it fit us both perfectly I could sell my Harry Dabbs and still come out on top WITH the saddle I wanted. SO, of course I told my trainer about it because if I ended up going to look at it I wanted her to go with me to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it that I don't notice through my "I really want this saddle" eyes. So after telling her about it I thought to myself..."Hum... this isn't going to work out now is it..." I talked to the woman on Monday morning, she sounded excited to have me come out, and said she'd call me back after work.

It's Tuesday night and I haven't heard anything.... I guess it wasn't meant to be.

My husband made it into and out of Canada today!

The Vet comes out in the AM to do all of Ms. D's shots, teeth, and a re-check for EPM symptoms. I'm hoping that there isn't anything that she notices.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How my life works

So. My brother is in town, and we're going up to Victoria, BC tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it! My husband, my friend, my brother and I are all going together, and it's the first time for all of us. Well, tonight I went to grab my husband's passport and guess what? It expired 4 days ago. 4 DAYS!! UGH!!

I'm also hoping to have a bit of exciting news later this week. I'm afraid I've already jinxed it by telling my trainer about it, so I'm going to keep it to myself for the time being.

Vet also comes Wednesday for Ms. Denali, hoping for a good update!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

24 hours

That's how long I owned my D&G sunglasses I talked about yesterday. Well. Technically I still "own" them but I'm returning them tomorrow. :) I can't handle it. Lol. I wore them today for a little bit and was terrified that I was going to scratch them or break them. I went to downtown Seattle with my brother and we went to Nordstrom Rack (awesome store.) I saw some sun glasses up front, and found another pair I liked a lot. I wouldn't say that I love them as much as the D&G's but honestly, who needs $140.00 sunglasses? These ones were marked $120.00, but I bought them for $34.00! Much better! NOW I can wear them to the barn and not be totally devastated if Denali steps on them. These ones are Mark Jacobs. Seriously though, I don't know anything about fashion. My mom actually laughed at me today when I told her that I had sunglasses that cost that much. She told me I'm not that fashioned focused. She's right.

Speaking of things that I own, that I'm not so sure that I need.... Ever bid on something on E-Bay not expecting to win? Yep. I'm good at that. I was looking for a nice pad for my saddle. I've been looking at tack shops around here and they're all....well you know how much they cost!

I bid on this at $35.00 a few days ago, and won. What do you think? Aside from the fact that it only comes in NAVY I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it from the same people who are making my bridle, so I'm hoping I can combine shipping. That would make it even better. As always though, I want your opinions! Worst comes to worst I can sell it right?

Stephens Real Sheepskin Gel-Eze Back/Whither Saddle Pad Half-Numnah

Colours - Navy/Navy
Size - large or Medium

This pad is designed to incorporate the best features from several different designs of pad into the one simple pad! Features the wonderful gel-eze impression top (in black), which provides great grip to the saddle, and the underneath is wonderfully soft cushioning sheepskin. Both these features combine to make a pad which is excellent at absorbing impact and reducing discomfort. This distributes any pressure or impact along the whole of pad.

  • Stephens Real Top Grade Platinum Quality Sheepskin/Lambskin!
  • Platinum quality SHEEPSKIN PAD with GEL-EZE inserts
  • This pad excels in quality and is a cutting-edge design

The advantages of this pad include: -

  • Suitable for most English style saddles including dressage, GP, jumping, eventing, close contact etc
  • Completely non-toxic & FULLY WASHABLE!
  • Re-useable and non-slip
  • Promote blood circulation as gel has slight massage function when ridden on
  • Breathable - helps to maintain optimum temperature in Summer and Winter
  • Prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores
  • Distributes weight more evenly across your horse's back
  • Fantastic for absorbing impact over jumps etc, or to provide a more comfortable seat in dressage.
  • An absolutely gorgeous top-quality pad that excels in quality and oozes class.
  • Better quality & colour choice than all other brands on the market.
  • Medicated lambs wool is produced with a special tanning process using no chemicals
  • Equestrian lambskin products promote blood circulation
  • Fully breathable - helps to maintain optimum temperature in Summer and Winter
  • Helps to wicker away sweat and regulate humidity
  • Does not allow the breeding of bacteria
  • Prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees using mild detergent
  • They guarantee an "active-respiration" zone, absorbing perspiration and therefore balancing the temperature
  • Made from pure lambskin - the real thing, with the wool still attached to the skin
  • Soft, warm and shaped perfectly for your horse
  • Comes with Velcro straps for secure attachment to saddle
  • Finely quilted against saddle with beautiful rolled edges
  • Fully bound to prevent sagging/fraying and cut to give good wither clearance ~ Shaped along the entire back seam to fit your horse''s curves
  • Suits most dressage, GP and Jumping Saddles
  • Shop sale, valued at £89. Brand new at bargain price, so bid while you can!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Week!

I realize it's only been two days since my last post, but it feels like it's been weeks. Sometimes time flies, and sometimes life drags on.

My brother flew in to visit this week, so I've been subjecting him to my horse related adventures along with showing him around the Seattle area. It's funny, I forgot what it was like to NOT have a horse (aka, have money.) We went shopping on Friday and I saw a pair of sunglasses. I tried them on, fell in love with them, then checked the price tag. $139.00!!! Seriously!? I automatically thought of what that would buy Denali, put them back and then proceeded to try to look for a cheaper pair. My brother told me how nice they looked, and I laughed at him. They better for that price!! He bought them for me. I am terrified I'm going to break them, ruin, them, loose them. They are currently the most expensive item that I own (that doesn't include my horse stuff.) I feel fancy! I definitely have zero fashion sense, so they are a bit silly, but I do love them!

Today I woke up and drug my brother out to SAFE to visit Sampson. He was born yesterday and I'm already in love. His momma is a Percheron/TB cross, and we THINK his dad is a TB. The poor momma came from a very neglectful situation. The woman who lives on there property is amazing! I don't know how she does it! I talked to her yesterday and she said to stop out. I was super excited. He's adorable! His momma though isn't being a very good momma. When I left she wasn't letting him nurse. Apparently she started to stop trying to kill him and let him nurse. After the visit of the new cutie! We went to my barn to visit the princess. Her lessee was coming out to ride her and I wanted to watch. Denali was doing the THROW her head up while she was riding. Naughty pony. I don't know why she does that. She just wasn't relaxing into the bit. She didn't do it the entire time.

After her lessee finished arena work, and before she took her out for a ride down the road I hopped up on her. Yes. You just read that correctly. I got on my horse. Keep in mind that I was on the lunge line, and we only rode for a short period of time, maybe 5 minutes. I kept a number in my head of my fear. It was a 2 for the most part, but spiked to a 7 when my brother walked outside the arena and she perked her ears at him. After that it was a 5, and I made myself stay on for a few more "laps" and then got off. It felt better to get on her than I thought, although I don't think I'm going to be competing anytime soon.

I think I've figured it out. She spooks and does stupid things (great example in a few paragraphs) and I KNOW that I'm not able to handle those. I just keep thinking of what COULD happen. I figure though, as long as I don't put myself in those situations. I think the lunge line for now is just fine. People go from not riding at all to competing in a year. I can do that right? (Not "real" shows, just little ones.) HELL, I'd be happy with cantering her in the arena.

After I finished, my trainer hopped up on her for a few laps around the arena. Poor Denali, she probably felt like a pony ride. When she finished, her lessee took her out to go for a ride down the hill. While they were gone, my trainer told me to go check out the "Denali Proof" paddock. I had asked her to put up more hot wire. Passive aggressive? Lol. I don't think so. Honestly it takes this much hot wire to keep her away from the wood. I was appreciative of all of this. I told her I'd help her finish it up.

While we were admiring her "Denali Proofing" Denali and her lessee came back up the road. I guess she was naughty. She wanted to go up the hill quickly, and I guess she reared up a bit when her lessee won't let her then threatened to buck. Not bad, but I definitely thought to myself "Yikes!! I'm going to die." Then I realized that I won't be riding her anytime soon on a trail. Not until I'm ready, therefore I don't need to worry about it. I'll think about it one small step at a time. I'll stop thinking about all her stupid tricks. I'm only going to do things with her that I can handle. Right now I can handle walking on the lunge line. We'll do that until I'm "bored" then we'll move to trotting....etc. Baby, baby, baby steps!!

After our pony filled afternoon, I decided to add to my brother's misery by taking him to the tack shop to look at boots. I liked these ones. They seem to have everything that I want, except the outside is made of what looks to be a not very durable foam, and I'm afraid it would be totally trashed in a short period of time. Not a problem when boots cost $25.00, but these ones were $90.00. I asked the one girl what she knew of them and their durability. She said they ordered them because they looked "interesting." Yes, great, but how do they hold up? I'm not going to buy boots that only last a few months. Here's the info on the boots that I found.

Tri-zone Allsports Boot

One of the most versatile boots on the market, the Tri-zone Allsports Boot features an innovative Airlite triple layer system. Due to their light, breathable and robust construction, these boots are ideal for schooling, cross-country, endurance, racing and hacking. They provide a high level of protection while at the same time minimizing weight on the leg. Can be used on front and hind legs.

Allsports Boot Construction:

  • The outer layer is made of EVA, formed into a mesh for lightness.
  • The inner layer is another layer of EVA made in a distinctive design of oval holes and shaped raised areas that minimize weight, generate channelling for air, and help disperse shockwaves.
  • These two layers of EVA provide effective protection against both concussion and penetration injuries.
  • This protection is further enhanced by a strip of polycarbonate inserted down the back of the boot, inside the mesh, to protect vulnerable tendons.
  • Between the two EVA layers is a fine mesh to prevent dirt getting inside the boot.

That's it in my pony life. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life's funny

When I first realized that I was "afraid" of Denali I didn't tell anyone. I would go to the barn and groom her and when asked if I was riding I'd give an excuse. I was full of them, and they all fit the situation. It's been a year. It's getting old. I'm getting old and it isn't going to get better.

When I went to the barn on Wednesday someone (sorry I can't remember who) said that I need to throw the switch back on. I laughed, but they're right. I still remember the few short moments that lead up to this. Hilariously, none of them involved riding and all of them happened in a three week period of time.

Day 1 back in the United States (actually Day 2, but first full day....rambling sorry) and Ophie's mom drove me out to the prison that my horse was being kept in. O's mom was trying to explain to me what the place was REALLY like. She didn't own Ophie at that point, and wanted to leave, but couldn't...not yet. Denali was the thing I dreamed about for 5 months. I fantasized about her, I couldn't WAIT to see her. I hadn't heard a lot about how she was doing due to our lack of phone. I had gotten e-mail tid-bits here and there. I was beyond BEYOND excited to see her. It had been 5 LONG months and I longed for her smell, for her little quirks, to be with her again. I ran to her stall, ignoring the fact that the barn was a piece of shit.

I opened her stall and she looked so different. Her eyes were angry, and it almost looked like no horse was behind them. She was eating and lunged at me when I went into her stall. I was stupid and jumped back out without reprimanding her. I was shocked. One of the people at the barn stood there telling me that she had lost a lot of weight due to the stress of the snow storm that Seattle had last year. I couldn't check her that night because it was really late, and I didn't know the barn well enough of where I could take her to check her out. The next day I went to get her, opened her stall and she turned and double barrel kicked me. I was still totally shocked, but hit her butt with the end of the lead rope. She turned and I got her lead rope on her. We walked out of the stall and she tried to take off running. I pulled back, and she started to rear up. I yanked her, and she came down and then started bucking around me. She was wild and unruly. I kept thinking that this wasn't what I signed up for. I started backing her down the aisle way towards the round pen. I couldn't let her walk forward, she's freak out.

I somehow got her into the round pen. I was sweaty. She was sweaty. It was 10 degrees and January. It was MAYBE 50 feet from her stall. I somehow got her blanket off of her. I don't know how I did it. One of my friends held her, but it wasn't easy. She kept moving. When I got her blanket off I was shocked. She had no muscle tone. Her neck looked horrible, she looked horrible. I started to cry. I could count all of her ribs (easily, not TB counting) and the guilt set in. I should have taken pictures, I should have done something. I didn't know what to do. I knew I needed to feed her. I assumed that she hadn't been fed, her water had been frozen over. It was a horrible, HORRIBLE three weeks. She took out the arena wall, she broke out of her fence at night, ate 8 other horses breakfast and I got into it with the owner because she wanted me to pay for it (I asked her to fix the fence at least three times) I couldn't let her run anywhere because there was no real turn out. I moved her then. We found my current barn and I'm not sure where we'd be without my trainer. I need to remember this when I get frustrated with her. She came to my barn and loaded my horse. I was crying too hard, I couldn't do it. I was terrified of her. I have referenced this experience several times in this blog, but those three weeks totally changed our relationship. She was depressed, angry, and sick. I was excited and then all that excitement was quickly deflated. She's back to normal. She's happy, she's healthy, she's normal. I want to feel the way I felt about her on the way out to that hell hole my first day back in Seattle.

Pony Pressure

I first wanted to apologize for my lack of pictures this week. I always have my camera in my bag, but I just haven't been pulling it out. Here! Just to add color to the blog on this rainy Thursday morning. Plus, I'm pretty sure this is what my biggest fear is taking Denali on trails. She'll see a branch and be convinced it's a horse eating llama, very scary.

I posted on my facebook asking for ideas for Denali's dominance in the paddocks. My old trainer suggested that I put her in with a more dominate horse. She told me all about her horse, and how he use to be so mean to everyone, but once she put him in with a more dominate one that changed forever. Great idea! I asked her who she put him in with....Denali...sigh... not the answer that I wanted.

Someone else I use to board with suggested Regumate. Don't think we're there yet.

The someone said that it had nothing to do with her being a mare and it was because she was a race horse. I don't usually publicly tell people that they are !@#$ idiots, but I couldn't help myself. Her behavior has everything to do with the fact that she's a mare. Seriously?

The fugly blog yesterday posted about using a shock collar. I had to laugh when I read her post because I was just suggested by someone to use one of these on Denali. This won't be happening unless I have exhausted every possible alternative (including regumate and moving barns) and she could possibly hurt herself bad (aka: .1% chance.) My biggest fear is the fact that she'll take off like a bat out of hell and hurt herself. I have no doubt that she'll know exactly why she got the shock. She's a very smart horse. Almost I wouldn't doubt that she'll be able to figure out a way to get it off.

My trainer moved some horses around yesterday and Denali was behaved. I hope this is a fix. I love my barn and don't want to leave, but I also want everyone safe.

The "other" trainer came out yesterday to ride some horses. I had her put another ride on Denali. She mentioned to my trainer that she needs more hot wire out there, and that will fix it. My trainer was trying to use the argument that she could get tangled in it, but the "other" trainer said that she's not using the right hotwire then. It should break. I walked away at that point.

Denali was in a great mood yesterday! I went to get her from her paddock and she stood perfectly still while I took her blanket off. I love that you can tell from her facial expression what kind of day she's having. I guess yesterday she was a bit of a pill for her lessee. I said it was probably because she had a bad day on the "playground."

She did a great job for the "other" trainer. I asked my trainer again about having her (the "other" trainer) put a few more rides on her. She's been feeling bummed lately. Between the bit controversy of 2010 and my crabbiness over my demolition horse I haven't been the nicest person (and usually I'm always super nice.) My trainer said with a very sad look on her face that a few rides were fine, but that she's be back to riding soon. I am afraid she's going to push herself before she's ready. If I broke my femur I'm pretty sure I'd still be in bed refusing to move. She's a tough woman.

But, like most people, I have to do what is best for my horse. Ugh. Having two trainers in the same arena kind of reminds me of putting Betta's bowls next to each other. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Off to spend more money on the stupid horse. I'm looking at boots. Frizzle, I have seen in cataloges some of the boots you were talking about. I want ones that will keep the heat off her leg. That is all she needs. I might just get ankle boots and see how much protection those provide. She's also out of Vit. E, and I'm back on my quest for a different joint supplement. She's on Trifecta, but I always wonder if there is something else I should have her on. I talked to Smartpak, not the biggest help. :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I need to buy some new hind boots for the beast...she's destroying her neoprene splint boots. Suggestions? I want them to be flexible, but hold up. This last pair has lasted a whole 3 months. Most of it is where she hits is not on the reinforced part. If that makes sense. Ugh Denali! You stress me out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I just got a call from my barn. Apparently Denali has gotten back into her habit of attacking horses (kicking/biting) over the fence. My trainer is afraid she's going to hurt herself or another horse. I told her that when D gets bored she gets naughty. I suggested moving her to a different barn with bigger pastures (more $ and totally a bluff.) What you think!! Ugh. I don't want to move her, and she does seem happy, but seriously Denali!

Pony Powers Engaged!

Demo Pony

With the hubby out of town, I don't feel so compeled to go home and hang out by myself. I went to the barn yesterday with Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. The arena was harrowed Sunday night and looks a million times better. I can't wait for the new footing next month.

I was standing talking with the barn owner and the trainer (two different people) when we heard a loud "snap" I assumed it was Denail, because she did see me when we pulled in and usually if I don't go get her right away she starts kicking things. I went over to her paddock and found her chewing away on the board. She had snapped it in two. Naughty Pony. She knows too. As soon as she saw me she ran away with that look of "busted" on her face. I don't know what to do about that. That Quit stuff you paint on doesn't deter her. She'll eat anything.

Took the demolition horse to the barn owner and told him a new board would be coming out of her treat budget. She seemed surprised. He laughed at me and said not to worry. That's good. I don't want thrown out. He's a great guy, and really likes the way his property looks. I'm glad that didn't bother him.

Took her to the round pen, and let her graze around the edges while I ran and got some stuff from the barn. Her hair is SO SMOOTH. Everyone touches it now and is always commenting on her bunny rabbit fur. Thanks Cocosoya Oil! One thing I did find out is that someone is possibly stealing my oil. There is a woman who takes care of the barn owners horses and when my trainer went over to their barn (which is on the opposite side of the arena from our barn) she noticed a container with the feed. Guess what it was? She has no way to prove that she took it, but again the only way you can get it is from ordering it. SO she (my trainer) set up a "trap" with my oil. She hid the bottle she's using to give to Denali and left out the other one with a line on the back. We'll see. I'll be pissed. Not cheap at all. Well, it would be cheaper if I didn't need to pay for shipping.

On other pony related news, I got a new bridle. I won it on e-bay and it's the same people who made my pretty brow band. I sent in my measurments yesterday so it will be getting made soon and shipped my way. So much cheaper than other bridles I looked at. It's not a "fancy" name, but it's really nice craftmanship. I hope that the bridle holds up to the standard that I have set in my head for it!

What my new bridle will look like! Mine is going to be black, this picture looks like it's brown.

The bridle that I have now, my Kiefer Natasha also has a crank, but I never used the bridle. It was just too big for Denali's head. It's for a warmblood, so it's for sale. Once I sell it (asking $100.00 if anyone is interested) I will have broken even on the bridle department. I hope D doesn't mind the crank on her face (I won't be using the flash any time soon.)

Other random question. Does anyone know where I would look up online what a horse should be recieving in their diet? I stole (borrowed?) the feed tag from the grain my trainer uses. Now, Denali doesn't get a ton of grain (about a pound and a half) most of her diet is hay (orchard/timothy.) I'm still curious. We're going to start to give her Rice Bran on days she gets worked so hopefully those extra calories will be turned into muscle. (Her lessee is buying it, have I mentioned that I love her?)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Calm

I'm calmer today that I was yesterday. I woke up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was still pitch black out) to drive my hubby to the airport. We left at 4:30. By 5:30 I was back in bed and slept in. It was wonderful!

I got a lot done today, even though it didn't feel like it. I always feel lost when the hubby is gone. I guess I need to prepare myself for the summer. I went to Home Depot in the truck and bought some lumber. I built some shelves for my classroom. I was really proud of myself. I'm usually not that handy, but it worked out.

I kept putting off going to the barn. I didn't want to face my trainer because I didn't want to be a total dick. I went to work and put my shelves in place, and then just sat in the middle of my room. It's all clean and organized. I love it. I'm hoping when I get my student teacher that he is able to find what he needs easily.

Early afternoon I sent a text to Ophie's mom about her trail ride (they were suppose to go) but she called to tell me they didn't make it out. It was raining when she got to the barn, boo. I know she's really looking forward to going out with her boyfriend on the trails. Plus, her horse freaking loves it! Ophie is quite the little trail wizz. I hope Denali loves it as much.

She told me that my trainer mentioned to her that I seemed to be in a bad mood yesterday. Ophie's mom told her that what she said (and don't quote me, but you'll get the point) was totally un-cool. It made me feel good to have someone stand up for me. My trainer told her that she didn't feel like she was able to finish what she was saying, and that's not the point she was trying to make. I got to the barn about an hour later and we had a discussion. I told her I found that totally unfair, and not professional at all. That I respected her more than that. She appologized again. I let it go. She has taught Denali a lot, and helped me a lot. I'm just glad I stood up for us!

Denali's lessee came out shortly after. She is so cool, I love her (so does D.) They did a nice ride in the arena, even though Denali was doing her camel impersination for everyone. After the arena they went on a ride down the road, which impressed me. Denali was so, so good. She even saw chickens and didn't freak out. I was so proud of them! They make a good team.

Here's my Cocosoya question of the day. Denali's coat is amazing. Seriously, the softest coat I've ever touched. This is new, it's never been this soft before. Is that from the oil?

Thanks for everyone's comments. I'm over it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trainer Showdown

My trainer suggested a few weeks ago that I have another trainer ride Denali. She has been this trainer to break her young horse since she can't right now. I thought it would be a good idea, she's been going really well for her lessee but I always like the opportunity to have someone different ride my horse.

My husband decided that he'd want to come watch her be ridden so we headed out and got there right before this other trainer. I went and got Denali who nickered at me, made me feel good. Got her cleaned up just as the trainer showed up. She was all business and did no small talk. It took me a second to get her attention to introduce myself.

I went to get her bridle, and wasn't sure if she'd want the running martingale so I grabbed that too. When I got back over to her, my trainer, and Denali I asked her if she wanted the martingale and she said no, but then questioned me why I was using a running martingale and a French Link boucher bit. She said they contradicted each other and that I shouldn't be using both (which I didn't know, and that's fine for her to tell me.) THEN....THEN my trainer said, "That's what I've been telling her?" WHAT THE FUCK! Seriously? When did you ever, EVER say anything about my bit/martingale combo? Ugh. I just met this woman and already I look like an idiot. Not only do I not ride my horse, I use the wrong bit/martingale on her. I was PISSED to say the least. I informed her that she had NEVER, EVER told me to not use those in conjunction with one another (also, side note: I never ever have cranked Denali's face using the running martingale, it usually just hangs there unless she takes off.) She said, "Oh, I have." Really? I respected you. I obviously would NEVER do anything wrong for my horse, especially if it could confuse her.

It gets better. I was pissed and stood on the side of the arena refusing to talk to my trainer, she was trying to make small talk while we watched the ride and I gave low grunts as responses. We watched the ride, and Denali looked beautiful. She doesn't open her stride up as much as she could, and at one point the other trainer said, "You can tell that she hasn't had much formal training, she doesn't loosen her back up." My trainer said, "yeah, I only put 2 months on her." Yep. March, April, May, June, July. That's definitely 2 months.

I don't understand trainers? I really like mine, aside the whole throwing me under the bus thing. My husband said on our way home that he's been to lots of conferences and he hasn't seen as much posturing there as he did at our barn today. Yes hunny, sometimes horse people are crazy.

She was asking me about what I feed Denali, and she told me that she doesn't know much about Cocosoya oil, but she wondered it's fat content and if she was getting enough to be the 20% of fat that she needs. I don't know. Frizzle, do you know how much is in it? She (trainer 2) thinks she needs more fat to build muscles. I'm going to e-mail her and discuss her thoughts. I also and going to remind her that I was told it was fine (actually a good idea) to ride her in both the martingale and the boucher.

Denali will be getting a loose ring french link snaffle soon. We'll see how she goes in it. I talked to Denali's lessee tonight and vented to her about my experience. She made me feel better, she said, "Funny, because she (our trainer) specifically said to ride her in the martingale." Thanks!

My hubby leaves tomorrow for a week for work. I have when he leave. The bed is cold, and empty and I have no one to talk to. Hopefully I get to the barn more this week.

There is so much to learn about with horses, and I'm pretty sure I know 1% about it. Ugh!

Also, LBR posted links to everyone's horses in the post from Friday. Thanks LBR! I was only able to find Laz on It's fun to see how much everyone's horses won. Denali, squat!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Post 250 - Some Denali History

I have access to which is awesome if you own an OTTB and want to see them race. I would love to be smart enough to figure out how to get the video from the website to my blog without video taping it. Ghetto: Yes. Illegal: probably. I know there's a way to do it...I can't figure it out

A video of her only race. If you notice (and are able to watch the tiny little thing) she's in the back of the pack. She tries hard to begin with then gives up and gets pissed. Its funny now that I own her I know her personality well enough that I can almost guess what she's thinking. Not only is the video super tiny, I'm watching the Office in the background, so turn the sound off! :)

See...not good! At least she didn't get last place right? It makes me wonder what happened to the horses that finished after her. I hope they have a good life. Do you own an OTTB? If so what's their reg. name. If you want to know their race record and don't leave their name in the comments and I'll look their info up and put it in one of the next posts!

250 posts and 75 followers! Thanks everyone!! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st step, Admit you have a problem

I think that's easily said that I've done it. They said it's either PTSD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'll bet it's more of a generalized Anxiety Disorder than the PTSD or maybe a mixture of both. Regardless, very interesting videos!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For future reference

I often post things on here that I want to be able to reference later. That way I don't need to go trudging around the internet. I went over to From Racehorse to Showhorse today and watched this video. Thank you Wendy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking a bite out of crime...

...and by crime I mean Denali.

Ran out to the barn to see Ms. D. I've felt really guilty not getting out there very often. I know that doesn't help me either. I've ridden 7 or 8 times in the past 6 months. That's sad. Really sad. I don't have any really good excuses. Here are some of my favorite:

It's too cold
It's too hot
She seems cranky
I'm cranky
It's raining (and during Seattle's winters that's every other day)
It's windy
I'm too sore
I'm afraid that she's still sick (EPM)
She's lame (which feels like every other day)
I'm lame
The arena's too full
The arena's too empty
The horse next to the arena is making her nervous
She's too hyper
She's too much horse...
and I have about a million more...

I could go on and on. Seriously. Maybe I should add that to my list of excuses. Between her being sick with EPM, me hurting my knee (which STILL isn't fixed, but is livable), my foot (toe healed up sans one toe nail) and now my hip (fall from her last weekend) I am a walking disaster. It's hard to get back into riding when I'm totally out of shape. It's hard to get back into shape when my knee kills me and my hip burns. Sigh. More excuses. I know this.

Anyway, back to the barn. I've been really nervous about her in the cross ties ever since witnessing Ms. Ophelia freak out twice. Doesn't make a lot of sense since it wasn't even Denali. I still don't like putting her in the cross times with her rope halter. I ordered a replacement piece for her break away, but it's not in yet.

I'm ridiculous. I know that.

I've been doing work with her in the round pen for a week or so. Nothing ground breaking. Working on transitions, getting her to listen to me, and most importantly getting me to work with her.

I love her. I really feel like before I went to Denmark we had a really good relationship. A mutual respect. Now, some days I do and some days I don't. Ugh. I'm sure if I rode daily, I'd feel better.

Sorry. I think it's pretty ridiculous that she makes me so nervous. I know this.

Back to my title. When I got Ms. D, I noticed that she has a big old bite mark on her neck. I put some medicine on it and gave her a good grooming. It's impressive. I've never seen a bite mark that big on her. She seems to be getting more and more of them. I noticed also today that her big scare from her fight with Maddie (RIP) is less than a centimeter in size. Much better than the 3 1/2 inch open gash she had. I'd bet that anyone who didn't know here wouldn't know it was ever anything big. She's healed up nicely.

She had a big knot in her neck, I tried massaging it out, but I don't think I ever relaxed it the whole way. I think the girl needs a massage sometime. She is really tight.

Enough rambling, maybe I should change my title to "A crazy girl and her crazy horse." OH! Thank you Beth for the tip, SUCH an easier option! I've also e-mailed SmartPak and hope to talk to them about what to give the girl. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Vitamin D

I love the Sun! I love walking out of work at 6pm and not having it be pitch black. Aww! Sun! This means that I can go to the barn, get my horse, and actually do something with her before the sun sets! Thankfully!

I didn't go to the barn yesterday, I had my car packed to go, but had a last minute meeting that went to 5:30. By the time I drove an hour, I would only be able to stay for 30 or so minutes. Blah! I have already called and plan on riding out tomorrow with Ophelia's mom.

Sunday when I ran out to the barn, Ms. Denali was carrying around a stick (about three feet long) in her mouth shaking at Ophelia. It looked funny (and unsafe) it looked like she was scolding Ophelia. Denali loves wood. She is always chewing on trees, stumps, etc. I think my trainer has put the quit-it chew stopper on half the barn. She KNOWS that she's not allowed to chew on the wood, and when you let her go in the arena she'll trot over to the edge, look back at you and quickly take a chunk. Again, cute, but not okay.

Bought her some more Trifecta yesterday. I'm now on my quest for different joint supplements. She gets some vitamins already in her grain, but I'm not sure what the numbers are. She gets good hay, so I don't think she needs all the vitamins (Trifecta, if you're not failure with it has vitamins, joints, and Biotin for their feet.) It's about $2.00 a day for just the Triefecta. I'm just wondering if I can do better.

I'm thinking of going to just a joint supplement, and skipping the vitamins. I still give her the Vitamin E, and will continue to do so for a least a year due to the EPM. I want to make sure that she's healthy, and that is suppose to help. The other thing that I am still giving her, and have learned to love is Ex-Stress. I call it her pony tang. It's bright orange and I this picture does it no justice.

I wish I knew an equine nutritionist. Someone who could answer all my questions. I can figure most things out, but it's still interesting to hear other people's ideas and thoughts.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Side Reins

I like learning. Correction: I like learning about horses and horse items. I was on e-bay looking at a new dressage bridle because SOMEONE'S nose band is all cracked, and I only noticed when I finally decided to clean it on Sunday. I'm surprised that it didn't fall apart. If I can just find a new caveson I'll replace just that part of the bridle. Sucks that I own a BEAUTIFUL Kieffer Natasha, but that it is just too big on Denali's head. Boo. I'm sure it would be better if I'd ever get around to oiling it up. When we were in Denmark all I wanted was that bridle, and I finally bought it! I ended up returning it in Denmark, buying a new leather halter (which I sold to support the beast when we returned.) When we got back to the states I bought the Kieffer, was super excited, put it on her and didn't like what it looked like on her head.

Back to my point. Anyone use radial side reins? I'm interested in what you think of them. The idea seems to make sense. No worries, I'm not running out trying new things, but when I see something that I've never heard of before I'd love to hear what other people think of it.

Informed Bitting

I loved this video! It didn't cover a wide variety of bits, but it did give me a really good knowledge base of the horses mouth and how it works. I think anyone who is getting into horses, or has their first horse should watch it. I learned a lot about how to make sure the bit fits the horse, and what to look at in the horses mouth to make sure that the problem the horse is displaying is indeed from the bit. I like the big point that Hilary makes, that a lot of people don't listen to... if you're not a good rider, the bit in the horses mouth will not make you a better one. (Not word for word, but you get the idea.)

My thoughts about bits are similar to my ideas at work. I want my students in the least restrictive environment, but where they are successful. Same thing goes for the bit. I want Denali in the bit that is best for her without being restrictive. My trainer thinks I should try a Kimberwick. I like mine thought, and think that I'm going to continue to use it. I need to be a better rider, it's not my horse. We currently use a French Link Boucher, and Denali seems to go well in it.

At the end of the video she mentions the second video and what it entails. Sadly, giddyupflix does not carry that one.

What kind of bit do you use? What made you pick it?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

-1 hour

I love my weekends. They are what I live for. I really enjoy my schedule. Sleep in. Eat Breakfast on the couch. Go to the barn. Come home cook/eat dinner. Hang out with my hubby.

Friday night when I picked up my hubby he said he had a "present" for me. Guess what he bought me?! Horse books! I love them and can't get enough of them! He's such a sweetie!!

My hubby asked me earlier this week if I would be interested in spending quality time with him. Sure! Great! Let's go to the barn. Not exactly what he thinks of as quality time. We woke up early and went to the UW campus to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. So pretty. My picture doesn't do it justice. Then we went for a drive in the North Cascades. It was beautiful!!
I love random road trips. We were driving on the Mountain Loop Highway when we drove past a sign for Paca Pride. My poor husband. As soon as I saw the sign he knew that I'd want to go back. We decided to use the excuse of buying their farm fresh eggs as our reason to stop, but seriously who wouldn't love this face? I loved it there. The guy who showed us around was really nice, and the place is really well run and the animals are really happy. If you need a place to stay I'd definently stay there!

We then ventured up to Mt. Pilchuck. On our way up the road we got stuck behind all the "city folk" who decided that driving their Ford Thunderbird in a foot of snow would be a good idea. We stopped and helped people put on chains...well...correction, my husband helped, I made a giant snowball. We gave it to our upstairs neighbors (who are 2) and they LOVED it!! I definently filled up the truck bed with snow. I wish I would have got more. It was fun to drive back to the city with my little snowman (that's part of it above.)

After our travels we went to the barn. Ms. Denali was in one of her hyper/ I JUST WANT TO RUN moods. I can't blame her. It's pretty muddy in her paddock. I've also conditioned her with her pink bell boots. I only put them on her now when she's turned out in the arena to run. SO pink bell boots = free running in the arena.

I groomed her quickly, cleaned her feet, and threw on her boots. We walked over to the other side of the arena to check to other gate before I let her loose. As soon as we got there she decided that she should be free, and that standing still was just SO NOT OKAY.

Ophie's mom was in the corner of the arena cleaning up her lunge line, so I couldn't let Denali run free, I didn't want her to hurt anyone on accident, herself included. Ms. Denali just didn't think that was acceptable.

She had a SHIT HOLE flash back. She started to rear and buck on the end of the lunge line. I held and gave the rope a quick yank. We went back and forth for a few seconds, and then I caught her by surprise (I don't think she thought I'd actually reprimand her) and backed her quickly. She fell on her butt, flat out on her ass laying in the arena. She got up and was a perfect little pony. I walked her around on the arena and then went to take off her halter. Half way through taking off her halter she tried to take off. I HATE WHEN HORSES DO THAT!! SO, I reminded her again who was in charge, and took her halter off again. She stood there dancing in place looking at me, but not running off. I gave her a pat on the shoulder and told her to go, and off she went. She screamed, bucked and ran around the arena for about 10 minutes. She was so happy.

Today I ran out to clean out my tack locker/tack trunk. Serioulsy? I really have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!! A lot of it I bought, and realized that it was cheap for a reason, and then upgraded. I just never got ride of the old stuff. Denali's Lessee won't know what happened! It looks nice, I'm impressed.

It's 8 pm now and just got dark. I love the extra light, but HATE losing an hours sleep. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


What happened to "My Spots Undetectable?!" It says that your blog is MIA. :(

Don't you love my public service announcement?! I guess I can do that.

THANK GOD FOR FRIDAY!! I am so excited! I also have some interesting work information. I found out today that I am going to teach Kindergarten next year. They're shifting our programs so instead of teaching EBD 1-3 I'm going to teach K-2 THIS should be really interesting!

Pony Rx

Warning: Personal Crap.

I've had a hard week. By Tuesday night I was so stressed with my own personal demons that I wasn't really sure if I could see the tunnel that is the weekend. Stupidly I cried myself to sleep. I have stupid reasons. One is work. I've been at this job since September, but the time is different (it starts two hours later than my last job, and as a result I get out two hours later.) This stresses me out. I don't feel like I accomplish anything, I don't feel like I have any time to do anything. All stupid I know, but it doesn't make me feel better. I know that it sounds just so stupid, but I get really stressed then I get anxious. I HATE anxiety. It's the devil.

Anyway, I got out of work tonight around 6:30. We had a meeting, and I left my classroom looking like a small bomb had gone off, or a war had taken place. It's bad. It's really bad. That stresses me out. I have two assistants. One helps me pick up the mess at the end of the day, the other one, I'm pretty sure, could really care less about the classroom. He doesn't help clean up anything unless I directly ask him to help me.

I ran out to the barn to see my Rx. Ms. Denali. I was stressed out about not getting out there. Stressed out that I can't ride. Stressed out about everything. Seriously, it's amazing what a horse can do. I called her name and she came galloping up to the fence. We shared an apple and I smelled her breath. It's so sweet, and I can't get enough of her smell.

I can be so stressed out, anxious, and a nervous wreck and just a few minutes the the pony makes me feel like a normal human being again. It's so nice. Now if I can get get the anxiety in check when I attempt to ride her I'm sure I'd be good.

RX: Denali, Storm City Slew
Directions: Feed two carrots every two hours or as needed. Wrap your arms around her neck, the weight of the world will soon be lifted.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tired Tuesday

I haven't even gone to work yet and I'm already tired.

I didn't go to the barn yesterday. I had a Chiro appointment. I think I'm more stiff after it than I was before it. He is still impressed with the amount of noise my body makes.

Yesterday was a hard day at work. My little guy who's mom died last week came in. I was shocked to see him but pretended like nothing was wrong and continued to go about my buisiness. His caregiver talked to me in the hall and let me know that he does know that she died. He thinks it was this past Sunday, but I don't care at this point. He wanted to come to school, so they let him.

He sat at his seat and after a few minutes he asked if he could talk to me. We went into the hallway and had the following conversation:

"Ms. B, I have some really sad news."
"Okay buddy."
"My mom died yesterday."

He then went on to tell me what they told him. It was sad and he had tears in his eyes. Towards the end he asked me the question I was afraid he'd ask me.

"Will you be my second mom."

I choked back tears and told him that I loved him, and when he was at school I would take care of him, made sure he learned, and keep him safe (his father is still on the run for a felony kidnapping charge.) Half way through my rambling he stopped me.

"Ms. B, I love you and you're really sweet, but the more that I think about it you'd probably need a lot of help to be a good mom." He laughed and I smiled. He's right!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Seeing Red

Last night Goodtimetoreview gave me a great idea to use an athletic sock as a tail bag. Great idea! I wish I didn't have a problem... I am anal. I am only anal about one thing, and that is my horse. It's sad really. Here are just a FEW examples of my issue... lets see if you can figure it out....

a few examples in this picture

Figure it out? I'm obsessed with everything she has matching, not just matching, but red... I have no idea why? Maybe it's from all those years of unfulfilled horse obsession being repressed. If I have something and it's not red, it's because I couldn't find it in red and I'm currently trying to find a reason to buy it when I DO find it in red. If it's not red, then it's black. There are a few things I own that are not black or red (hot pink bell boots anyone?) I couldn't find them in red, and when I had her wearing them out in her pasture, I didn't want to try to find a lost black boot. I'm pretty sure the the men and women in the Space Station can see those boots! :) If you see a picture with something that isn't red, then it's not mine. I borrowed it (i.e. lunge rope)

I'm trying to overcome my obsession. Yesterday I bought some tail bags, two of them are not red, but they do have red accents. I also bought a pink one. I'm trying to get over it. :) I did buy a lunge whip that is red. I'm trying, I'm trying...

I do have a story! It's a crazy, crazy one that will give you stories to tell your other horse friends at the barn tonight, "Hey, do you read that blog about that crazy girl and her horse? You should check her blog out!" WAIT! Maybe that's why I have so many followers... Hummm (I think as I steeple my fingers, I know, I know You cant' be thinking about steepling your fingers AND be typing at the same time, humor me!)

I may have mentioned early on in this blog (and if you didn't read the whole thing from the beginning, you don't know this) that I named Denali "Lillian" the day I got her. She was so sweet and so calm. I wanted her to have a name that matched her personality. Well... Obviously THAT didn't work out!

I quickly realized that Lillian was a HORRIBLE name for her. She is definitely NOT a Lillian. I told my friend (here's where the crazy comes in) that I felt that her aura was red. Something about her spoke red to me. I felt that Lillian was a purple, blue, something cool. Denali was not a cool aura horse. It was definitely red. Then I went out seeking a name that would match a red aura. Beet was one of the top running names for a day or two. I know, I know, it's horrible! I decided that I wanted to name her after a mountain. Something large, beautiful, and peaceful. I then decided that I wanted to name her after the mountain in Alaska, because then HOPEFULLY my husband wouldn't kill me. I think it fits her, and I still see red when I think about her aura.

Don't worry, I'm not totally crazy (all the time.) I don't see the aura in people only horses, and not every horse.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Update

I was trying to be creative with the title, but don't have the energy. I'm tired. Yesterday I went to the barn to hang out with Denali. This is the second time I've been out since my accident. I wish I could get back up on her, but my hip still just hurts so bad. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. It continually burns. Not that it makes much sense.

I took Ms. D to the round pen and of course she was a perfect peach. Walk, trot, cantered both directions without an issue. She was perfect. I let her come in to me, and I loved on her for a little bit. Funny thing, when I left her in the round pen to put away my stuff, I came back to her clacking and being groomed on my the mare next to the round pen. Rain is a beautiful 14 hh QH, I just thought it was really funny.

1. Because my mare is 6!!!
2. She's never been around Rain to have one of them declare dominance.
3. Ms. Denali is usually the queen bee.

Any thoughts on clacking? I thought only babies did that.

Ms. Ophie had two incidents, not something I deal with thank god, but she pulled back in the cross ties, and freaked out. Ophie's mom's boyfriend grabbed the quick release, but she still freaked out until she broke the halter. She broke free and ran out the back of the barn. Ophie's mom is a great friend, and an amazing equestrian. I dont' know if I could deal with Denali freaking out like that. It's so scary to watch. Ophie's mom got her back, calmed her down and put her back in the cross ties, this time with a lead rope. I let her borrow Denali's halter because it has the breakaway part to it, and her only other hater is a rope halter. I'm glad I did. She freaked out again, this time we think on purpose. When she broke free the halter hit Ophie's mom's boyfriend in the head, blood everywhere. Ophie ran into a stall She knew she was in trouble. She went back out in the arena and went to work. She doesn't do this all the time, Once every three months or so, it just so happens it was twice in the same day. Ophie's mom's boyfriend (maybe I'll start calling him Mule Lover since that's what he wants) is fine, lots of blood, but only a small cut.

I don't get it what causes horses do that. Denali doesn't freak out (knock on wood) in the cross ties. She has gotten spooked, but as soon as she realizes she can't go anywhere she'll stop. (continuing knocking on wood.)

Denali's lessee came out to ride yesterday, they look really good together. I'm excited for them to go to their first show together. I'm really glad we were able to find her, she's a wonderful person and Denali loves her (so do I!)

My trainer and I had a talk about riding. She seems to think I'm not going to get back on. I informed her that as soon as my leg starts working and I don't need Oxycodone to function I'll be back in the saddle. I just need to make a schedule and commit to going to ride at least three days a week. I can't do that yet. Hopefully after next week I'll have less commitments after work and I can go to work. Until then I'm going to continue to do work with Ms. D on the ground.

Sunday morning bright in early we went to my favorite event of the year. The big 4-h tack sale in Monroe, Washington. The picture above is the line we waited in to get into the tack sale. It was pure craziness.

I went with Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. I think we traumatized him for the next year at least. I didn't get anything marvelous. I did get a measuring stick to finally figure out how big my horse is, a gel pad, then some vet wrap and tail bags. That's about it. I did have a really nice halter on my arm, and I have no idea what happened to it. Boo. I was proud of myself. I didn't spend that much money.

Ophie's mom got a really nice saddle, we did a wither tracing yesterday so hopefully it fits her. She also got a nice girth, and bridle. I lived vicariously through her. I am proud of myself for not buying things I didn't REALLY need. I'm tired of spending a bazillion dollars on tail bags, especially since Ms. Denali always seems to get them off (I put them on correctly!) and I'm tired of searching for them in the mud.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Top 10 Exercises to Become A Better Equestrian

I spent the morning wishing that my hip would feel less like it was on fire and more like a normal body part again. I was playing around and found this on A Goth and Her Horses blog. Seriously, not sure the last time I laughed this hard.

Top 10 Exercises to Become A Better Equestrian

10. Drop a heavy steel object on your foot. Don't pick it up right away. Shout, "Get off, Stupid, GET OFF!"

9. Leap out of a moving vehicle and practice "relaxing into the fall." Roll lithely into a ball and spring to your feet.

8. Learn to grab your checkbook out of your purse and write out a $200 check without even looking down.

7. Jog long distances carrying a halter and a carrot. Go ahead and tell the neighbors what you are doing - they might as well know now.

6. Affix a pair of reins to a moving freight train and practice pulling to a halt. Smile as if you are having fun.

5. Hone your fibbing skills: "See hon, moving hay bales is FUN!" and "No, really, I'm glad your lucky performance and multimillion dollar horse won the blue ribbon. I am just thankful that my hard work and actual ability won me second place."

4. Practice dialing your chiropractor's number with both arms paralyzed to the shoulder and one foot anchoring the lead rope of a frisky horse.

3. Borrow the US Army's slogan: Be All That You Can Be -- bitten, thrown, kicked, bucked, slimed, trampled, frozen...

2. Lie face down in a puddle of mud in your most expensive riding clothes and repeat to yourself, "This is a learning experience, this is a learning experience, this is ..."


Funny Husband Quote

My husband was reading my blog last night and said to me, "Am I like a muggle?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know like in Harry Potter, am I like a muggle, a non-horsey person, I just don't understand?"

I had to laugh. I don't know if that makes sense, but it was hilarious. Trying to figure out what to do with my Saturday. Tomorrow is the large 4-H Sale in Monroe. Is anyone out there in the Seattle area going to the sale? I can't wait!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie Review -Gentling your Spooky Horse

When I got home from work tonight I had my first video waiting for me. That was quick! is based in Washington, so hopefully it will be a quick turn around with the videos.

The video that I watched was called Gentling your Spooky Horse. It was a good video, but I knew everything that it talked about. I'm not trying to say that I know everything, but it was a basic video, and I learned the basics of natural horsemanship a few years ago. It was interesting to watch them working with a weanling. Especially since the weanling was better behaved than a certain Thoroughbred that I know. I wonder if Denali had any sort of imprinting done when she was a baby? Or if she was like a lot of TB future racers and sent out in a field to grow up and pulled in when it was time to go into training.

There was another "feature" in the video about the Dually halter. Does anyone out there use this type of halter when training? Just curious as to what you think.

Hope everyone had a good week. I'm really glad that it's the weekend. My little guy who's mom died finds out on Sunday that she passed away. I lost it tonight while my husband and I were out shopping for groceries. I think it finally hit me. My heart just breaks for the little guy. He was so good in school today. His mom is proud of him, I know that.

First Movie on it's way

I rented Gentling Your Spooky Horse from I'm excited about the idea of what I learn from Monty Roberts. I have always enjoyed reading books by him, but again I can't sit still very long to read much more than that. The info on the movie says the following:

From weanlings to adults horses, this DVD demonstrates how to use desensitization to cause your horse to accept such potential "predators" as platic bags and balloons.

Imagine how a wary young horse perceives seemingly treacherous objects such as stable blankets and crunchy tarpaulins. Sit back, enjoy and learn how Monty gains the horse's complete acceptance.

For the first time, Monty will demonstrate how one of his students is able to work with his Join-Up concepts. Watch as he coaches his student through the gentling of a spooky horse using the silent language of gestures he calls Equus.

Observe the use of safe and easily obtainable aids that help raw horses accept grooming and handling, prepare for vaccination and working, and create a horse that is a pleasure for the farrier to trim and shoe. Learn about the methods Monty uses to accomplish all these goals in an environment of acceptance and trust without the use of force or pain.

Have more fund with your horse by enjoying routines that take a horse from wild and spooky to relaxed and happy. A happy horse means happy owner!

I think I'll post the movie's I'm watching as they come in along with what I think of them. This one should be here this weekend. I'll let you know what I got from it after I watch it. I did a lot of Natural Horsemanship with Denali when I got her, and that helped me to feel very connected to her. I'm hoping to be able to do that again. My first trainer did lots of Natural Horsemanship, and I learned a lot from her, but it's been a while. It is so much fun to read through all the movies. Again, if anyone has any suggestions for me let me know! :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caption Crunch

Give me a caption for this!? Someone must have something funny to say about this! I actually think this would be really cool. I'd love to be able to ride something like this and have a computer tell me if I'm doing it right or not.

Sweet Hubby

So I have mentioned before that my hubby is non-horsey. He doesn't care one way or another what I do with Denali. He does care about the money that goes into the things we do, but that's about it. We currently live in the city. I need to drive 40 minutes (20 miles) to the barn to see the girl.

The other day (pre me eating dirt) he called me asking when I'd be home. I told him, and he mentioned that he had a surprise for me, but to not get too excited. When I got home he was looking on the computer, he found a barn. (it's the first one in the slide show) :) I must say he has really good taste! He's had the link open on his computer now for almost a week and I keep catching him looking at it. I must say that although he's not "in" to horses. I love that he's into keeping horses on our someday property.

I can NOT WAIT to move out of the city and somewhere that we can put up our barn and let the beast run free. We're both from Pennsylvania and all of our family is back there. I'd like go to back someday. I think Denali would like it, but then again she hates snow.

Speaking of the devil, I went out to see her last night. The farrier is coming out today so I needed to run out a check. She was super sweet and lovey. Her lessor was there to ride, so I only stayed for a short period of time. I went out, that's a step right? Also, apparently the arena footing is getting re-done next month. I guess someone bit the dust on Sunday, so the owners are going to add some nice footing to make it a softer land. :) Gee...I wonder who that was (insert sly grin here.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There are a few new followers. I just wanted to publicly say thanks for coming along for our ride! I hope you don't get thrown off. Ha ha ha....sorry, that was a bad joke.

But, if you DO follow me and I'm a horrible blogger and didn't already add your blog to my links please put it in the comments!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tired Tuesday

Today was hard. This has been a very hard week on me emotionally, I'll save the sad stuff for last. I've been at work the past two days. I didn't take off. The black n' blue marks are slowly showing up. My whole lower back, and up my right side. Beautiful. I use to be proud of my marks when I played Rugby, because I earned them by being tough. I did not earn these ones by being tough. I earned them by not being a good rider. Not real proud of myself. Maybe I should change my blog title to "Amazing super rider" and then that would come true.

My kiddos have been totally off. It's a full moon and every single time there has been a full moon the kiddo are always off. I want to do a scientific study on it someday. They wore me out. They understood the concept that I didn't feel well. They did not understand the concept of don't grab me. They're still cute.

One thing I did do today was join It's kind of like Netflix, but for horse films. I'm not a very good reader, I can't focus for more than 2 seconds on an article, but I think I can learn a lot from watching some films. Obviously I won't be able to learn everything I need to learn from the TV, but it's a start. I put a few in my Que about building relationships with your horse. I know that I need to do more of that. I thought we had a good relationship on the ground, but I think I'm wrong. Anyone have some trainers that they particularly like? If you know the site do you have any suggestions that I should add?

I haven't been back to the barn. I got back on Denali right after it happened but I've been too tired to make it back out there since Sunday. Maybe tomorrow night. We'll see. I feel stupid, I feel defeated, and I hurt. I even discussed the "S" word with my husband, he told me to wait, he knows that I love her and I think she likes me. If I sell her I'd regret it. We'll see. Rome wasn't built in a day right? I'm going to try to do more with her before I make a decision like that. I wish I would have bought a totally finished horse to teach me everything, before I bought an OTTB with no training. I'm sure I'll learn something sometime, but right now it's not feeling like that.

Now for the sad news. I've mentioned before that I teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities. This morning I found out that one of my little guy's mom's passed away on Monday night. She was sick in the hospital, but I didn't think this would happen. To add to this, he doesn't know yet. They aren't telling him until some family can come to town. He'll be in school until he knows. It was hard to watch him today, knowing that his life will never be the same. He only has mom. No one else. His dad is out on a felony warrant for kidnapping him. So in addition to that sorrow, we are on high alert for his dad. Apparently he knows what's going on and the family is afraid he'll come grab the kid again.

It's a Major Award!

I love a Christmas Story. This most likely the only award that I ever get with Denali. Thank you to Kristen at Sweet Horses Breath, Frizzle at From Wingman to Witching Hour and Rachel at Dapple of My Eye for the honor! It made me smile. If I'm missing someone, sorry!

So I guess how this award works is I tell you 7 things about me and then nominate 15 other blogs. That part will be hard since I love them all! I'll try my best.

Telling you things about me that I haven't already babbled will be hard, but I'll try. Maybe if I keep it to non-horsey things it will be easier.

1. I met my husband at a bar. I was drunk and he drove me home. When we have children I'll change that story to not involve the bar part of the drunk part. On our first date my mother informed him that I'd dump him in two weeks so don't get too attached. Thanks mom.

2. While living in Denmark I worked for a bicycle shop. I did their translations and made their website. Funny thing is that I knew nothing about websites at the time, and didn't speak Danish. I somehow figured it all out. (They knew that I knew nothing when they hired me.)

3. I once buried a snowmobile in 7 feet of snow. My husband (boyfriend at the time) was working in Wyoming at a lodge and I went out to visit him. We went out into the wilderness on some sleds and the snow got really, really deep. I was on a trail sled, even though we were off groomed trails. I sank it twice (I took my finger off the throttle and it sank.) The owner of the lodge told me to floor it and keep my finger on the gas no mater what. It worked for a little bit, but when I sunk it again the owner gave me his sled. Difference? His was a 800 cc Skidoo Rev. I followed his directions and "floored it" and I came flying off the back and the sled went flying forward. Opps.

4. I've been in prison. Well, technically I worked there tutoring inmates to get their GEDs. I loved doing it even though they'd offer to "take care of"my slimy boyfriend at the time.

5. I consider myself to be fairly artistic. I like painting and making things with my hands. I owned a business called "Animal MAGNETism" I'd make magnets and sell them at local fairs. I had a lot of fun making them (and making money) but I just don't have the energy to drag everything out of my closet to do it now.

6. I played Rugby in college. I joined because my boyfriend at the time cheated on my with a girl who was trying out for the team. I knew that I couldn't actually hurt her without getting into trouble (she knew.) SO I asked to join try outs, made the team and ended up playing all four years. I was the 8 man/second row and the jumper/lifter if you're familiar with the sport.

7. I swear like a sailor. I try to NOT, but it's hard. I have a horrible potty mouth.

Now for the blogs. This will be very, very hard since I love them all! I'd like to re-nominate Rachel, Frizzle, and Kristen. I love yours!

1. Little Big Red - This is a great blog about an OTTB and his mom and dad. He and Denali share some of the same bloodlines and they are very close in age. I always read theirs and think to myself "Damn it Denali!"

2. Sprinkler Bandit A great, great blog with a lot of insightful thoughts. I love her mare, she's beautiful!

3. From Racehorse to Showhorse A great blog that give me a lot of "I hope to do this someday"

4. Memoirs of a White Trash Mom- I went to high school with her. Seriously, I laugh my butt of every time I read it!

5. Discovering Epona - Fun read!

6. Bailey Slew Bambi Crash- Another person that I know from "the real world" and the winner of "the only person from the first barn that I'll still talk to" award I offered her. :)

7. Santana's Diary - I love reading about her beautiful boy

8. NorCal Equine Rescue - I really admire their rescue, and love reading about all of their adventures.

9. Life and Horses - I enjoy her stories! Great blog!

10. Grey Brook Eventing - Great writing and BEAUTIFUL GREY HORSE!! I want him! Plus my name is part of the title :)

11. My Spots Undetectable- I love this little guy. He's super cute and I think he's going to be a real beauty!

12. Hunt Seat Cruizer - Is it okay that I am jealous that she gets to ride through the years that I couldn't?

13. AML Appaloosas - Enjoyable reads!

14. Oh Horse Feathers - Another enjoyable read!

15. You!! Consider yourself tagged! I want to hear all about you! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm alive (somewhat)

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm just so glad I didn't break anything. I'm going to try to explain this, but I'm still on the good stuff, so the key word is "TRY."

Sunday was a weird day.

I woke up because my right eye was killing me. It felt like it was cut, but I didn't see anything, and couldn't see anything stuck in it. I called the consulting nurse and she said I should go to Urgent Care to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my eye. I said, "Sure" and figured I'd stop by after my lessons. HA.

I went to my lesson. The horse that I rode is a beautiful paint. I saw him being ridden during my first lesson and he looked like such a sweet guy and he is...on the ground. He wasn't bad, I think that I was just spoiled during my lesson last week. There was a horse show there on Saturday and so the jumps were all still set up. He was fine going to the left, but going to the right he was a pain in my ass. It took everything in my power to keep him on the rail. Not fun. not fun at all.

Then we went over some trotting poles. Seriously, elementary things... the stupid horse ducked his head and stopped dead. I ALMOST went over top of him, thankfully I was back in the seat and able to pull his head up. It made me less afraid of Denali because she's not that naughty. I had lots of confidence going to the barn to ride her.

When I got to the barn, her lessor was there waiting for their lesson. I love my lessor (well Denali's lessor actually.) My trainer's lesson before came late so they were running late on Denali/Lessor's lesson. They went out the round pen and lunged there.

(It's not quite a Gogo tail, but I'm working on it)

After that they went into the arena and had a very beautiful lesson. They look really good together (insert jealousy here.) When they were done I decided to hop on the D-mister. As we were mounting she kept moving away from the mounting block (new behavior) and my trainer kept telling me to move it with her. I disagree. I need to find the "how to" that I was taught at my first barn. She (trainer) said that eventually she'd get tired of moving and stand still. I THINK while I'm on the ground moving around with her that means that Denali is winning. ALSO! If I ever need to get on her somewhere with an unmovable mounting block I'm screwed. Right? Ideas anyone? My first barn taught me a lot of natural horsemen ship I wish I could remember what she taught me.

(She's not built downhill. Our arena is very un-even right now)

Back the the disaster waiting to happen. This part I don't remember much of...I don't remember how long we walked around, I don't remember if we did one loop, two, no idea. I don't remember. I didn't hit my head, but I still can't remember. I do remember feeling her come out from under me. We were going up the long side of the arena at the sitting trot (if I remember correctly) and the barn owner was moving on the other side of the arena. Denali spooked. I don't remember what happened, but I do remember feeling like she tucked her head as she ran I remember feeling like I had no control of her head, and feeling nothing on the other side of the rein. I went up, and of and hit the dirt.

Our arena is really, really hard. It needs tilled bad, and although my trainer said I bounced, I'm pretty sure that I went splat.

I remember the barn owner asking if he needed to call 911, and I remember begging them to NOT CALL. I'd be mortified. After the inital shock (and lots and lots of swear words) I realized that I was okay. My lower back was aleady swollen when I stood up, grabbed Denali and climbed back on. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying, but my mother from 18 years ago always pops into my head when I come off a horse, "GET BACK ON."

We walked and trotted a little the lunge line (see terrified) and the trotting hurt like hell so I got off and put the girl away. I walked her to the field and bawled, and bawled, and bawled. It's amazing the emotions that flow through your body. I don't know how people are so brave. I wish I was.

I crawled in my car and drove home. I called my hubby on the way and told him what happened. When I got home I couldn't get out of my car. I tried, it took me about 10 minutes to just get out of the car and into the house. I couldn't stand straight. Longer story short, I have an old injury from playing Rugby and my husband thought it would be a good idea to go get it checked out, I thought he should just shoot me.

When we got to the hospital we went to Triage, and told her what happened. I also mentioned my eye and we went back out to our seats. She said I'd be in shortly and 4 people were in front of me. I sat in the chair trying to not cry (seriously, hurt so !@#$ing bad) My ibuprofen that I took when it happened wore off and I sat in agony. I watched 6 or 7 people go in. Some who came in after me and were only coughing. I was pissed.

I seriously laughed so hard at this. The only thing that amused me about Sunday.

When we finally got into the ER the doctor asked me what I did to my eye. I started crying. I didn't care about my eye. I just wanted my freaking back to not be killing me. They gave me some good pain killers and I had an ex-ray and nothing is broken. He said I probably pulled the muscles around my pelvis when I hit the ground, and if it doesn't start to feel better then go back to the doctors office. I'm starting to feel like I should be a club member at this point.

My pretty pelvis. See that thing in the middle? Know what that is? Let's just say EWWW!!

After we finished at the hospital (5 hours) we went to Dick's to get some burgers. We were sitting in the car when a man wearing a foil hat walked in front of us. We didn't think much about it. A minute later he was behind our truck being taken down by a cop. Next thing I know we had 7 cop cars and 12 cops surrounding our truck. It was an interesting end to a very interesting day...

(My husband said, "Don't you dare" I giggled, but didn't take any pictures of the cops. I was at least that much with it!)

I decided to go to work today and it was interesting. My back hurt so, so bad and my kids were so, so bad. Sigh. I called up the Chiropractor and made my first appointment in 9 years. My back was all kinds of wrong. I got a nice massage on this weird table, and then he snapped me back into place. My right leg is no longer shorter and I fell 90% better. It was amazing. I go back there in a week.

Still trying to figure out some stuff with the whole horse thing. Sorry if this didn't make any sense. Thanks everyone!!