Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogger Weekend

I blocked this last weekend off on my calendar WEEKS ago!! SprinklerBandits' was coming into town with a friend to horse shop, and I missed her the last time. We met up at Pia and Prairie's Mom's house for a delicious dinner and catching up. I think it's sort of funny when you think about it. If it wasn't for blogs, I would have never met these two (now three) awesome ladies!

Pia's Dad got the husband of the year award for listening to us chatter on into the night (and making us dinner.) I really feel strongly that he needs to start a summer camp for husbands. Pia's Mom is pretty lucky! Sunday we went to the local equestrian park to watch Prairie in the H/J show. Prairie is pretty much amazing an no photos do her justice. She is also MASSIVE. At one point I came out of the restroom and thought I heard thunder. Nope, Prairie going through the course. Prairie also was very good at counting. She got two blue ribbons while I was there, and she KNEW that meant two carrots. Smart girl. :0) You can read about the rest of the adventures at the other two blogs.

Tomorrow is Vera's vet check. While I'm sad, some things have come up in the past week that made me feel better about not buying her. She will go to a great home, and I will hopefully get to go visit her. If no, there are still multiple ponies for me to ride at the barn in the meantime.

I have also solved my no saddle to fit my fat ass issue. My "new" saddle arrives on Wednesday, and I sort of feel like it's Christmas coming. I hope it will work, but I got it for a steal, so as long as my fat ass goes in the seat, I will make it work for now and sell it if I can't. I've been looking forever, and it's hard to find a saddle that fits my legs, my budget, and multiple horses (adjustable.)

Meet my new saddle. It is a M. Toulouse Marianne. It is an 18 inch seat, one year old, with the Genesis Tree. The warranty for the tree transfers to me and I have 9 more years "in case" something goes wrong. We'll see how it works when it shows up. I may hate it and just re-sell it. I couldn't pass it up.

Hope all is well in your worlds. I hope to be able to go see Denali in three weeks (fingers crossed.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah

Vera is getting vetted by the woman who rode her yesterday. Boo. I'm super sad about it, and wish I could own another horse. I know there are more Vera's in the world, and I guess I will just have to track him/her down when it's my time. I just want it to be my time now.

My trainer was running late so the woman and her trainer started asking me questions. I could have been my snarky/bitter self, or my happy/good for you self. I chose the second. She's an older woman, and was just so excited to meet her. She's new to riding, and just lost her rescued gelding. I couldn't hold it against her that she wants to by my love. She actually boards closer to my house than the barn that Vera lives at now. At one point I asked her if I could lease Vera, and she seemed excited about that. We'll see. I wouldn't start that (even if all the stars aligned) for a while. They would need time to bond.

I think my trainer feels just as bad for me as I feel for myself. She sent me a really nice e-mail last night. We'll see what happens with the vet check, but other than arthritis, I don't think much.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


God, I love this horse!! We've had great lessons, and I've just had so much fun with her. Sadly, someone is going to come look at her on Tuesday. My poor trainer, I keep telling her all the things I want to do or say when the woman shows up.

1. Oh, these crutches? Not a big deal, she just bucks a little going into the canter. You'll learn to stay on.
2. Oh! Don't worry her nose only bleeds when she is standing up.
3. That stud chain is probably necessary if you don't want to get trampled.
4. How good is your seat?
5. You have a good vet right?

Okay, okay....I'm not really going to say that stuff, but I really think it. I "could" buy her. I've thought about it back and forth, but I would outgrow her (or so everyone keeps telling me) within the year and need to move on. Honestly, I'd be content just having her to ride. We'll see. I'm not ready for her to move on yet. I love riding her, and just spending time with her. If I did buy her I have a pretty sweet deal on board, so that's not of a concern. I'm still worried about Vet bills. You never know what will happen with a horse.

Best - Horse- Ever

Worst Photo Ever, but isn't she cute!!
It's so nice to ride a horse and not be worried about dying. It's been a long time that I haven't been terrified that something was going to happen. Today a huge truck came for a horse who was going home, and we both didn't bat an eye.  L-O-V-E her. I did loose inside rein privileges for half the lesson. That was an eye opening experience for me, but helped a lot of light bulbs go off in my head.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time Flies

I find it hard to believe that it's been a month since I logged into this blog and posted anything. I also find it hard to believe that Denali has been gone for two month, too.

Things have been going well in the PNW. While attempting to fill my Denali void, I did the next reasonable thing and adopted a kitten.

Meet Boone:

My husband and I foster for a local animal shelter, and we had Boone along with three of his siblings. Our cat Nittany doesn't like anyone/thing/etc. However, she loved him. So, I guess you could say that we got our cat a cat. Boone is currently 13 weeks old (we've had him since he was 7 weeks old.) He is almost to 5 pounds and is going to be H-U-G-E. His paws and legs are so big/long. He's pretty stinking cute, and pretty stinking naughty.

In other news Vera is still for sale. I absolutely love this mare. She is steady, but does enough shit to make you work and think. Every time I ride her I spend the next three hours going through my head ways to purchase her. Eventually rational me wins out, and I realize that is probably not the best financial decision right now. It's odd riding a horse that you love so much, that you know is for sale, and worrying that one day you'll show up and she'll be gone. I hope they will give me some warning before she goes. Ugh. I almost feel like we know what we're doing. I still struggle to believe that when I get on her back that she isn't thinking of ways to get me off of her back, or that she won't spook out from under me, or do a whole sort of things that could hurt me. I am nervous as hell until I hop up on her, and then everything feels better.

I would still like to pull up to the barn to her with a giant ribbon around her neck, finances be damned.

Finally, Denali. Ever since I sent Denali to Montana I've had my days. It feels like a balloon in my chest, and it slowly fills up. Eventually the pressure gets to me, and I can't take it so...I call. I've only called twice since she left. I think that's pretty good for me. Same thing each time, she's fine, she's happy, and she loves to run. While there are times I don't think the decision was the easiest, when I call it reminds me that it was the best. I hope to get over there this summer to visit her.