Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miss Me?

I apologize for lack of posts, but my main subject now lives 2 hours away from me....

Live always seems to speed up in January, and there is no slowing down until April. I don't remember March at all last year, and before you know it summer is here. Let me sum up the month.

I think I mentioned before that I tried to talk my doctor into giving me Xanax due to fear issues. She wouldn't give it to me (Boo) but told me I "needed to go talk to someone." So, I've gone to go talk to someone. While I have my own thoughts, I have to say I actually feel somewhat better. You don't need to listen to all my rambling on the subject, but she helped me realize how much Denali and her subsequent illnesses/injuries have done to me. Great, I get that I have extreme guilt for everything she went though, but moving on...not so easy.

After 6 years of steadily gaining weight I decided to join a gym....I have a LOT of weight to lose... When I joined the gym I decided to join their "Transformation Challenge." It's 90 days and the winner gets XYZ. I've been busting my ass and lost 7ish pounds. I also got a personal trainer. It has made me really sad, but I used my "saddle fund" money to do so. I realized that I'm not going to need that anytime soon. I don't have a horse, and riding horses (while fun) just makes me feel so sad about Denali. Riding her still feels the best of any horse I've ever ridden, even fancy warmbloods. I know I should take every opportunity to ride as many horses as possible (and I am) but I think that Ophie's Mom's Boyfriend put it best, "She's just so much a part of my day to day life that I am lost without her." (That is in reference to the next topic.) Denali was my world with so many happy memories or riding/training and enjoying her. The past two years I spent on baited breath hoping that she would make it to the next day, that she was feeling okay, hand walking, wrapping, icing, drugging, etc. I enjoyed my time with her, but not the constant wondering if she was going to live.I started to see things differently. I miss that feeling. I don't know if that made sense at all. I'm just STILL so grateful that she's alive, she's happy, and she's healthy (FINALLY.) What a hell of a battle! I'm slowly going through Denali's stuff, selling what I know we won't need. Lots of tears, but I know that WHEN I get another horse, I'm going to want to buy him/her their own stuff. Denali is the queen, and if someone is going to use it, I don't want to know about it.

Ophie's mom moved. She left today to move to San Diego. I'm so, so sad. Not as sad as her boyfriend, but maybe a close second? Ophelia was retired, and moved in today with Denali! The caretaker (aka: wonder woman) reports there were lots of pricked ears and sniffing, but not a single squeal. I bet it was adorable. Wish I could see it. I am planning on going down next weekend to see the girls.

Lastly, my husband and I foster cats for a local rescue. We've fostered 6 or 7 but this one had my husband wrapped around her paw in no time. She is around 6 months old and was feral up to October 4th when her momma was caught. She has some interesting colors and has her moments. Why can't I just have normal animals!?! Welcome Nittany

Monday, January 23, 2012

Downfalls of Snowpocalypse....

Let me tell you a story....

A friend of mine owns a beautiful Thoroughbred. Last week during Snowpocalypse, I was sitting at home doing nada, and saw that someone posted one her Facebook to "Call --------- Emergency." I didn't think much about it, but then quickly found out that her worst nightmare was coming true.

Along with Snowpocalypse came ice. Lots and lots of ice. The trees were thick with ice, and one on her property finally gave way. It crashed down right onto the fence that her horses are in. Her horse took off running down the road, and ran right into a car.

Her boy went through the front window and knocked heads with the driver. The car was totalled. Believe it or not, beside some glass in his head and a few cuts and scrapes, he is "okay." He is recovering at a barn that is across the street from where he was hit, but he's doing okay.

How crazy/lucky is that horse!

Anyone else have some amazing stories of survival? Since Denali survived the impossible, and is now living the life, there is something to be said to the strength of horses and miracles. I would love to post your stories of survival. If you have one, feel free to send it to me at and I will post them here!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

For Sale

Ophelia's mom is moving, and Ms. Ophelia is retired now. She is selling her saddle and her girth.

17.5" Kincade Dressage Saddle. MW. Regular flag. Clean and cared for, but worn in places. Black.

Eric Le Tixerant ergonomic dressage girth, measures 28" buckle to buckle. Fabric discolored and stitching loose in one spot, but fully functional, and worn areas are not visible when on horse.

Additional pictures are available Here

All offers considered. If you have questions about the saddles e-mail me at (Rehab Denali....what a joke. Still shorter than

I'm trying to suck it up and sell my stuff, but it's hard.

Survived Snowpocalypse. I haven't been to work in a week. Tomorrow is going to be rough!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowpocalypse 2012

Real Photo
The city is pretty much shut down....there were hardly any cars on the road today during "rush hour." You ready? We have currently 2 inches. I LOVE this city!!!

For your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Denali Visit

Yesterday was our visit with Denali. I wish I could explain my emotions when I go to visit her. I'm always so excited, but also worried. You know those bad day at the barns? The ones where you go back the next day to fix it and feel better? I have 4-5 weeks between barn visits, and I know that I will worry about it the whole time.

Ophelia's mom, a friend of mine from the Center and I made the trip south. We got there after my friend's polo lesson. Ms. Denali must have run the Kentucky Derby before we got there. Ophie's mom took her blanket off of her, and she was just STEAMING.

We gave her a good grooming, and then OM suggested that I hand walk her. I started walking Denali down towards the other end of her pasture/paddock/run. About 2/3 of the way she decided to pull out her shit. The first thing that I thought of was, "Yes! At least now I have proof of people watching her be an idiot."

Denali tried pulling back, she reared up and "thought" about pawing out (it was her new favorite game with her friend at the rehab barn.) She ran around me. I actually don't remember everything she did. I was trying to keep my heart out of my throat. BUT. I got her listening and was proud of myself. Denali thought there were cougars in the woods, and for some reason I was leading her to our death. Eventually she calmed down and we walked around again.

Best part of the visit? No (zip, zilch) neurological signs at all. I put her back on the Nano-E and don't know if I will ever take her off of it.

This morning I was in the shower thinking of the visit. Then it dawned on me...I didn't see her "off" at all. Even with all of her running around, and her buck, rear, buck game, nothing. She looked totally sound! I left there feeling so good about everything.

AND at the end of the month Denali is getting a new roommate. Ophelia is moving in to enjoy retirement alongside Denali. Oh lord, I wish I could see their faces when the see each other again. I wonder if they will recognize each other?

Look how good see looks!! Dang.

Denali's face while she has two people grooming her. She LOVED it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Had you seen this?

WOW is all I can say!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Guess What I Did?

(caution: blog post is perfect example of rambling.)

I rode a horse.

I ran out to the barn (also known as GWB) to see my friend's new boy. Someone had asked, he is an imported Dutch warmblood gelding by Houston x Oldenburg x Joost. He's been at our barn for over a year, and is a LOVE. He's training Prix St. George. I'm so glad that she got him. He's awesome. When I showed up she had her mare out and a friend's boyfriend was riding her.

I ran off to untangle one of the babies who turned his blanket into a toy and managed to LOSE his tail strap and take the blanket off his back and carry it around like a toy. I had my "nice" jeans on and rolled up the pant legs as high as they go since I had to tromp through the mud. When I got back she told me to get my helmet. I somehow let her convince me to just "sit" on her mare. I LOVE THIS HORSE. The other horses were running around and no problem. I haven't ridden in a Western Saddle in I don't know how long, so that felt weird, and the leathers (?-NO idea what you call them on a Western Saddle) were way too short, but we did walk/trot/canter and OMG so fun.  I know you are ALL jealous of my rolled up jeans and muck boots.

I don't remember the last time I just hopped up on a random horse and tried them out. It was before Denali I know that. It was the first time in a LONG time that I didn't feel really scared. She was SUCH a good girl.  It was fun.

After our quick ride I was up chatting with the girls when I see a black streak go running past. One of the trainers horses broke loose from the guy hand walking him and took off. Luckily her property is all fenced in, but still there are thing that they can get hurt on. I always just see $$$ signs running around. I know what some of these horses are worth, and it is more than I will make in a LONG time. I walked over and yelled at the gelding who just stopped and looked at me. I grabbed him and started walking him down to the worker. I didn't want him to get away with it.

As I was walking him down (and he was HOT to TROT) a woman who takes lessons there yelled, "You're holding him too tight." Too tight?? hu? I was really confused since I wasn't holding "him" but his lead rope. I was holding it closer to where it attached, but only because he was trying to rear up and I didn't want him to get up very far. I made him back up, but had to walk him past

"Too tight?"

Tell me, is there such a thing as holding a horse too tight while leading them? I wasn't being mean, I wasn't being harsh, I was simply walking him back down the hill, holding the rope a little closer to his halter (maybe 2 feet from his halter.) I've seen people hanging off of halters when their horses were being super stupid (I don't like that.)  I don't know why her comment frustrated me so much. I take my "horse leading in job" too seriously I guess.

My goal this year is to ride 100 times. I guess that is 1/100 right?

All is well in Ms. Denali's world, I guess... I wish she was closer, but having money in my checking account is a really nice thing (although I am just putting it into my "new horse" account.) My next horse is out there and I figure when I'm ready, it will happen because it's suppose to happen.

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? Beside trying to ride more I want to FINALLY lose weight. I think life is funny sometime. I said in early December "I wish I could just lose weight." Then I started to not feel really great. It was after eating, or in the middle of the night. My stomach just always hurt, and I thought I was having cardiac episodes. Nope. Really bad, body burning heart burn. For now to ??? I am not suppose to (read suppose to) eat chocolate, tomatoes, mints, onions, caffeine, fatty meats, alcohol, and there are more on my "don't touch" list, but the list might as well say "My Favorite Things." UGH. I keep cheating, and pay DEARLY for it. Pretty much anything I eat make me sick, but those things make it unbearable. The only thing that I can eat, without feeling like shit...Brussel sprouts. :) SO hopefully this eating healthy thing that I "have" to do will become habit.

Maybe that should be my motivation. When I lose 50 pounds I can buy my next horse. If I keep saving, I will probably be able to buy Ravel by that point. I don't diet well. We'll see!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A fresh new year is ahead of us. A new year is like a new pair of sneakers, unmarked, and perfect. You have no idea if the shoes will fit, or give you blisters. I hope 2012 doesn't give me blisters. I will say that 2011 was no where near as horrible as 2010.

I got back Friday night from Pennsylvania. We were home visiting family. It's always a whirlwind trip. So many people to see with not enough time. In the tree days that I've been home my friend's husband bought her a horse (Merry Christmas to her!), my best friend had a kid, and I have taken more naps than I have in years.

Positive about friend buying the horse? She needs someone to ride her mare and asked me. I have so many horses that I've been offered to ride, I need to pick one and stick with it. I wish it was easier than that. I just miss Denali. Bah! I am putting money away for my next mighty beast. :) At least saving for him/her makes me feel better.

Oh well! What are your plans for 2012?