Sunday, December 1, 2013


I'm collecting random acts of kindness! Please read this!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Vote for my Hubby!!

I nominated Adam for an award and he was picked for a finalist! I know that he won't tell anyone about this unless you mention it to him.  I wish that my writing conveyed how awesome he really is, but it doesn't. Regardless, they picked him and he is a finalist! You can (and you should) vote once a day everyday. You just need to click on the link before and then click vote below his name. Take a minute to vote (everyday :) ) and then feel free to share with friends!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Yes...I realize it's the beginning of November...

Go see my newest endeavor: HERE 

Then share with friends. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013


When I wrote this blog, I didn't share it with my family. Ever. I never mentioned it to them. I never mentioned it to my friends. It was my place to vent and cry and scream. If you click on my profile, it won't even show up. Everyone who read this blog made my day.

Anyway, why am I back here rambling? Like I said, I started another blog about Alaska ( but I decided I'm going to share it with family and friends - GULP. Heaven help me.

OH! I do have horse news. There is a horse farm about 3 miles from me. They are MASSIVE I thought they were cows for the longest time, but nope horses! Wonder what the owner will say when I pull over and say "can I smell your pony?"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Random information for you.

1. This is my 750th post (and probably one of the last. Sad.) I started another blog (you can come watch that shit show here) Don't have much to write here with no horses. MAN, do I miss horses. I really want to go get Vera and bunk with her up here. I had a dream the other night that her owner gave her to me. Sigh. Someday I'll ride again. I will say that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about or miss Denali. I have a box of her tack in our basement. Every once in a while I go take a smell. It still smells just like her. It makes me happy that she's happy, and I'm happy, but's hard to let go.

2. The tallest mountain in North America is Mt. McKinley (Denali) the 2nd tallest mountain is Mt. Logan :) Which we did NOT plan, but when we figured it out we laughed. That means our next kid or animal will be named Volcán CitlaltĂ©petl I'm going to start practicing how to pronounce that now.

I thought of that today, but didn't want to say it on my other blog. I just feel weird with his name out there in the cyber world. You've all followed our journey for so long, and that's why I shared it with you. :)

Okay. Enough rambling for now.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank you!

Aww. Thanks everyone for your comments. I've missed reading everyone's blogs and catching up. When my domain name was sold out from under me I lost all of the blogs in my reading list. At some point I need to track them all down and re-list them. In great news, if you need ritalin you can visit

In the past 4 months we've left Seattle (and holy shit do I miss it) and moved to Fairbanks. I like Fairbanks as much as I want to hate it. I LOVE our house. It's adorable and I have trees to cut up and I get to act all frontierswoman like. Bug (we seriously hardly ever call him Logan) is doing great. He's HUGE. He's in the 93%tile for height and 99%tile for his head size. No wonder I needed a csection. I'm getting into this stay at home mom thing. Seriously, I had NO IDEA how flipping hard it would be. NONE. We're trying to figure out a schedule. For now I have him convinced that morning naps are AWESOME. He's such a good little guy.

We went to Denali (the mountain, not the horse) a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful place to visit. Made me laugh, I never thought when I named the wild pony beast that I'd end up living near the mountain. I still really miss her, but know we are both much happier. Her owner is great. I still have her papers, but know I need to send them to him. There isn't any reason for me to have them. I really miss horses. I miss their smell, I miss riding, I miss just being around them. There are a few places around Fairbanks with horses, and maybe when Bug gets bigger I will try to get back into them while we are up here. My riding boots sit in my closet. I don't have the heart to put them into storage.

So, as for this blog. For a long time I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I don't own Denali...I don't ride now...not a whole lot to do with horses, but I do like blogging, but feel weird blogging on here. It's Denali's blog. It always will be. I also changed my profile name since I'm Bug's mom too. SO, I decided to write another blog. It's not anything exciting...just about me and adventures in Fairbanks. I'm not going to use Logan's real name on that blog...I think Bug makes for a good internet alias.

So, hope you'll come visit me at and follow us for the next crazy adventures. You all know I'm going to get into some sort of crazy. I miss you all!! Come visit and bring your blog links!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still Alive

We are not selling drugs either... Apparently if you forget (don't get reminded, thanks Google) your domain name is sold. When your page gets lots of views, at da! Crappy interwebz people take your name.i know I think of Ritalin when I think of Denali.

Anywho. Does anyone still read this? I am in the process of making a blog about Alaska...maybe..honestly I miss reading everyone's blogs. A lot!! Hope all is well.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm a mom!

Sorry for so long since last post. I appreciated your messages. All is good, just busy.

Logan was born 2 weeks late on 4/21/13 after 36 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing. After all that, he ended up being a csection. He is amazing and wonderful and so sweet. I miss sleep more then ever, but he's worth it!

In other news at the end of June we are moving to Fairbanks!!

Brrr...Will write more when I have more time. :) Miss hearing about everyone's horses and life. I don't have as much time to read blogs. Feel free to fill me in via the comment section.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

T- 2 weeks +/-

I honestly have no clue how in the world people ride all the way through their pregnancies. I am exhausted getting out of bed in the morning, I couldn't imagine going out, getting your horse, tacking her up, and going for a hack. Those people are obviously WAY more dedicated than I am...WAY!

I am now 38 weeks and feel like a house. Not doing a whole lot but sleeping. I was really sick for the past two weeks and am still on antibiotics. I can't wait to be done with those. This is my last week of work and I can't wait to not have to worry about that.

For your viewing fat pregnant butt.

Hopefully before too long I'll have a photo of my less fat pregnant butt and a picture of the little guy to go with it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting ready for baby...

I'm currently +/-6 weeks from my due date. Baby is due April 8th, and I honestly am really ready to be over the whole pregnant thing. Everyone takes cute pictures of themselves with their cute little baby bumps...not me. I have a few photos, but that's it. My husband took one of me over the weekend and between the wind and the fact that I had pulled up my hoodie, I honest to goodness look like a very fat penguin... Seriously...

I've been going through my horse things to sell off some stuff. I "think" I sold my saddle on Sunday. She took it on trial, and will let me know by tomorrow if it works. I think it's only fair that they get a chance to try it out because I would want the same chance before dropping $1,000 on a saddle. I "could" hold onto it, but if we're moving to Alaska, I don't want to pay to ship it up there, and then what? It's going to sit around and collect dust. There isn't exactly a ton of opportunity for riding that I can find. I won't be buying a horse in Alaska, I know that much.

Other news, in true Denali mom style, I got knocked over on February 13th by a friend's son and popped my ankle. They did x-rays that night, but it was so swollen that nothing would show up. I was on crutches for a week, and now I am in a walking boot for 5 more weeks. They didn't want to do more x-rays to check for a break, and said that it's not displaced if it is broken, so just wear the book. I asked about not wearing the boot and the doctor offered to cast it for me....never mind, I'll wear the boot. So much for a second opinion.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Denali

Today is Denali's 9th birthday. Hard for me to believe that she was just a young mare of 4 when I brought her home. I called and talked to her owner today, who gave me a heart attack. He left me a message that said the following:

What he said: "For the past 10 months Denali's been doing good, but now she's so great."

What I heard: "For the past 10 months Denali's been doing good, but now she's not so great."


I seriously just sat at my desk and bawled (mind you, I was at work and on my prep.) I gathered myself together and called him back. He laughed at me and my inability to hear him. He said she's awesome with a big winter coat on. He didn't blanket her (which is good because she really hates them) and she is at a good weight and happy.

That makes me happy.

Happy Birthday Denali! I love you!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mack Truck

I wrote, and posted this last week. I had it up for a whole of 20 minutes. Maybe. One person read it, Ophie's mom, and sent me a text, which caused me to freak out, so I took it down. I've told some of the people who need to know, so here it goes...

I was so 100% sure that I would miss riding when I was pregnant that I expected to spend most of it in a horse deprived depression. Not so. It's hard to miss doing something when your back hurts so bad, you can barely get out of bed. I feel like I got hit by a Mack Truck, or better yet, came off of a certain Thoroughbred.

I am still enjoying playing with the ponies who come into the non-profit that I am on the board of directors for. It always amazes me A. How anyone could POSSIBLY ever allow their horse to get into that kind of situation, and B. Watching the light come back into their eyes as they gradually realize that they are safe and will be taken care of. It's a great thing. It's a great organization.

No new news on Denali. Her new owner is a great guy, and she's a lucky horse. I'm very happy that she found him, but I do still miss her. With 10 weeks or so go to before baby is here, I am grateful that everything has worked out the way that it has. I couldn't imagine paying board and paying for baby. I will have another horse someday. I enjoy playing around looking at ones that come up for sale (either friends selling, or dreamhorse) but I am not having a hard time waiting.

All of Denali's tack is currently sitting in the baby room. I stare at it daily and know I "should" sell some of it, but can't bring myself to do that yet. I have decided to sell my saddle (that I bought the day before I found out I was pregnant.) I don't want it sitting around for who knows how long. It fits "okay" but when I get another saddle, I'm just getting custom. My legs are so fricking long that nothing fits right (jeans or otherwise.)

Now for the part that caused the freak out:

We have some other news, but I have to keep a lid on it for a little bit yet. Only our close family knows (well most of them) but I can't say anything publicly for a few more months. SO, if you are my FB friend, PLEASE don't post anything. I am not ready to deal with the work fall out.  My husband has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity job wise and so he has accepted it. Positive is that I am going to get to be a stay at home mom (for a year at least, I know I'm going to go nuts.) Negative, we have to leave Seattle. I love it here so much, and know I'm going to be super depressed when we go.

Where are we moving you ask? BFE (if you know that term) AKA: Alaska. I swore up and down our entire marriage that I would NEVER EVER move there EVER, but with a baby on the way and the opportunity for him to have an amazing job and I get to stay home, it's hard to pass that up. Living in AK will limit my horse access/ownership even more, but heck, maybe I'll get a sled dog team.... I have spent the past week and a half on such a roller coaster of emotions. Part of it I'll blame on pregnancy hormones, part of it on work stress, and part of it (most of it) on trying to figure out how to move to Alaska (it's not cheap.) Joy. We're going to start a blog to cronicle our adventures in Alaska, but I think it's going to go something like this, "Day 58: Dark and Cold."  "Day 59: Dark and Cold." etc. Heck, at least now the sun is rising before 10am.