About Me!

A lot happens when you fall out of horses. I was always very, VERY shy. I think that is what caused the ache in my heart when I was away from horses. They always seemed to understand me, regardless of what I said to them.

Once I got to college, I slowly came out of my shell, and became more and more extroverted. During college I played Rugby and got to travel all over the East coast. I use to joke that my body would pay for all the damage I was doing to it at the time. I just didn't realize that it would only be a few years before that happened.

I got duel undergraduate degrees in Elementary and Special Education. I lived in Pennsylvania, so I was able to take the Praxis and also become certified in all middle school subjects. I ended up back at home with my parents and got a job teaching at the school my mother taught at. I taught English for two years. During my second year, I met my husband (at a bar, cheezy? Yes.) It was love at first sight (cheezy? yes.)

During the first year we dated, he applied to a large University in the PNW. He was accepted and asked me to join him. I agreed. I started applying for jobs, and accepted a position teaching middle school students with Severe Emotional/Behavioral disabilities. The first year was hard, but now it's my passion. I currently teach 1-3 graders with EBD and love my job.

I have the most patient, kind, loving husband anyone could ask for. He puts up with me smelling like horses all the time, and the fact that my number one choice for doing something is the barn.