Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bath Day

Today was a long day. I drug my husband out to the horse rescue to help build shelters. We were only able to spend about 4 hours there because I needed (wanted?) to go check on Denali. I guess she got into it with another horse yesterday. We were going over possible scenarios as to how she got the huge mark on her chest. I still think it's from Ophelia, not to blame her, but where it's located I think it would be hard for Teak (other horse) to get her through the fence.

Today was the last day for the Bute, and we'll see how the swelling goes from here. I just don't know if I'm going to make it out there much this week. Stupid real job. I have a Huge meeting on Thursday with Lawyers involved so I need to get ready for that.

I lunged Denali for about half an hour today. She only had her halter on, and no bit (duh) and she was SUCH A GOOD GIRL! I was so proud of her. I think I now figured out why her hind fetlock had been swollen. (Trying to kill Teak.)

She got a bath today, probably her last until Spring. She was a really good girl. I was very happy that the hubby was there to help hold her. She stands still for so long, then gets antsy. Her hair is still adorable. Short, but adorable. I like it.

I'll update you this week on Denali. Hopefully her belly swelling goes down.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

12 Followers!! :) Thanks for joining!!

In honor of my 12th follower a picture of Denali of Troy! It's not a very good one, but believe me that's her hair, and if she was standing up so would it! I love her!

I went out to visit her tonight. I had a riding lesson on one of my trainers horses. Denali isn't to be ridden for a week, then we'll try a saddle again. I went to the vets on Tuesday and got her more bute. I don't want her to be on it for two long because it irritates her stomach. Every time she's worked everything just swells up again. She was extra spooky tonight. I think it's the fact that she isn't being worked. That's my guess...

You can kind of see the lump in the picture of her. I didn't take on of her "lump" but if you look at her chest, and then under it you can see part of the lump. The poor thing. She's so irritated when you touch it. It doesn't feel as fluid full, and I really hope that she starts feeling better soon.

Until then I am going to ride my trainers horses. I love my trainer. I took a western lesson tonight. It was so much fun! After I was done at the barn I went to Safeway to get some popcorn and a movie for my kidlets tomorrow (no movie, that part was closed.) I still had my breeches on and my field boots. One of the cashiers said, "Do you ride horses?" I was so annoyed that they wouldn't let me rent a movie (it was 9:05 and it closed at 9) that I said, "No, why would you ask?" Sigh... I need to remind myself to NOT be a bitch. Do not be a bitch, do not be a bitch, do not be a bitch....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Denali of Troy

That might just be her show name if we ever make it there! Thanks Anna for the idea!! :)

Today was a long day. I went out to volunteer at the horse rescue near Seattle. If you're in the market for an amazing horse check out They are an amazing group of individuals and I admire all of the work they put into everything. We worked on winterizing the farm. Lots of work done and a TON more to go! We're having an adoption event on October 4th. There is a TB there named Cedar who I would have home in a heartbeat if I wanted my husband to divorce me. She's amazing! I can't wait for her to get her own girl or boy!

ANYWAY! I went to the barn to ride Denali since she did so well yesterday. Got her out, groomed her, and got everything ready to ride. I put the saddle on, and went to tighten the girth....holy shit! She blew up! The poor things belly is still swollen. I guess after riding yesterday it caused more swelling? Of course I couldn't let her get away with flipping out so I put the saddle on and tightened it enough to stay on, but not cause her pain. I was afraid she'd remember that freaking out = no work. We lounged for about half an hour. The vet said to work her, but I left him a message about the swelling when we were done. If this is going to take months to heal I'm going to be sad. I guess we'll go back to ground work or I'll ride bareback. Poor Nawlers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Did It!!

So the last time I posted I was convinced that Denali was going to be living on three legs the rest of her life....she's fine. I over react. Sigh.... I'm SO happy she's okay. He told me to work her and that the swelling will go away.

I've been so busy at work. These little kidlets really wear me out!! One quick story from work, then I'll get to my exciting news! I have "recovery rooms" in my classroom. My kids go in there to do work, or if they decide that trying to kill one of the adults or each other, we have them go in there to calm down. On Thursday on of my students went in to the "recovery room" after lunch to take a break. His choice. A little while later he came out and sat in his seat. I walked in and there were all these blue drawings all over the walls. It's better than the "BEUTCH" he wrote on the walls earlier in the week. Still haven't figured out where the chalk comes from. Anyway, we then had the following conversation. His name has been changed to protect his identity (of course!)

Me: "Sam, do you know where all the blue drawings came from?"
Sam: "No, it wasn't me."
Me: "Hum...I see. Well how about this. You first go to the bathroom and clean up the blue chalk all over your face, then go clean up the other room."
Sam (after running over to the mirror): "Shit"

Sigh....sometimes I can't help but snicker at them.

Well after the week I had the only thing that can make me smile has 4 legs (I can say that, the hubby is visiting family back east) and she loves me! Friday I went out and decided to trim Denali's bridle path to get her ready for our outing today. I think I've posted on here 3 times about my hair cutting exploits. Well...I haven't learned anything. Poor Denali. She looks like a Trojan horse! I kid you not!!!
She looks just as happy as the horse above. The hubby took my camera to PA, but I'm pretty sure here hair will still be just as short when he comes home, I'll take her photo then.

She's been SO GOOD!! She's so sweet and loving. A far cry from the crazy thing I bought. I'm so happy with her. was the day! We went to a horse show! Our trainer was showing her horse at a dressage show so Ophie's mom, Ophie, Denali and I went to get them experience with trailering, and riding in new environments. All three of them loaded like champs on our way there. Denali doesn't really like being close to other horses, but you shove a few flakes in front of her and she's fine.

When we got there I had my wild pony beast back, she was SCREAMING at everyone. She calmed down and nervously ate for a while. Of course someone's horse would get loose and it would go Galloping past us. Denali freaked. She went pulling back and bent the clip on her lead rope. BUT thankfully my trainer has instilled "HO" in her. I yelled it twice and she stopped dead. She was still nervous, but was no longer trying to break free. I was very proud of her.

I saddled her up (first time she's had a saddle on in a month) and walked her up to the practice arena. I jumped up on her and could feel her nervous jitters. I jumped back off and walked her around a little. There are trails, so Ophie/mom and Denali/I went for walk (no riding) and she started to relax and let out little sighs (I love those.)

We went back to the warm up arena and our trainer jumped up on her. I was a little nervous. Denali moved like a champ! It PORED this morning so the footing was really wet, Denali's movement looked SO GOOD! She reminded me of a fancy smansy dressage horse. She was doing a beautiful extended trot, and picking her back feet up so high. One lady commented on how beautifully she moved. I didn't want to break it to her that Denali never moves like this at home.

I did ride her! I made it, even rode her out of the arena up to where Ophie, and Ophie's mom were. I'm very proud of both of us. Right now I'm justifying my wimpiness due to the month of me not riding her. I need to get riding her on a regular basis. Hopefully the next show we go to I'll compete!

Oh my trainer and another lady who rides at my barn both took 1st place. My trainer is rehabbing a horse of hers that she sold,who was ruined by her new owners, and returned to my trainer as "broken." (They didn't listen when told multiple times that the saddle didn't fit. The horse finally snapped and started bucking.) ANYWAY! (If you've followed that) The horse scored a 78!!! How exciting! I was so happy for them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vet and Snots

So the Vet is coming out in the AM. Her right hind is more swollen today, but she's putting pressure on it. The trainer thinks it's something in her hoof that's causing it. Both of her stifles are sore, so I'M HOPING that she is sore on the back end because of walking funny. Regardless I'll know in the AM. I have to work, so Ophie's mom is coming out to hold her for the vet. Thank you Ophie's mom!! I really appreciate it!! I told her I'd get the next appointment.

As for WHY I can't go out tomorrow it's because I'm only on Day 5 of teaching the little snots. I'll call them snots because I can. Of course understand that they are wonderful kids! BUT When I get chairs thrown at me, and glue all over the place I tend to overreact. I Really love my job. I work with kids with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. They have their moments. :) I've taught other things in the past, but I really enjoy this! It reminds me of training my horse. I know that sounds bad, but same principles. Give them an inch, they take a mile. Similar to Denali.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


How in the hell do people own more than one horse!??!!?!?!?! Seriously, I am going to have a nervous break down! Went out to see Denali. Her hematoma is looking better, but NOW her right hind pastern is swollen, and where the other red circle is, she won't even let me touch it!! The POOR POOR barn owner! She's going to throw me out if I leave her one more crazy, crazy letter!! I titled this one "Crazy Horse Mom Note #7,432" I'm sure she's fine right?! The upper circle area isn't swollen, but she wouldn't let me touch it long enough to figure it out. She kept freaking out about it. The Barn Owner/Trainer wasn't there, but I called and told her about my crazy horse mom note and she said she's sure she's fine. Ugh. Are all new horse owners like me? Is this like having kids? After I get two I'll stop freaking out? I don't know, I freak out about all horses!! Sigh. Suggestions?

(This is an old photo. I'm not as fat now as I was in that picture, but I'm no where near where I need to be!)

Post 98

I can't believe I've babbled on here for 98 posts! Yikes.

Went out to see Denali on Thursday. The swelling is going down, but still not enough for me to be convinced she won't freak out with the girth on. I'm thinking bare back riding? She's so tall that I have 0 grace when I try to get on her. Even with the mounting block. I'm 6ft tall, so it's not as if I'm short. She's only 16hh, so obviously I'm the problem. Lol.

Denali is in heat this week which, for some reason I don't understand, makes her EXTRA obsessed with me. Even if there is food around, she follows me ANYWHERE. It's cute, and very odd at the same time.

This was my first week back at work. Things were crazy to say the least. I went from teaching EBD (Severe Emotional/Behavior Disabilities) at the middle school lever to working with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. They are SO SO SO cute! I hate little kids (it works out because Denali does too!) There is just something about these little guys though! Adorable. One problem I do have is laughing. Never laugh if a kids doing something that they shouldn't be doing, but it's so hard when a kid is FREAKING OUT because he can't be line leader!!

I'll probably post some of my favoriate quotes on here that my kids say. My favoriate from middle school was the following conversation:

"What's a virgin?" asked student
"Why do you ask?"I said.
"Because one of the kids in PE asked a girl if she was a virgin and she said no (WPB back in, probably the truth! Sad) then he asked me and I said, no I'm on the basketball team."
Needless to say, I fell out of my chair laughing after he left.

Poor kid. I didn't want to expalin to him what a virgin was. I wrote a note home to dad. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

0 Denali, 1 Ophelia

We don't know what happened, but I must have gotten to the barn right after it happened.

(back story) My brother randomly showed up from Ohio, but I had planned on going to the barn so I drug him with me (he's TERRIFIED of horses.)

When I went to get Denali she didn't nicker at me and didn't come to me. It had rained so I thought she must be getting the winter blues. I went to get her and she walked really slow to the barn. I just figured she was tired or calm. I groomed her and noticed that her back legs were stocked up. I thought that she must not like the mud and just stood around all morning.

I turned her out in the arena when I noticed she looked sore. I went and got some grooming bushes and started to clean her off. I got to her chest and noticed some mud between her front legs. I used the brush and touched her and she took off backwards. I thought she was being naughty so I grabbed her halter.

I brought her over and started cleaning the mud off her chest when I noticed that she has a HUGE lump between her legs. It looks like a mango, complete with a cut that is shaped very much like Ophelia's hind leg. Okay, okay it's a cut and there is no way to prove that it's Ophelia, but there is no other explanation. Ophelia is also hurt with a cut on her leg. What we think is that Denali bossed Ophelia one time too many, and when Ophie tired to run off she clipped herself in the leg. That hurt so bad that she kicked back and got Denali in the chest.

It is worse today than yesterday. It's pretty swollen. I rinsed it with cold water for 5 minutes and put her in her stall early so she could eat and just relax. If it is still getting bigger I'm going to call the vet on Thursday. If it's a Hematoma it should go away soon right?

Advice oh wonderful horse people!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ta Da!

I went out yesterday to ride Denali. It was late which in her mind meant she should be eating dinner and NOT be ridden. Once I got her tacked up and in the arena she played the "I don't remember how to trot" game which she tries very hard to win at! I won, and got her going very nicely. (1 point me, 0 Denali.)

Our trainer was working on transitions with us. Usually, when Denali's being a "pill" she gets on her first to make sure she won't do anything crazy. I was proud of myself! I got on her while our trainer was finishing up with another lesson. She seemed surprised, but said she was proud of me. Denali did great! I think I may have figured out what my hand problem was, and am doing a much better job of riding her (IMO.) Denali's trainer kept asking me if I could "feel her mouth" and I always said, "No" I felt tension, but nothing else. Well, I "lifted up the box" and can feel everything! We did so much better! I have hope!

I know that I've slacked at the blog lately. Stupid real job! Grrr

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This needs a caption!!!! I came across this via (have to give credit:) How funny and WTF!? Really? I'm pretty sure I would need to wrap Denali in bubble wrap first, twitch her second, and then attempt to put this contraption thing on.

Captions!! Give me a Caption!

(In the process of gearing up for another school year. I hope to see my horse this weekend. KEY WORD: HOPE!!)