Monday, August 30, 2010

New Shirt

I forgot to show this! How cute!! One of you mentioned it to me on here, and how could I pass it up! :) So cute! Thanks!!

We're back!

I'm back from the great state of Wyoming, and adjusting to this thing people call work. Let's just say that I'm not super excited about the prospect of working 9-5 again. I enjoyed my few weeks off. Oh, side note: teachers Do not get paid in the summer! We do get money but it's just what we make during the year spread out. We don't get paid for nothing. I had a heated discussion on the cruise ship about this. I am not a slacker.

So much to talk about, but no need to bore you with small details in my life. Our trip was wonderful, we stayed two nights in Yellowstone, where I swear to god I almost killed several people. If you've ever been to Yellowstone, AND grew up where you had black bears in your back yard, you know what I'm talking about. I LOVED the people who walked right up to the bison, because that warning pamphlet they gave you when you came in was just to use as fire starter. Seriously, people were dumb. People parked their cars ON the road to take pictures of black bears, getting out and walking up to them. It is NOT a damn petting zoo people. I started calling this back up and parking fiasco a "Unicorn Sighting" because that was going to be the ONLY way that I wasn't going to get totally pissed off at them. If you've done this, I'm sorry, but Ugh!!! It's easy for me to get frustrated. I use to have black bears in my back yard every year. Not too exciting to me. I totally understand wanting to see the bear, BUT parking your car ON THE ROAD, and walking to the bear....NOT SMART! However, Yellowstone was really cool and I loved the hot pots, and all the water features. It was pretty amazing.

After Yellowstone we went to a Lodge on the Greys River where my husband (then boyfriend) worked during the winter. Seriously, it was amazing and beautiful!! Middle of nowhere, no cell phones, no lights, no TV's. It took a few days to adjust, but I loved it and was very sad to leave. The picture above is our cabin, Not the main lodge. It is an AMAZING place, and the people who run it are such wonderful, people. If you're ever in the Jackson Hole area, look up the Box Y. My husband and I made a few friends while we were there too, Belle and Quincy.

Belle is a Percheron/QH cross and Quincey is a papered Quarter Horse. Most of the horses that they had are Percheron/QH crosses. They had a few QH and a set of Percheron's that they use to feed the Elk at the state feed grounds up the road. We took Belle and Quincey riding with the owner's daughter. I last saw her when she was 10, she's grown up into a fine horsewoman. She's 15 now and almost as tall as I am. I asked her what her horses name was and had to snicker when she said, "Splash, but he thinks it's Whoa Dammit." I know that feeling.

LOVED IT!!! So amazing and wonderful. It was fun to ride a totally bomb proof horse, plus she was beyond beautiful, which was fun too. Not that mare-face isn't beyond beautiful, but she's not a blue roan, so Belle had that going for her...

Overall, if I ever just stop babbling on here...I might just run away to Wyoming and live there. Although I'm still not sure if I can ride in a Western Saddle. My butt hurt!!

On to Mare-Face. My mare-face is doing well. She had her teeth done while I was gone because they went from "should be done in a month" to "super sharp with ulcers developed." I'm a great horse owner! I called my vet in a panic before I left trying to get her in before I was gone, but she was booked, and Princess wasn't dying. She's good now but I'm giving it this week to make sure it's all healed and good. Plus that job of mine started today, so I will be busy all week.

I think I've explained this before, my husband (a huggle, non-horse person) is an amazing man. I love him more than anything (even more than mare-face, but don't tell her!) He came out to the barn today, and even though Denali only sees him 7 or 8 times a year,she OBSESSIVELY LOVES HIM! It's so cute! We were working on showmanship today, and having a reminder course on manners, and she was perfect for him. She did start doing a Morgan stretch. Not sure what that's about, I laughed and said that she was trying to be like the Monster Morgan so maybe I'd ride her too. We did a little trotting in hand to see how she moves. Like a wet noddle. She has zip, zilch, nada muscle tone. Poor girl. Works start soon Ms. Nawlers, no matter how cute you think you look in the paddock doing nothing.

Enough babbling... No need to bore you with minor details!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of office

I'm currently sitting in Montana on a rode trip with my husband. Your regularly scheduled posts will be back next week. Until then, what was your favorite pony-related thing this summer? P.S My awesome little brother bought me the Verizon Droid. How did I live without this phone. I only feel slightly guilty that he pays my bill as my birthday/x-mas gift. Slightly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Warmbloods and Fast Horses

Worked for the dressage trainer again today. Grooming one of her horses is like grooming two Denali's they are MASSIVE. I can't even imagine how much some of them weigh, but unlike Denali they have impeccable manners. I guess if Denali was for sale for $80,000 I would expect her to have impeccable manners too. Not saying she's horrendous, but these guys are special. I'll still stick with my auction purchase, although I told her today that I was going to sneak one of them home. He is the sweetest, sweetest boy with the kindest eye. LOVE HIM!

One of the horses at the other barn was given to her because he had a severe suspensory injury. I got to work him yesterday and today (lunging.) He's such a good boy, but sort of reminds me of a hermit. He doesn't want to leave his loafing shed, doesn't want to go anywhere. Once I got him working he looked slightly better at the trot then he did yesterday, but as soon as I asked him to move it out a bit he looked horrible. Poor boy. He's lucky he's where he is, the trainer is an amazing person. I think she's going to send him out to pasture for a year to see if that helps. I think he needs to be a horse. The injury is old, and at this point is as healed as it's going to get. He has a lot of scar tissue that needs to break up.

Love her horses!

Speaking of love. I went to see the new Secretariat movie tonight! My trainer (who I also love) had four tickets to a pre-screening. It was AMAZING!!!! A little different than going to the regular movies. They searched your bag and used a medal detector on you. Four large men watched the audience at all times with night vision lenses. Aside from that, the movie was SO GOOD! I can't say enough about how much I loved it. I don't normally like Disney movies, but this one was just awesome! I can't wait to tell Denali I saw a movie about her great grandpa. If you own a Thoroughbred you can too since I'm pretty sure his blood probably runs through most of them.

In other news, the husband comes back from Alaska tomorrow. Welcome back honey! I wonder how long until I can drag him to the barn?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tired on a Tuesday

I don't know how working students do it....I guess for the most part they're not 30 and probably have more energy. I worked for the other barn today from 8-3. Wow, I'm exhausted!! I just love working there, aside from the whole exhaustion thing. There is the cutest little Morgan mare there who I just love. Her owner today told me that she'd love if I rode her since she can't ride anymore. I explained that I sucked. We'll see. I need to post a picture of her, simply beautiful!

I'm in a shitty mood today but decided to go see my mare-face and to water her paddock. Here's how the grass looks now. The birds were hanging out eating some of the seeds, which I knew they would do, but I put over 50 pounds of grass seed in this little paddock, so I think it's fine. I went a little over board.

Mare-face is doing well. Her lump on her left hind is almost gone! I'm pretty impressed with that, but still can't ride her until I get her teeth done. I didn't realize just how bad they were until today. (Note: Bad for anal horse mom, probably normal for 99% of the horse owner population.) She is getting a rub mark on her face from where the tooth is rubbing from the inside. No ulcers in her mouth, and not super sharp, but I'm still not going to bit her up.

Not sure if I mentioned on here about our dressage show on Sunday. We scored a 61.5 and a 61. I was happy with those scores. I got a lot of 6's and even a few 7's which just made my day. Even though the judge seemed to score high, I was appreciative of the comments. We had a pretty good intro A and a solid (Monster Morgan and Me solid) test B.

I can't even think straight at this point... Have a great night!!!

Animal control officers seek public's help in case of emaciated horse dumped on South Gate street

Animal control officers seek public's help in case of emaciated horse dumped on South Gate street

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Denali Seal of Approval-Nibblenet

What is the Denali seal of approval? It is something special that I've decided to give out to certain things that Denali uses that actually hold up to her munching, crunching, bashing, crashing, banging, thrashing. There are not a lot of things. I won't mention or feature things that DO NOT hold up since I don't want to stir up trouble. We all know how I handle trouble.

Today's item is something that I bought for her in May after she had been on stall rest for a month, and was set to be on stall rest for another three. Joy! How does one keep a Thoroughbred who has a very active mind, and an even more active gut happy?

Tada! The Nibblenet that horse honestly beat the crap out of it and it still looks exactly like it did the day that I ordered it. It was exactly what I needed to keep her occupied, and most importantly HAPPY. I looked at other hay nets, but have tried them in the past, and Denali usually just chewed through the bag (two of them to be exact) to get the hay out. No chewing of the nibblenet! It cost a little more than a regular hay net, but SO worth it! It's made of great material, and solid stitching. Also it makes her actually slow down and chew her food, just what a good mom wants for their kid!

(Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement, although that would be awesome and if anyone ever wanted to send me free stuff to see how long it would take Denali to destroy it...feel free!! I can guarantee she is great at breaking things!)

I want to make a stamp and put it on a nibblenet, but would need to get permission from the person who makes them.... LOVE IT!

And that my friends is my ramble for the evening...


Don't lie, you know you missed me!

The cruise was AMAZING. I feel really bad that my parents paid for me to go, but it was a great gift for my 30th birthday. It almost felt like December (when I really turn the big 3-0) while we were up there...chilly!!

I took a ton of pictures but haven't had the chance to upload them yet.

Came back yesterday. Went to the barn to visit princess. She about fell over trying to come to me. It was adorable. My mom even had carrots, but she came over to make sure that it was really me. LOVE THIS HORSE! Funny how time changes things. She and i get along really well now. I know she likes the fact that I'm in charge now.

Also, today went to a horse show. The first time that I rode in oh, since before the cruise. Lovely, just lovely!! Actually we competed in Novice, so walk, trot, canter (yep, we broke it out again!) and got 3 first place ribbons and Novice High Point. I won't mention how many people were in the classes, ;0) BUT I'm proud of us for how we did. We didn't do so hot at trail, we had to canter down a hill and the morgen wasn't having it. I kept going in circles until I made her do it. The judge was very forgiving.

I missed you!!

Oh, also, tomorrow we're doing Intro A and Intro B at the dressage show....could be interesting. My poor parents are horsed showed out after today.... they are really glad that they didn't buy me a pony.

Friday, August 6, 2010

See you in a week! :) (well, not get the idea!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out of Office

I'm awake now!

I had a good ride on the Morgan last night. It was fun to ride and have my parents watch. I had to explain to my dad over and over again that he CAN NOT give the Morgan carrots before I ride her. She becomes a PAIN if she gets fed before.

Good ride, Denali was good, and now, now I won't be around for 9 days!! Yikes!

Why you ask??

My parents are in Seattle because we're leaving for a cruise to Alaska tomorrow. They called about a month ago and asked if I wanted to go.

"No, I can't go mom. I have had alot of bills and can't afford to go anywhere."

"Oh, well we're going to pay for you to go as your birthday present."

(pause, thinking about how everytime I am with my mom for more than 3 seconds I want to pull my hair out.)


So, I'm going to Alaska on my parents dime. Sigh, I'm such a loser!! Ha ha!! I told her as long as I don't get anything for Christmas or my Birthday (which is in prepared for me to go into deep depression) then I would love to go.

SO no pony posts for a week! I left my anal instructions for Denali and drove everyone crazy at the barn yesterday. I hate leaving her!! At least now I know that she will be taken care of. That makes me feel better!!

One cute thing from mom asked to meet Ophelia. I introduced them and my mom decided that since I owned Ophie once (for about 3 hours, long story and I talked about it in November) that means that she can STILL be Ophie's grandma. Then she proceeded to feed her about 8 pounds of carrots.

I'm glad my parents love horses!!

Until the 13th! Have fun safe rides!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My parents rarely travel. Ever. They have never been happy that I've moved to Seattle from PA and have only been out once in the 5 years I've lived here. Since I bought Denali I've asked them multiple times to come out to meet her.

Well, today was that day!

My parents flew in today, and so of course I drug them out to the barn as soon as I got off of work. I always forget that my mom loves horses. She never owned one, but rode a lot growing up. They both really loved Denali. It was cute. Denali had them wrapped around her hooves in a few seconds and I think my dad fed her 10 pounds of carrots.

I'm glad they finally met her. Hopefully now they'll stop telling me to sell her!

What do your parents think of your horse obsession?

I'll write more later.... I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vet Visit #2,390

Okay, I'm not counting but it HAS to be close to there!!

The vet was running late today and so I had a little extra time to run around before my parents get here TOMORROW. Eek! I was fine, I was fine, I was fine, then I started freaking out. I have a love/hate relationship with my vet. I LOVE her, but I'd much rather see her out and about and not our monthly visits at the barn.

I left Denali in her paddock until the vet showed up. We walked over together to get her and Ms. Nawlers did her normal, "Mom! MOM!!! MOM!!!" nickering and freaking out. It's so cute! The vet thought it was cute too, but she's very wary of Denali. Denali USE to love the vet, but in recent appointments has decided that she HATES the vet! A few appointments ago we had push her into the wall just to get her to hold still long enough to sedate her without her killing someone. It's bad, usually really bad and really embarrassing. The vet brought along her assistant who Denali tried to take out last time. She was happy when I said that I'd handle Ms. D for them.

We went in and trotted up and down for them. The vet said, "Wow, I'm so impressed." I was SO excited, "Oh, her leg looks better?!" "Well, yes it's getting better, but she's just being so good for you!"

Yep! We've worked hard on making sure she knows that Momma's in charge now. Aside from being impressed with Denali's ability to listen and remain calm (no more reserpine) she was also impressed with how Denali is healing and said she is "very happy with the way she is looking."
THANK GOD!!!! Thanks for all the good thoughts by the way!! She then proceeded to tell me that she had warned her assistant that it could be a very late night.

Now comes the part I'm not 100% sure I'm ready for.... Denali is to be ridden to help build back those muscles. Just at the walk, and just for 10 or so minutes a day. Gulp! Not going to lie, I'm nervous. It's funny, I'd love to ride just about any horse, but the thought of riding Ms. Nawlers got to me today. BUT, I figured I'm different rider than I was when I started this blog. I can do this! Although, I am going to wait until after my family has left. Don't want them to watch me die. ;0)

Ms. Nawly during her shockwave therapy. Very, VERY drugged

We're going to have our review of ground manners before I hop back up on her. I rode her a few weeks ago and it was fine. Suck it up. :)

This SHOULD be one of the last large vet bills for a while (fingers, toes, legs, etc. crossed.) I just took a picture to show that the gift I received yesterday went right to Ms. Nawlers. I read the fugly blog today and almost choked on my coffee! I don't EVER want to end up on there. She assured me that what I was doing is fine. SO, just my Keep Me Off of Fugly reminder, I'm not begging for money, although the little surprises that I've received have come at the perfect moments and have made my day! I also really appreciate that many of you have bought my stuff. I'm sure you might not have needed it, but you bought it to help me. Thank you.

I asked her to tell me what I've spent in the last year. She started to look then said, "Honestly, you really don't want to know." It is probably better that way. I saw some of those figures and was doing some adding. Ugh. I don't want to know. I do know that Ms. Nawlers is currently the most expensive horse (bill wise) that the vet sees. Joy! I think we need a trophy. You think they'd make us that at least!

In regards to my grass growing attempts, it looked like the Dust Bowl today.... Sigh... Lots of watering. I know, I know, NOT the best time to plant grass.

Thanks everyone for your support!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

You know who you are :0)

I had an allergy attack last night. They are horrible, and they leave me in a daze and unable to do much. I didn't go to the barn. I didn't clean my house. I didn't get out of bed. I went to work, sneezed non-stop for 6 hours came home took as many drugs as I could without dying of an overdose and then passed out for 4 hours. I woke up and decided to drag myself into the street to get the mail. I had a letter...then I noticed it was addressed to Denali. I had to smile, I love getting mail for her.
I opened the letter and instantly started to cry. I just wanted to publicly thank you for your gift. You know what was in that envelope, and when I saw it I started to cry, then I started to bawl... my neighbors thought I was nuts and I showed them and they think you're pretty amazing too. I hope that your gift doesn't take away from anything you need!!

Thank you. A million thank yous. Thank you for your gift. It will come in VERY handy tomorrow when both the vet and the farrier come out. I'm really nervous about tomorrow. If she's not making progress healing we're going to block her to make sure something else isn't going on. I hope we don't need to block her.

I started this blog to document the progress of Denali and I as a green horse and a green rider. I thought it would be about our progress together. It's funny the way life works out. I'd consider myself more of a pea green, almost yellowish rider now ;) and Denali, well the only thing she needs to worry about now is healing. Lots of healing Denali. My favorite part of this blog? It's you! I love the support that I've felt through Denali's injuries, illnesses, and healing. A million thank yous' to you, our followers.

And to the author of the letter that brightened my day, an extra hug from Ms. Denali and I.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My parents show up in T-3 days. I was planning on not going to the barn today, and instead cleaning my house and getting it "parent ready." I slept in, which is one of my favorite past times next to riding horses (actually, I keep a pillow in my car and often nap at the barn.)

Around 9:45 I got a text message from a mom at the barn. Her husband and her decided to buy their daughter (sweetest kid ever and you know my thoughts on young ones) the horse she's been leasing for the past two years. I had told her a year ago if they decide to buy her let me know and I'll decorate her. Well, yesterday was her birthday and today she got her present! I ran to the barn and make the poor mare face glow with all the hot pink ribbons I put on her.
Mareface is SUPER CUTE and the sweetest thing ever. The girl, who turned 14 yesterday, thought we decorated her just for fun. She didn't catch on that we decorated her because she was now hers. We were all a little confused. Once she figured it out, it was adorable. She made me cry. Sweetest kid!

In Denali world... what a better way to spend your day than tilling, seeding, and watering a paddock. *yes! I do know it's not the best time to seed, but I also know that even if they don't grow now, they will grow when it's the "right time" my farmer friends told me. ;) *

Mareface is currently in the stallion enclosure. It's no where near any other horses, and is totally flat (well...almost.) I hate it, but she needs to be somewhere that she won't kill herself. Last week I fenced off the paddock and made it so she can't run around. It's going to be a while before she can be in a big pasture again, SO I decided to make the best of it for her. I spent the better part of 4 hours turning the hard-packed dirt (it hasn't been used in a while, and therefore 0 grass) planting the grass, and then turning the dirt and watering. The little girl who got the horse this morning helped me. I won't lie. I had so much fun planting the grass.

I bought a nice organic mixture of orchard grass, timothy, and I think Kentucky something or another... regardless i hope some of it grows!
Week 1 of Grass growing attempt
The Morgan and I need to have a discussion on life. Topics this week include saddle fit, bit fit, bits, teeth check, massage, and a re-introduction to side reins (soon to be Vienna Reins as soon as they get here.) I'm hoping our discussion on life gets us somewhere. She's really stubborn and opinionated and I'm the first person who is requiring her IN YEARS to actually carry herself. This leads to many battles.... I'm fine with the battles, they make me a better rider and help me to learn new ways to deal with different ways to be a pain. I'm not okay if those battles are because something physically is wrong. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong, and she's just being The Morgan, but before getting too mean and nasty...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!