Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vit. E

So what is the next logical thing to do after watching your horse stumble, stumble, stumble? Freak out.

I went through hell last year, and I'm not going back. I spent yesterday reading up on Neurological problems (even though I've read them all before.) I then decided that she needs more Vitamin E. Pia's mom gave me the website for the Nano-E that she gives Pia. I stocked up on a few bottles, and then decided to check out her smartpak. For some reason, I took her off her Smart Protect and so she was getting a very low amount of Vitamin E. I hope this helps her.

Does anyone out there give their horse Vitamin E? What kind do you give it?

I sent a long e-mail to her caretaker (who I LOVE) telling her my concerns and asking her if she minded adding the Vitamin E to her grain. No problem. She is also willing to give her Adequan shots! I had to stop last month because I didn't think that she'd give them. She was a vet tech for a bit, and I really trust her. Plus, her best friend is a vet so I just pay the "at cost" price for the Adequan.

Who knows. I just hope this was a fluke and that she will do better. I just get really sad when I think that she might not get to live a long life. I also get sad when I think about moving back to the East Coast, and that a 3,000 mile trailer trip might not be the best thing for her. We'll see. I suck at taking things a day at a time!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visit with Princess

My friend and I met this morning bright and early to drive the two hours to see Denali. She had a polo lesson near the farm, so we stopped there first and I got to learn how to do a Polo Braid. It looked like a lot of fun, but hell, I can barely stay on the horse, I think that a stick would be a bad idea.

We got to the barn around lunch, and I was so excited. I've missed Denali so much. She was eating in her stall when I got there. She looked really happy. I unloaded her Christmas presents and some grain and she was very excited about her apples.

I took her blanket off and started to groom her in her stall. She was a good girl (of course) but refused to give me her right front. She wouldn't allow me to get even close enough to touch it. It looked okay, and she moved okay, but still I didn't want her to A. think she gets to make decisions, and B. I wanted to make sure it was okay. I decided to battle her outside her stall and walked outside with her. She followed me but as soon as I went for her leg she tried to take off, then it started.

trip, stumble, trip, stumble, trip

My heart went into my throat and I tried to not cry (successfully I might add.) I ran and got her halter and put it on her when she calmed down, and grabbed her leg. It wasn't hot or swollen, so I'm not sure about her adamant decision that I not touch it.

So of course I've spent the rest of my day analysing her decline.

1. Her Christmas stocking. She spent about five minutes bending her neck oddly trying to get at her stocking before I went into groom her.
2. Vitamin E- I took her off of Smart Protect, which has the most Vitamin E and she wasn't getting as much.
3. Winter-It's colder out and this is the time that she declined least year.
4. Adequan-She got her last shot on November 5th
5. Life Sucks.

So go go along with number 5, I'm not sure. The owner of the property said she hasn't seen Denali act neurological at all (of course no one saw her trip, stumble, trip) and told me she'd get her property care taker to watch out for it. It's just sort of heartbreaking to have put the past year of work into her for her to backslide so quickly. I stand by my choice of as long as she's fat and happy she can live the retired life. I just hope she can keep getting around happy and safe. She and Duchess still are not getting along. Denali is now sort of sharing the paddock area with a very small pony named Henry.

I'd like to add that I wasn't afraid of her at all, until I saw her stumble and then I felt sick to my stomach, but not afraid. I just really worry about her.

January 7th we go back down to see the Princess. Until then I've added more Vitamin E to her smartpak, she's going to be getting Adequan again, and we'll just keep an eye on her.

Looking good!

I love my girl!!

Can I haz treat?

Santa Pony came

Thursday, December 15, 2011


In terms of financial reasoning, not even a possibility...HOWEVER. I can't get this mare out of my mind!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Week update

What a week. Sunday was the Holiday Bazaar, and it went really well. The center that I volunteer for was able to raise a nice amount of money that will be very helpful towards the care of the horses. I'm not sure if I've ever explained what we do at the center, but we provide medical care for horses who sometimes wouldn't make it otherwise. With community donations, we are able to take a horse on, rehab it, and charge the rescue a very low amount of money (between $350-$600) per month. Those horses are really costing around $1100-$2000+ per month for their care. Community donations offset the difference and make it so we can provide the low costs to rescues. Also, our vet works for next to nothing, but we can't keep asking her to do that. Right now we are auctioning off one ton of hay, which was donated to us. Sure, we could have fed it to our horses, but my thought was that if we sell tickets for $10.00 we can make enough money to feed the horses for a few months. So far, so good!

Wednesday was my birthday, but I'm at the point now that they are no longer fun, so no need to mention my age. My husband took me out to a nice dinner, and Denali left me a message asking where her gift was. Her caretaker then noted that horses get confused on birthdays, but she'll try to explain it to her.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Denali Update

Before I got into my Denali update I wonder if you can wander over and vote for Denali's photo. If she wins she gets to be the calender girl for the vet hospital for the month of November 2012. That would make me pretty excited. 

In Denali news, she is doing well. She is making out with Duchess over the fence, but they are not in the same pasture yet. She said that Denali is doing great and that they love her! She can't believe that Denali is as naughty as I said. Apparently Denali is nothing but snuggly, and super sweet. Thanks Denali for turning me into a liar. ;0)

I am going down on the 18th to visit the girl. I asked the caretaker and she said that was fine, but that Denali has a large stocking on her stall that she expects to be filled. I think I can do that!

Friday, December 2, 2011