Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting ready for baby...

I'm currently +/-6 weeks from my due date. Baby is due April 8th, and I honestly am really ready to be over the whole pregnant thing. Everyone takes cute pictures of themselves with their cute little baby bumps...not me. I have a few photos, but that's it. My husband took one of me over the weekend and between the wind and the fact that I had pulled up my hoodie, I honest to goodness look like a very fat penguin... Seriously...

I've been going through my horse things to sell off some stuff. I "think" I sold my saddle on Sunday. She took it on trial, and will let me know by tomorrow if it works. I think it's only fair that they get a chance to try it out because I would want the same chance before dropping $1,000 on a saddle. I "could" hold onto it, but if we're moving to Alaska, I don't want to pay to ship it up there, and then what? It's going to sit around and collect dust. There isn't exactly a ton of opportunity for riding that I can find. I won't be buying a horse in Alaska, I know that much.

Other news, in true Denali mom style, I got knocked over on February 13th by a friend's son and popped my ankle. They did x-rays that night, but it was so swollen that nothing would show up. I was on crutches for a week, and now I am in a walking boot for 5 more weeks. They didn't want to do more x-rays to check for a break, and said that it's not displaced if it is broken, so just wear the book. I asked about not wearing the boot and the doctor offered to cast it for me....never mind, I'll wear the boot. So much for a second opinion.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Denali

Today is Denali's 9th birthday. Hard for me to believe that she was just a young mare of 4 when I brought her home. I called and talked to her owner today, who gave me a heart attack. He left me a message that said the following:

What he said: "For the past 10 months Denali's been doing good, but now she's so great."

What I heard: "For the past 10 months Denali's been doing good, but now she's not so great."


I seriously just sat at my desk and bawled (mind you, I was at work and on my prep.) I gathered myself together and called him back. He laughed at me and my inability to hear him. He said she's awesome with a big winter coat on. He didn't blanket her (which is good because she really hates them) and she is at a good weight and happy.

That makes me happy.

Happy Birthday Denali! I love you!!