Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybe I should tell people about this...

I realized today that I've been writing on this blog, but have yet to share the address. It would probably make more sense to write a blog and let people read it.Today was pretty crazy. I went to work until noon, and then went to see Denali. She was still super lame. The poor thing hasn't been out of her stall in almost three weeks. She hates being in her stall, but is getting really fat. The only way to keep her happy is to feed her. She's been grazing on grass pellets everyday. She's gone through 200 pounds of them. I figured it's probably about time to stop feeding her so much. She's going to be a porker.She got her feet done today by a different farrier. I really liked her. Denali was misbehaved, as usual, but that's my fault. I need to be more stern with her. I swear she has horse ADHD if that's even possible. She gets really interested in something, and then, barn, she's onto something new. She's the horse version of me. I'm convinced.

I spend so much time on cleaning her up, and brushing her hair, and about five minutes later she's covered in dirt and you'd think that she was a wild pony beast. I left the barn and came home, (after two hours in traffic.) I missed Crew, which made me very sad. Tomorrow morning is my last time before Denmark. I also managed to lock the keys in the car. Thankfully, the husband is an awesome/quick bike rider, and was able to come to my rescue! He's awesome!Well that's it. We're going camping this weekend with friends of ours. I think Jay's just in it for the Smores! I'm pretty excited.

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