Thursday, July 24, 2008

WOW!! What a WEEK!

Yikes. Things that have happened since I brought home the devil in horse form.

1. She's NOT an appendix. She's an OTTB, and the woman who sold her to me lied. The woman, who's husband is a jockey, and brother a trainer, knew exactly what she had... That made me a little sad, since I know how OTTB can be and this is my FIRST HORSE! But, we'll make it, and I love her regardless.

2. The Jockey Club is of No Help when it comes to contacting her REAL previous owner. I was able to get her tattoo traced though, registered name--Storm City Slew. Really pretty right?

3 Hopewell Farms in KY is amazing! They got me Denali's trainers name at Emerald Downs. He was amazing and shocked that Denali (Storm City Slew) was sent to auction. She was suppose to be for the little girl of the woman who had her at the auction. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! MAKE SURE you know where your horse goes!! Have a contract in place that you have first refusal if the horse is going to be sold again. Denali could be on a meat wagon somewhere!

4. Denali (New Name- "The Great One") Is of Seattle Slew/Secretariat blood. She was, at one time, a very expensive horse.

5. New Blog! No point in having another blog about my "Appendix" since she's not!

I never thought it was possible to love something so much. I'm assuming this is what it would feel like if I had a kid. Denali is my kid, and regardless of her freak outs and running around like crazy, I love her more than anything!!

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