Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visit with Princess

My friend and I met this morning bright and early to drive the two hours to see Denali. She had a polo lesson near the farm, so we stopped there first and I got to learn how to do a Polo Braid. It looked like a lot of fun, but hell, I can barely stay on the horse, I think that a stick would be a bad idea.

We got to the barn around lunch, and I was so excited. I've missed Denali so much. She was eating in her stall when I got there. She looked really happy. I unloaded her Christmas presents and some grain and she was very excited about her apples.

I took her blanket off and started to groom her in her stall. She was a good girl (of course) but refused to give me her right front. She wouldn't allow me to get even close enough to touch it. It looked okay, and she moved okay, but still I didn't want her to A. think she gets to make decisions, and B. I wanted to make sure it was okay. I decided to battle her outside her stall and walked outside with her. She followed me but as soon as I went for her leg she tried to take off, then it started.

trip, stumble, trip, stumble, trip

My heart went into my throat and I tried to not cry (successfully I might add.) I ran and got her halter and put it on her when she calmed down, and grabbed her leg. It wasn't hot or swollen, so I'm not sure about her adamant decision that I not touch it.

So of course I've spent the rest of my day analysing her decline.

1. Her Christmas stocking. She spent about five minutes bending her neck oddly trying to get at her stocking before I went into groom her.
2. Vitamin E- I took her off of Smart Protect, which has the most Vitamin E and she wasn't getting as much.
3. Winter-It's colder out and this is the time that she declined least year.
4. Adequan-She got her last shot on November 5th
5. Life Sucks.

So go go along with number 5, I'm not sure. The owner of the property said she hasn't seen Denali act neurological at all (of course no one saw her trip, stumble, trip) and told me she'd get her property care taker to watch out for it. It's just sort of heartbreaking to have put the past year of work into her for her to backslide so quickly. I stand by my choice of as long as she's fat and happy she can live the retired life. I just hope she can keep getting around happy and safe. She and Duchess still are not getting along. Denali is now sort of sharing the paddock area with a very small pony named Henry.

I'd like to add that I wasn't afraid of her at all, until I saw her stumble and then I felt sick to my stomach, but not afraid. I just really worry about her.

January 7th we go back down to see the Princess. Until then I've added more Vitamin E to her smartpak, she's going to be getting Adequan again, and we'll just keep an eye on her.

Looking good!

I love my girl!!

Can I haz treat?

Santa Pony came


Dom said...

Saw that first photo and was like, "Wait... that's not Denali..."

SprinklerBandit said...

She is fat and shiny! Hope all is well and she just had an off day.

in2paints said...

I must say she looks fantastic! I hope what you saw is just a fluke and nothing more.

achieve1dream said...

She looks awesome!!! I hope the stumbling was a weird fluke and that she is okay. Please keep us updated.