Monday, August 13, 2012

(Part 2) and other random news

Sorry for the delay!

We had a great time in MT, and I really would love to live there. It's beautiful and amazing, and I loved it. Have I said that enough yet. :0)

One thing I noticed about Denali, more than her calm eye, her calm attitude, was the fact that she didn't take one neurological step the entire time we were with her. Not one. She also didn't take any lame steps. Not one. I really miss her, but it was obviously the right decision for her. She is happy, healthy, and safe (along with everyone else around her, which is a plus.)

Saturday night we went to the local rodeo. I sort of grimaced when they told us that they were going to take us. I don't know much about rodeo's but based on what I know, I didn't like them. While I'm not saying that my opinion on all rodeo's is changed, I have to say I was really impressed with how they cared for all animals. When they roped a calf, they never once pulled the rope tight. It hit the calf, and then they dropped it. The bucking horses live in the same place (are Denali's neighbors, no worry she doens't have a new job.) The live out their lives there once they give up bucking. Overall, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. (But I'm not a cow.)

My favorite part was when a bunch of idiots stood in a circle in the arena. They let "Gia" out of the pen and he  went after the guys. The last one standing won $500. I would have paid $500 to have that bull stay away from me.

I love Montana. Have I mentioned that?

Back in Seattle, this past Sunday was my last day working at the GWB. I'm a little sad, but excited about having my Sunday's back to myself. I'll still take lessons for a few weeks, but will probably take a break from riding for a bit once school starts back up. Driving that far does me in at some point. We'll see how long the whole riding lasts once school starts.

I've been using my new saddle. It's pretty sweet, but not a "great" fit for me. Not horrible, just my freakishly long legs are too long for the thigh blocks.

I have some other fun/new/exciting news, but that will have to wait for a few weeks until everything is finalized. I will keep you updated. I C-O-U-L-D say it earlier, but then get worried that I will jinx it, and I've had enough bad luck for a few years.


The Fullers said...

Sounds like an awesome time!!! So glad miss mare is doing awesome and loving her new home!

I too have mixed feelings about the rodeo... like going but am not crazy about it. Though our local rodeo does wild cow milking which is a GREAT time and so much fun to watch :)

Ashley said...

You can't leave us hanging like that...I'm guessing you're pregnant! And you have to "wait until things are finalized" aka waiting for the first trimester to be over. It works perfectly with the sentence earlier of "taking a break from riding"....just sayin!!!!

Denali's Mom said...

Ashley = Funny. ;-)

Gingham said...

I have no doubt that animal care at rodeo's in days gone by was questionable, but I do have to give credit to the fact that every rodeo I've been to recently treats the animals pretty gosh darn good. At least, better than half of the neglected pasture pets that dot the farms around them..

I'd send my horses to the rodeo over the track any day! :)

Also, Love the Denali is doing so well. I wonder how much of her nuero issues were really bodywork stuff that she's working out now that shes in a herd and moving around so much...