Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Guest Post

I asked a while ago if anyone wanted to do a guest post (pretty much because my life is boring, and full of non-horse related things.) Plus, who wants to hear about a pregnant lady? I don't. SO without further ado....The Guest Post! Let me know if you'd like to post one. Also: I did not pay Cuna's Mom to write this. Promise! 

Hello readers of Denali's Mom's blog! This is my first ever guest post, but it sounded like a fun idea and DM is totally fun, so here goes. 

You all know DM as the zany and fun blogger who sporadically entertains the blogosphere. Now she's threatening to bring forth a small human, and all I have to say is this: DM is going to be one kick ass mom. 

And I've actually met her. 

I met her the way the rest of you probably did--I was perusing horse blogs and I ran across one called "wild pony beast". No one can pass up a title like that, so I kept reading. It was funny. It was honest. Most of all, it was human. She never tried to be anyone she wasn't and she made me laugh, constantly. 

Fast forward to last January. I was headed to her end of the world for the weekend. I wanted to know about horsey hotspots in the area, and to my great surprise, she offered to take me on a tour! 

Because I am a paranoid freak, I dragged a friend along to meet this mysterious internet woman who might be an ax murderer. We met on the street in front of her house. There was this awkward pause. That moment of "I-know-you-but-I've-never-met-you". 

And I think that's the last time we were quiet for the rest of the day. We toured barns, visited tack stores, ate more fast food than I'll admit to, and got home well after dark with prizes in hand. She had nothing but the best to say about (almost) everyone and we had a great time. 

That genuine, funny, down to earth style? That's real. That's DM. She laughs at the rest of us, but she laughs at herself just as much. She's one smart cookie, but doesn't rub it in your face. No matter how scared she is, she'll be motivated by how much she cares instead of how much she doesn't want to be there. 

I'm a horse person and I don't really know a lot about kids. I do know that she took great care of Denali, one of the more challenging mares I've ever met. Even when she was trampled and bruised by Denali, she felt terrible that the mare might have had a bad experience. She overcame her fears on Vera, another mare who offered a challenge. 

Now she's embarking on a new journey, and that unique combination of humor, intelligence, and sheer grit that makes her a great horse person and a great friend is going to warrant labeling her as "Kickass Pre-mom of the Year".