Tuesday, August 21, 2012

True Seattlite

I am a true Seattlite. If the temperature is above room temperature, I bitch. If it is below room temperature, I bitch. There is no making me happy. This past week we've had temps (Don't laugh rest of the US that has had heat waves all summer, we're special here in the PNW) in the mid to upper 90's. I would like to also take this time to make sure everyone has me to thank for that. I had the option of having my air conditioning recharged in June and I laughed at the guy. We all know that if I would have done that it would have stayed 65 and rainy the entire summer. You're welcome.

Due to the heatwave I refused to ride. I said it was because I didn't want Vera to get too hot, but who am I kidding. Everyone at the barn knows my opinion on heat + riding. I went out today in a nice overcast, 68 degrees to ride. I had a lesson and was late so I ran to grab Vera, quickly brushed her off, and ran to the arena with her to warm up. I hopped up on her and only then did I notice that she was lame. LAME. She had her feet done and she was super sore. Since she only wanted to go at a snails pace I threw the towel it. It's no fun ruining a good pedicure right away anyway. My trainer told me I could ride another horse, but decided that I would stick with the beast I know and that it was fine for me to wait a few days. We're not going anywhere.

Vera has had two people look at her. The first person has never called back since the horrible vet check behavior of 2012. The other person that came to look at her apparently said she wasn't "pretty" enough for her client. Rude. Vera is beautiful in an oddly put together, not quite sure what's out of proportion, but pretty face sort of way. I love her no mater what. I fell bad when I get happy that she hasn't sold. Muah, ha, ha, ha....

She has started a new evasion trick when she sees me show up with my riding clothes on. She runs into the pond and stands there. She only does it if I have on my breeches. If I have shorts on she assumes I'm there to visit, but breeches she high tails it into the pond and stands there watching me. Touche Vera. Touch.

Hope all is well in your worlds!! I have been trying to catch up on blogs, but I suck at comments!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

(Part 2) and other random news

Sorry for the delay!

We had a great time in MT, and I really would love to live there. It's beautiful and amazing, and I loved it. Have I said that enough yet. :0)

One thing I noticed about Denali, more than her calm eye, her calm attitude, was the fact that she didn't take one neurological step the entire time we were with her. Not one. She also didn't take any lame steps. Not one. I really miss her, but it was obviously the right decision for her. She is happy, healthy, and safe (along with everyone else around her, which is a plus.)

Saturday night we went to the local rodeo. I sort of grimaced when they told us that they were going to take us. I don't know much about rodeo's but based on what I know, I didn't like them. While I'm not saying that my opinion on all rodeo's is changed, I have to say I was really impressed with how they cared for all animals. When they roped a calf, they never once pulled the rope tight. It hit the calf, and then they dropped it. The bucking horses live in the same place (are Denali's neighbors, no worry she doens't have a new job.) The live out their lives there once they give up bucking. Overall, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. (But I'm not a cow.)

My favorite part was when a bunch of idiots stood in a circle in the arena. They let "Gia" out of the pen and he  went after the guys. The last one standing won $500. I would have paid $500 to have that bull stay away from me.

I love Montana. Have I mentioned that?

Back in Seattle, this past Sunday was my last day working at the GWB. I'm a little sad, but excited about having my Sunday's back to myself. I'll still take lessons for a few weeks, but will probably take a break from riding for a bit once school starts back up. Driving that far does me in at some point. We'll see how long the whole riding lasts once school starts.

I've been using my new saddle. It's pretty sweet, but not a "great" fit for me. Not horrible, just my freakishly long legs are too long for the thigh blocks.

I have some other fun/new/exciting news, but that will have to wait for a few weeks until everything is finalized. I will keep you updated. I C-O-U-L-D say it earlier, but then get worried that I will jinx it, and I've had enough bad luck for a few years.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Picture is Worth a 1000 words. (Part 1)

My loving husband drove me the whole way to Montana on Friday. We took the "long" route and drove through the North Cascade's Pass, and got into Ronan, MT around 9:45 at night. We got lost once (which is pretty impressive, I am usually a human GPS.) Denali's new owner insisted that we come stay at their house, and he said he'd "feel better if you can just make it here." We initially were planning on driving almost the whole way in, camping, and making it into Ronan on Saturday AM.

There are not enough nice words to use to describe Denali's new owners. They are wonderful, hospitable, amazing human beings who love their animals. I had only met Denali's new dad once before, but it felt like we've known them forever. We opted to camp in their backyard under the stars and promptly crashed once we set up the tent.

It was Pioneer Days in Ronan this past weekend, and there were a bunch of events going on. In the morning we visited for a while and I met a few horses that he had at his house. They are his working cow horses, and are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! I had seen pictures, but I told him he needs better photos. They are seriously amazing creatures. He told me that he has Denali and a few of his other horses on another piece of property on the other side of town with his friend's mares and their foals. We went to an AMAZING breakfast at the VFW (I love small town life!) After breakfast we hopped in his truck and before I realized it I was staring at Denali in a pasture. I didn't realize we were headed there, and it was just a shock, and something I've wanted for so long. She was standing in the shade with all the other mares. She is so much taller than his QH's and looked like an odd duck. She looks pretty good for being out on pasture 24/7. She has lost ALL of her topline, and reminds me of a broodmare (except no broodie bellie.) She is a little "thin" but you can't see her ribs, so I'm not worried. He said that he puts them on grain when they come back to his house from October to April through the winters. I guess her "introduction" to the herd went better than the other mare's but she took a bit to be accepted.

I pet her for a while and just couldn't get over how calm she is. She is not the same horse at all. She is just so calm, quiet, and content. Her new dad walked up and hugged her from behind. My heart stopped, but she didn't even care. It was amazing. I gave her a hug and some head scratches. She walked away from me to join the herd (and put her face near a tail to keep off flies.) After a bit the herd started to run off into the pasture. Denali started to run, but stopped, ran over to me and put her head into my hands, and then took off. I think it was her way of saying "Thank You." I choked up, but kept it together. It was so awesome. One thing that sort of surprised me is that Denali now has a brand. My husband saw it first and quickly looked at me. I was a bit shocked (to say the least) but she is his horse. I asked him about hit, and his reasoning makes sense. All of his horses and livestock are branded. Montana is a brand state. If Denali gets out, and someone finds her they have 30 days and then they can brand her and claim her as their own. This way everyone knows who she belongs to. Not going to lie, the brand is pretty bad ass.

More on the rest of our trip later, for now, what you've all been waiting for: Photos! 

The fence around the 40 acres. Yes, the whole way...I can't imagine what this cost!

Denali's view

Denali and her new poppa

Denali's new tattoo. 

Denali thinks the one in the middle is hers and promptly steals him. His mom is like, "here, take him." He's so cute!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bucking and Rearing

Vet Check, Short and Dry: There was much bucking and rearing during the vet check. Much white face, and "Oh, does she always do that." Many pats on her neck from me, telling her 'Good Girl.' Ms. Vera failed miserably. She got x-rays today, so we are just waiting to hear from her prospective buyer if she still wants the fire breathing dragon or not.

Today I put in my two weeks notice to the GWB. Long story, but I would rather just pay for lessons than work for lessons at this point. I love the barn and the trainer. The amount she is paying is changing, and when I figure in gas (28 miles one way to the barn) it doesn't make sense for me to work for trade any longer. I sent her an e-mail, but haven't heard back yet. We'll see how it goes. I hope well, because I really like it there and still want to go back. If not, I will find another barn (maybe with one Mr. Cody at P2's barn) to make my haven.

In other new news: Friday August 3rd, 6am my hubby and I are jumping in the truck and headed east. Where you ask?

Drum roll please...........

To see the one and only, Storm City Slew!!! I am so excited I can't contain myself!