Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Obviously since I'm knocked up, stopped riding, and sold Denali this blog sort of sits stagnant  Every once in a while I go to write something and thing, "Eh, this has nothing to do with horses." I don't want to bore you too much.

Every few months I start to worry about Denali. With this new financial responsibility coming up, part of me really wanted to make sure all was well, and that she was still happy. If not, I needed to adjust the budget and bring the girl home.

I called last week, left a message, and never heard back. My brain developed some really impressive scenarios to freak me out. I stewed about it for a week, and decided to call back. Her owner explained that his youngest son still wasn't sure how to communicate messages to him, and apparently writing in tiny print on the notepad that I called was good enough. He was very apologetic.

All's well in Montana. He really likes her, says she's a sweet girl (I double checked he had the right horse) and she is a pleasure. She is growing her winter coat in, and he will blanket her if she needs it (she doesn't really like blankets. Wild Pony Beasts don't wear blankets.) He said she's been doing great, put on some weight since we saw her, and he was very appreciative that we trust him with her.

Again, I love this man! I don't know how Denali lucked out so much, and if I wouldn't have seen it with my two eyes I wouldn't believe it myself. We chatted for a while, and he invited us back for a longer period of time. I told him we'd have a screaming child with us next time.

That's all the news I have. I'm putting my new awesome saddle on consignment. I just don't want to have something happen to it, and it fit me "okay" but not amazing. I hope to make close to what I paid for it. It really is an awesome saddle. My office/saddle/horse stuff storage area needs to become the baby room.'d think at this point I'd get use to the idea. It still freaks me out. Hope all is well with you!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vera Sold

My trainer came into Seattle last night and we went out to dinner with our husbands. A really fun night overall! It was nice to catch up with her on a friend level instead of the normal trainer/student level. On our way to the restaurant she told me that Vera sold. I got sad for a second, and she go a smile on her face. My trainer now owns Vera! I am pretty fricking happy right now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rest in Peace Enzo

If you have a minute, go give your sympathy's to Janine. Her beloved, love of her life, Enzo died suddenly on Wednesday of an aortic rupture. He was only 3 years old. Enzo was a beautiful Friesian, and I've enjoyed reading about their journeys.

Go hug your horse.

Janine, there are no words. I'm so sorry.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Human

This is the total opposite of pony related, but oh well...Yep, I'm pregnant. If you know me in real life, you know that I've been saying for the past 10 years that I wasn't having kids. That 10 years also corresponds with the number of years I've taught, but still.

Let me first start with a public apology to my husband because I've become a crying mess, especially at night. If I'm not crying I'm puking. Super, SUPER fun.

Things have a way of working out. Sometimes not fast enough since I bought my saddle the day before I found out that that I was pregnant. Fail. The funny story about being pregnant is that everyone knew it before I did. My trainer is also pregnant. She is due in February, and I only found out about her in July. For a few weeks at the end of July I just didn't feel right.Not horrible, but weird. I told her it was the heat, and she'd tell me that I was pregnant.

Another week or so later I decided to take a pregnancy test. Let's just say there are directions for a reason. I took the test, saw one line, and threw it in the garbage and that was it. About 12 hours later, after going to the bar with a friend (only 1 beer), I came home. I looked in the trash as I was brushing my teeth to be reminded that I had taken the test. I took it out to look at it and there were two lines. I brushed it off as a mistake, because it had sat so long another line showed up. I wasn't pregnant.

The next day my trainer asked me if I took a test, and I proudly said, "Yes! Not pregnant." Well, then I mentioned the "extra" line on the bad test and was informed there were no false positives. So, 7 more pregnancy tests later I finally gave in and believed I was pregnant.

Poor kid, I already am talking ponies. Every baby needs a pony right? I've stopped riding now. I know lots of people ride right up to 7 or 8 months, but since I couldn't get out daily anymore, it started to hurt that once a week that I was able to ride. My hips hated me and my stomach muscles were horribly pulling. No fun. I'm sad about it, but am pretty shocked at how much time I have on my hands. Like HOURS!! I started working out again (since I "hope" I'm done puking.) I don't want to turn into the size of a house.

Hope all is well in your worlds.