Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank you!

Aww. Thanks everyone for your comments. I've missed reading everyone's blogs and catching up. When my domain name was sold out from under me I lost all of the blogs in my reading list. At some point I need to track them all down and re-list them. In great news, if you need ritalin you can visit

In the past 4 months we've left Seattle (and holy shit do I miss it) and moved to Fairbanks. I like Fairbanks as much as I want to hate it. I LOVE our house. It's adorable and I have trees to cut up and I get to act all frontierswoman like. Bug (we seriously hardly ever call him Logan) is doing great. He's HUGE. He's in the 93%tile for height and 99%tile for his head size. No wonder I needed a csection. I'm getting into this stay at home mom thing. Seriously, I had NO IDEA how flipping hard it would be. NONE. We're trying to figure out a schedule. For now I have him convinced that morning naps are AWESOME. He's such a good little guy.

We went to Denali (the mountain, not the horse) a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful place to visit. Made me laugh, I never thought when I named the wild pony beast that I'd end up living near the mountain. I still really miss her, but know we are both much happier. Her owner is great. I still have her papers, but know I need to send them to him. There isn't any reason for me to have them. I really miss horses. I miss their smell, I miss riding, I miss just being around them. There are a few places around Fairbanks with horses, and maybe when Bug gets bigger I will try to get back into them while we are up here. My riding boots sit in my closet. I don't have the heart to put them into storage.

So, as for this blog. For a long time I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I don't own Denali...I don't ride now...not a whole lot to do with horses, but I do like blogging, but feel weird blogging on here. It's Denali's blog. It always will be. I also changed my profile name since I'm Bug's mom too. SO, I decided to write another blog. It's not anything exciting...just about me and adventures in Fairbanks. I'm not going to use Logan's real name on that blog...I think Bug makes for a good internet alias.

So, hope you'll come visit me at and follow us for the next crazy adventures. You all know I'm going to get into some sort of crazy. I miss you all!! Come visit and bring your blog links!


Saiph A said...

Added your new blog to my reading list! Have always been curious about life in Alaska and love your writing, so it's a win-win.
Pretty sure you didn't have me on your old reading list, but I lurked on your blog for a long, long time and recommended it to other OTTB lovers. :) For whenever you have time to catch up on reading, my blog is and it's about my adventures with my TB cross mare; we've dabbled in everything from dressage to trail riding, and moved together from South FL to MD. November will be a year living in the Northeast. I'm off to read your Alaska blog!

appydoesdressage said...

Added your new blog to my list, really, really excited to hear about living in Alaska. Not sure I could handle it, with all of the cold, snow and weird light schedules. Do you currently have 24x7 light or dark?

Jill said...

Yay, you're back!

I haven't commented on your blog too much in the past, but have loved your writing style and followed your journey with your beloved Denali. I've added your new blog to my reading list. Glad to hear "Bug" is doing well, hard to believe he's 9 months old already!


Jill said...

Sorry, I mistyped! I meant 4, not 9 months!