Friday, October 21, 2011

Ungrateful Mare

I can't tell if I get depressed and upset in October because traditionally it's when Denali starts to fall apart and something bad happens, or because it's starting to get dark and rainy. I am superstitious. I can't help it.

October 2008 - I am in Denmark, and Denali is living in the shit hole.
October 2009 - Denali diagnosed with EPM ($4,000 in treatment for something she DIDN'T have.)
October 2010 - Denali becomes uncoordinated again and starts tripping again.

See why I'm concerned?

I had a meeting at the center tonight. On my way in I noticed that Denali was in Pasture C (farthest pasture from the barn.) Of course she decided to stand in the mud (when there was an entire pasture of grass.) I think it was for the pity points.

The vet and I had a meeting about Denali. I got the photo the other day of them treating Denali and freaked out when I thought of all the vet bills. We had her on a plan (worked three days a week, Adequan, and body work 2X a month.) I asked the vet if we could spread the bodywork out to once a month for a few months. I got the second job, but won't get paid for that until December. I don't want to owe her a lot of money. Plus there's her Smartpak on top of it. Somethings going to have to give. I can see a difference when she's on it, but still...more $$$.

Oh to have a horse that is sound and sane.

After our meeting I left the barn to go and do some work for school. I stopped at Denali's new pasture to say hi on my way home and got the cold shoulder.

Thanks Denali. I put my heart,soul and every spare penny into you and that's the thanks I get.


Sand. said...

:( Awesome, sorry the mare snubbed ya. Don't feel to bad, mine tried to pop me in the dirt this morning in what I wanted to be a wonderful reuniting after 2 weeks apart : P Don't take it too personally, and hey, next time show up with carrots in your pockets ; )

Kate said...

You definitely have a right to be fearful of Octobers, I'll give you that much.

Janine said...

Can't you bag your own supplements. Doesn't that save you a few bucks??

Sarah said...

Aw, try not to take it personally. Mares are especially hard to win over, and I SWEAR they hold grudges:) Not that she has any reason to with all you're doing for her, but some horses need "their" person there nearly every day to really be affectionate. And of course, some horses just naturally aren't, but that doesn't mean they don't have positive feelings towards people. Sorry, I just want you to feel better. You've done so much for her...I think she knows that on some level, but it doesn't mean she won't test you, especially if you can't get out there on a regular basis. Take care~

Allison said...

Awww! It is the worst when they don't reciprocate! I am sure she appreciates all you do for her! Maybe she just has trouble sharing her feelings?

achieve1dream said...

I personally think it's the days getting shorter. I'm the same way. Have you tried a Vitamin D supplement? It's cheap and helps with my mood a lot.

I also understand you being nervous about it from past bad experiences, but don't let that make you expect the worst. It will be okay.