Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a Major Award

Thanks to Megan over at for this award. Now this is the point that I name 15 blogs and 7 things about me.

1. I love to organize, as long as it isn't my house or my office at work.

2. I have a huge pet peeve against people who don't call or e-mail back in a timely manner.

3. I obsess over things (WHAT? I know, shocking right?) to the point that I make myself sick.

4. I still dream about what I want to be when I grow up (I'm 30 mind you.)

5. When someone does something nice for me I file it (literally, I have a box) away and try to make a point to repay the favor somehow, someday.

6. I met my husband at a bar. I was tanked and he drove me home. I knew the moment I saw him walk in the door that I was going to marry him, and I don't even think that it had anything to do with the 3 prior Malibu and Diet Coke.

7. I use to be so shy I didn't talk to anyone. In college I got a little more outgoing, and if you know me in real life I know you'll find it shocking that I could have ever been shy.

and for the 15 blogs...

In no particular order.....drum roll please......

and #15. You! I realize that isn't fair, but I can't pick JUST 15.


Slbaldwin said...

I like the last blog that is very considerate of you!

Dom said...

Thank you for thinking of me <3

achieve1dream said...

Aww thank you for the award. :) I'll get it up as soon as possible.

I'm sort of like you with the organizing only I like to organize at work, but definitely not at home lol.

The shy thing is a lot like me too. :)

Congrats on the award!

Mary said...

Good one!