Sunday, February 12, 2012

Visit Day!

Saturday was our trip to see the girls! (Ophelia lives there now too.) This time Ophie's Mom's Boyfriend came with us to see the girls. Our first stop was to my friend's Polo Lesson. It's fun to watch, but I still think I should focus on staying on a horse before I try a new sport. My friend is a MUCH better rider than the other two guys who are in her lesson, but I still don't need to embarrass myself.

When we got to the barn Ophelia and Denali were side by side in their pasture/run. They haven't taken the temporary fence down yet, but I don't think there will be a problem. Denali was a good girl. We took her blanket off and de-mudded her. She was so gross. She seems to have pony dandruff? After taking her blanket off she kept kicking her belly. Turns out she was pointing to where she wanted a good grooming. At one point she lifted her hind leg like a dog and held it while I scratched behind it, and under her stifle. It was pretty funny. She even kept her brain attached to her body for the most part.

Her feet are still looking really good (for what I know about feet.) I was going to ask my friend to take a picture for you to judge, but I forgot. :-/ Next time. I know the wet ground is making her frog a bit squishy, but the rest of her sole felt hard. Her feet have changed so much since going barefoot 2 years ago. I bet that she has gone up a shoe size.

Now for some photos! (Most of Ophie since her momma now lives in San Diego and hasn't seen her in two weeks.)

Please read what the 'Big Kids' get. I laughed so hard. The 'Big Kids' are her personal horses. Of course they get fed. :)

So itchy!! SOO SOO Itchy!!

Ophie with her make-up. She was so upset that we took it off.

I love this mare...

Oh Mare-Face. You look so ugly when you are being nasty-mare-face.
This is Denali's Right Hind in 2009. The Lump has never gone away, and it was always pretty swollen.
Same leg yesterday. The lump is almost gone!! Yay. Not that it will make her magically rideable, but one less thing to worry about.


Dom said...

Good to hear Denali has a friend. LOL at nasty mare face. Very nice of you to take pics for Ophie's mom.

WishIHadAHorsey said...

She looks wonderful :)

Becky + Digby said...

Haha! I laughed so hard at the "big kids" and what they're eating! I love when barns have a sense of humor... :)

Muddy K said...

I love the picture of you and Denali. It didn't need the caption since it's so plain to see how you two feel about each other. Ahh. Good things lay ahead.

achieve1dream said...

Too funny about the "Big Kids"! Cute!

Yay about the swelling on her leg being almost gone. :D That's awesome. She looks so happy and healthy. Glad you got to visit.