Monday, August 22, 2011

Denali & Mom Update

Sorry for the long delay in posting. On August 9th there was a tragic fire in our area where 6 horses died and 3 were severely injured. On Thursday August 11th I decided that we (the center I volunteer for) should do a little fund raiser. Our "little" fundraiser quickly involved over $5,000 in donations of services and 130+ people coming.

I got a little busy.

 I slept a few hours, would wake up and work the entire day trying to get things organized for Friday, August 19th. The event was crazy and wild. I don't know what I would have done if Ophie's mom, her boyfriend, and my husband wouldn't have come to help during the event. They take direction and do what I ask. It was a HUGE success and so touching to watch the community come out and help. The news even showed up, I had a slight freak out when the second new crew showed up and I managed to stay out of the camera shots, but it all went well. I'm still going through donations, and two horses are still receiving medical care. One of them is at our barn, and I am IN LOVE with him.

 You can watch the piece on the party at 3:05 at this link.

I will post more on Denali at some point. She looks amazing, is so cute when she sees me, and during the 8 days I planned the party she'd stand at the gate watching the office door (where I sat.) I love this horse. I don't know if I can ever love another horse like I love this horse. Although, she is in heat right now and is being super gross (still clacking) and in love with a 2 year old. I've taken to calling her Mary Kay Letourneau.


Carol said...

What a shocking event. Just reading it makes me feel a little shakey. I'm so impressed with you and your husband and friends. I hope the injured horses recover well and quickly.
Denali is a lucky horse. She certainly dotes on you, in her own way :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Haha, ridiculous mares. I'm glad the event went well, and so impressed with the equine community pulling together to support victims of barn fires this year. Thanks for being awesome like that!

achieve1dream said...

That fire is heartbreaking. You did such a great job putting together the fundraiser. I hope the injured horses recover quickly and that the barn owner is able to rebuild. So sad.

Cygnata said...

Hehehe. Cougar mare! :) Glad to hear things went so very well for you.

Oh, and I've taken over FloaterRant from Gryph, and changed the focus to my time here at school. I get to learn to ride for the first time this semester! :D Please follow and enjoy!