Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gogo and Andrea (We Love You!)

Many of you found my blog in November when Denali was sick, and we had planned to put her down. The wonderful, courageous, amazing Andrea led the charge of making sure that I would be able to remember Denali after she was gone. Luckily, for some still unknown reason Denali improved. The only thing we figured out is that the shit ton (actual metric unit) of bute I gave her the night before lessened the swelling enough that she regained the feeling/movement that she had lost from being on stall rest and the arthritis took over. It took away the pain, and she felt good.

I'm not going to lie. I feel sick to my stomach that after everything that happened to me, and the support she (and you) showed me that I still got to keep my mare and she might not get to do the same.  I just think life is unfair and this totally sucks.

Gogo's injury isn't improving, and whatever decision that Andrea makes (and it's only hers to make) I want to make sure that she knows that we are all here to support her. She is an amazing human being, and deserves to know that we are her to support her through this time. I am collecting money on behalf of all of us to buy her a gift. (Thank you Aimee, Monica, and Stacey for letting me lead this!) She loves that horse more than anything, and I love her for her friendship and help that she gave me over the past few months.

my Paypal is whoever donates can help decide what to do to support Andrea.

Andrea and Gogo, we love you!


Sand. said...

I'm pointing my blog over to yours and gogo's this posting, to perhaps draw some more attention to their unfortunate situation. : ( Going to round up some spare $ too, and send it your way for them. I begin to imagine what she's going through.

Frizzle said...

Ya know, when I read Andrea'a blog last night, I was thinking, "OK, we need to do something for her like we did for Denali's mom." Glad to see it's already underway. I will certainly contribute what I can, and direct people to your blog to donate.

Mel V. said...

I was hoping someone would do this. I'll send a few bucks once I get home. (Hopefully I remember my paypal login.)

Frizzle said...

Can you create a Paypal button that we can all put on our pages?? I don't know how to do that!

achieve1dream said...

I made a post about them too, but I think I linked to Chasing the Dream where she'd posted about it. I'll add a direct link to this post too. I'm glad you're doing this. I keep praying that maybe Andrea will get a miracle like you did.