Monday, July 30, 2012

Blogger Weekend

I blocked this last weekend off on my calendar WEEKS ago!! SprinklerBandits' was coming into town with a friend to horse shop, and I missed her the last time. We met up at Pia and Prairie's Mom's house for a delicious dinner and catching up. I think it's sort of funny when you think about it. If it wasn't for blogs, I would have never met these two (now three) awesome ladies!

Pia's Dad got the husband of the year award for listening to us chatter on into the night (and making us dinner.) I really feel strongly that he needs to start a summer camp for husbands. Pia's Mom is pretty lucky! Sunday we went to the local equestrian park to watch Prairie in the H/J show. Prairie is pretty much amazing an no photos do her justice. She is also MASSIVE. At one point I came out of the restroom and thought I heard thunder. Nope, Prairie going through the course. Prairie also was very good at counting. She got two blue ribbons while I was there, and she KNEW that meant two carrots. Smart girl. :0) You can read about the rest of the adventures at the other two blogs.

Tomorrow is Vera's vet check. While I'm sad, some things have come up in the past week that made me feel better about not buying her. She will go to a great home, and I will hopefully get to go visit her. If no, there are still multiple ponies for me to ride at the barn in the meantime.

I have also solved my no saddle to fit my fat ass issue. My "new" saddle arrives on Wednesday, and I sort of feel like it's Christmas coming. I hope it will work, but I got it for a steal, so as long as my fat ass goes in the seat, I will make it work for now and sell it if I can't. I've been looking forever, and it's hard to find a saddle that fits my legs, my budget, and multiple horses (adjustable.)

Meet my new saddle. It is a M. Toulouse Marianne. It is an 18 inch seat, one year old, with the Genesis Tree. The warranty for the tree transfers to me and I have 9 more years "in case" something goes wrong. We'll see how it works when it shows up. I may hate it and just re-sell it. I couldn't pass it up.

Hope all is well in your worlds. I hope to be able to go see Denali in three weeks (fingers crossed.)


Reveille and Rinsie said...

I was so glad to meet you!! Next time I come up, I won't be distracted, so we can actually chat and hang out instead of me neon antisocial wih horse buying. :)

Reveille and Rinsie said...

Being. Being antisocial. Damn you, autocorrect!

SprinklerBandit said...

The Ps' Dad definitely needs to start a summer camp. He was amazing. So fun seeing you again! Hope the saddle works out. It looks pretty cool.

achieve1dream said...

Oooh good luck with the saddle!!!! :D

I'm glad you had fun with your blogger friends. I wish I could meet all of you guys. Too bad I live in the middle of nowhere LOL.