Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah

Vera is getting vetted by the woman who rode her yesterday. Boo. I'm super sad about it, and wish I could own another horse. I know there are more Vera's in the world, and I guess I will just have to track him/her down when it's my time. I just want it to be my time now.

My trainer was running late so the woman and her trainer started asking me questions. I could have been my snarky/bitter self, or my happy/good for you self. I chose the second. She's an older woman, and was just so excited to meet her. She's new to riding, and just lost her rescued gelding. I couldn't hold it against her that she wants to by my love. She actually boards closer to my house than the barn that Vera lives at now. At one point I asked her if I could lease Vera, and she seemed excited about that. We'll see. I wouldn't start that (even if all the stars aligned) for a while. They would need time to bond.

I think my trainer feels just as bad for me as I feel for myself. She sent me a really nice e-mail last night. We'll see what happens with the vet check, but other than arthritis, I don't think much.



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Gingham said...

I'm still crossing fingers and toes for you! But I do think that there's a AWESOME sauce gelding for you to love on at my barn if you need a band-aid replacement. He was asking about you today....

achieve1dream said...

You know even if she buys her that sounds promising!! Closer and a possible lease? Maybe the stars are aligning? :D

Hang in there! The right horse will come along when it's the right time.