Thursday, July 19, 2012


God, I love this horse!! We've had great lessons, and I've just had so much fun with her. Sadly, someone is going to come look at her on Tuesday. My poor trainer, I keep telling her all the things I want to do or say when the woman shows up.

1. Oh, these crutches? Not a big deal, she just bucks a little going into the canter. You'll learn to stay on.
2. Oh! Don't worry her nose only bleeds when she is standing up.
3. That stud chain is probably necessary if you don't want to get trampled.
4. How good is your seat?
5. You have a good vet right?

Okay, okay....I'm not really going to say that stuff, but I really think it. I "could" buy her. I've thought about it back and forth, but I would outgrow her (or so everyone keeps telling me) within the year and need to move on. Honestly, I'd be content just having her to ride. We'll see. I'm not ready for her to move on yet. I love riding her, and just spending time with her. If I did buy her I have a pretty sweet deal on board, so that's not of a concern. I'm still worried about Vet bills. You never know what will happen with a horse.

Best - Horse- Ever

Worst Photo Ever, but isn't she cute!!
It's so nice to ride a horse and not be worried about dying. It's been a long time that I haven't been terrified that something was going to happen. Today a huge truck came for a horse who was going home, and we both didn't bat an eye.  L-O-V-E her. I did loose inside rein privileges for half the lesson. That was an eye opening experience for me, but helped a lot of light bulbs go off in my head.


Lisa said...

I actually lolled at your comments you want to make!!

Just out of interest - WHY does everyone say you will out grow her?

Becca said...

I don't know if you'd ever grow out of a sane horse ;) I had a performance horse that was given to me as a "beginner" horse and that i "could" trail ride and have happy times with except he was terrified of cows. There are cows all around us. I came off 7 times in 2 3 month riding seasons. I gave him back and bought the best little 13.2hh pony ever and he's safe, sound and sane. It's been a year and i haven't grown out of him. Yes, different disciplines, but you can't beat a sane horse ;)

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm not your trainer and I don't watch you ride. That said, there is something pretty incredible about riding a horse you aren't afraid of. Consider what your goals are in riding and how Vera does or does not fit into them.

In my case, Cuna is a novice level packer who doesn't want to go training. We're competing BN right now and will move up to novice next year, which means I will top out on him.

That said, I'm learning so much from him and gaining so much confidence that it is worth every penny to me to own him, even though I know he's older and that he will be with me forever. I'm sure he'll want to stop competing eventually, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Anyways. Food for thought.

Denali's Mom said...

I agree with you and I agree with my trainer. I would probably ignore common sense if I didn't still worry about Vet bills. She means outgrow her because Vera was a jumper before and dressage does not come easy because of her confirmation.She can walk/trot/canter but has no concept of anything else. She is good for my confidence but if I want to learn anything else I need to ride a horse with buttons installed. If that makes sense. Who knows, I would buy her but my main concern is $$$. The last horse startled out fine, and i ended up living pay check to paycheck. That's my main concern, so to listen to my trainers concerns makes out a little easier on me. Hope this makes sense.

Lisa said...

I guess that does make sense - the money thing I mean. You have been burned before.

achieve1dream said...

I know it will be hard to let her go, but keep in mind that Vera is not the only horse that you will be comfortable riding. There are a LOT of horses out there that will make you feel safe and help your confidence continue to grow. Don't feel like if she goes that you'll never find another one like her. Think about it, you never expected to find Vera to begin with lol. I hope I'm not coming across as bossy or a know it all, that's just the perspective I see it from and I hope it might help you a little too. :)

Besides, they may not like her at all and she'll stay around for who know how long lol. Let us know either way please!