Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

Summer is always fun, but then it ends. It usually ends much faster than I expect it to end, and I find myself with my head spinning. All of the sudden I'm back in a classroom with small children, little time, and lots of work. Sigh...My pony time decreases a lot when school starts. It's still so weird to not own a horse. I didn't realize how much I stressed out and worried about Denali until she went to her new home, and I was able to see that she was fine.

Ms. Vera is good. I fell really bad for her though. We have this woman at our barn who is, how do I say this... ANNOYING AS HELL!! She is just so obnoxious and I can't handle it. Seriously, I run from her. As in pick up my feet and run. She drive everyone nuts, and while we are all nice to her, she just drives us nuts. She came to the barn telling us all about her elusive riding career and how she use to own horses and jump, yada, yada, yada (I don't believe it.) Well...I could write a whole blog on her and her crazies, but I try hard to keep my blog nice and not complain about people (plus, you never know who will find it.) Back to Vera, she started leasing Vera on the days that I don't. Now, when I ride Vera she is just SO on edge. She expects me to hang on her face and kick, kick, kick her. I spend 5 minutes reminding her that hey, I'm not ########, I'm not going to be super hard on your mouth, don't worry. Poor thing.


Rebecca said...

Ugh that is so frustrating!!I think we all have one of those at our barns. I just moved to a new one, so I haven't met "her" yet, but I am sure she is out there.

Perhaps talk to Vera's owner about her? She will probably understand if the other leaser is a bad fit for the horse. At least if you were my leaser, and you told me the other leaser was affecting the horse, I would definitely look into it, for the sake of the horse. :o)

achieve1dream said...

Aww poor Vera!! That sucks. :( Maybe she won't lease her long since they obviously are not a good match. Good luck!