Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

So we've been back for a few days. The first thing I wanted to do was jump from the plane and run to the barn. Adam said we needed to unload our storage unit first before I went to see "Nawlers." Damn storage unit...Grr... what part of I NEED TO SEE MY HORSE doesn't anyone understand. Regardless he let me go after we (Abby included) unloaded the unit. I believe it was record time, we had everything unloaded and in the house by 3pm. We started at 10am.

Got to the new barn. I've never seen it before. Seattle had a HUGE snow fall and they are still recovering from that. It looks fine. I was so excited to see Denali, it never crossed my mind that she wouldn't remember me. Why would she? I only had her three months before I left her. She's known Abby longer than me now. It makes me really sad. Denali is super skinny. She looks pretty horrible. I guess with all the snow she's been freaking out and burning off any calories she takes in. I am hoping she'll love me again.

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