Sunday, January 25, 2009

February 1st won't come fast enough!!

Beautiful hu!? Thought I'd include some other pictures of Denali's present home.... sigh... I can't wait for her to leave... The picture below is of her right after I said, "Sorry Nawlers, one more week! I can't afford to pay board at two places..." She pinned her ears at me. Lol. I guess I would too!!

So exciting news!! Denali won't be able to move for another week, BUT she won't be going by herself!! Ophelia, my friend's pony friend is going to come to the new barn too!! I called my friend Thursday night to tell her I was leaving and next thing I knew I was calling the new barn manager to see if my friend could come look at the barn too. The girls leave next weekend. One more week!! Telling our trainer was REALLY HARD! She was sick, and I think that made her feel even worse. I don't know what it will be like without her. I feel bad, but I really think this is the best thing for Denali.

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Drsgjunky said...

I had to comment from your post on FHOTD today (12-31-09).

Geeze... Nice setup. Where's this at so I can avoid it? Glad to hear you're out of there.