Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I suck!

I brought the camera, I hung it on Denali's stall door and I still didn't manage to get any pictures of us riding. I did however manage to take a picture of her halter that she ate. This is number 7. Six of hers and one of Ophelia's. It's a damn good thing that Ophelia's mom and I are friends. I'm not really sure what causes her to decide that her halter is food. She chews when she's mad or upset. That's all I can figure out. She at 5 halters at her first barn, even laid on her side and pulled them in with her leg (it's a wonder she never broke them.) I use to yell at the barn girls who worked the shifts asking them to not hang her halter on her fence. They kept telling me that they didn't, and as the anal horse owner I didn't believe them (it was one of the few truths they did tell.)

I got there early one day and busted Denali red handed, or would it be hoofed? Regardless, she was trying VERY hard to get the halter. I can't figure out why she's doing it and it's going to drive me nuts.

Other than that, I got to the barn and at first was the only one there, then the 4-h kidlets showed up to practice. We rode for a while, but with 4 other horses in the arena I got nervous of Denali taking out another horse when it got to close to her. We did have a great ride and worked on her collecting at the walk. She still throws her head up at the trot for me. Her trainer can make her move beautifully, and I keep trying and she keeps coaching me, but I may need more help than she can give me, lol.

I gave Denali a bath tonight. I cleaned her udders, and boy does she LOVE that! She gets all droppy eyed and sticks her neck out and moves her lips. Only my horse would have her "spot" be there. Sigh... She was a champ in the wash rack. She stood perfectly still unless she thought the people walking past were going to feed her. She looks really clean for the moment and after a whole year, I was FINALLY able to spray show sheen on her. I've never been able to do that before. She's freak out. Fly spray and Show Sheen. We're doing good!!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. AND maybe a short video as long as no one laughs at my riding (at least not to me.) I'll direct you to the name of the blog if you do, Green n' Green. I can't sit her trot at all, and I revert right back to hunt seat when posting. WAY too far forward.

Happy Horsing!!


SprinklerBandit said...

Cleaning the udder and other mare parts are definitely my least favorite parts of mare-keeping. Then again, it's better than dealing with stud parts. Yuck.

It sure is nice to have a horse that stands to be sprayed. Izzy is ok with fly spray/show sheen, but she hates the hose. I still haven't given her a full bath...

Do your 4-H kids steer well? It can be really challenging to ride with kids who don't have full control of their horses, especially when you're nervous about yours. I'm looking forward to the pictures and (maybe) video!

Anonymous said...

I have a mare, now retired on a farm in Tennessee, who loves to have her udder cleaned, and in fact will demand that you clean it by backing up to you or swinging her butt over to you - a bit intimidating at first as she is a powerful horse with a large butt!

Denali said...

Yeah, I thought when I got a mare I wouldn't have to do anything "gross" with her. I've always ridden geldings and when I was little I was spoiled and someone else bathed Misty (my lease horse.)

The 4-H kids don't think. That's their problem. I like them, but they think that If I'm trotting, and they're walking and cut me off that someone they will still be able to stay in front of me. Sigh.

The goal is for the us to video on Saturday. Tried last night and when I get my camera working (grrr) I'll explain later.

Kate, is your horse at Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement??!! I saw you post a comment on there and I have to say that is my ideal retirement for Denali (in you know, 20 years lol.) Who is your mare? (if she's there) I love that blog. I'm always curious as to how much retirement board costs there! It looks like horse heaven.