Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr. Yukon

(Caution: I swear :) )

About three years ago I answered an ad on Craigslist from a barn looking for someone to do some repairs around the barn in exchange for board/lessons/leasing etc. I responded, knowing that the person would probably want a man, not that I can't fix things, I just have no references to that fact. The barn manager humored me and offered me to come and clean stalls in exchange for riding time and lessons.

I did this for a few months, and rode a little arab name Najah. Najah was probably 14 hands, and I just felt really silly on him. That's when the barn manager humored me and introduce me to Yukon. Yukon was a 21 year old OTTB who had done 3 day Eventing for the majority of his OT time. He taught me SO much in that year and a half that I rode him. I bought Denali, and even had the animal communicator ask him if he was mad at me. She said he wasn't as long as he could still get treats! He's part of the reason I named Denali, Denali. Not that the two area's are even close, but I like the sound of Yukon Denali.

Last September my barn closed down. The property was crappy, and instead of the owner of the property fixing it up, he upped the rent to $3,000 a month. My original trainer/barn manager did all she could, but with a facility that didn't merit an expensive board price it was hard to keep people. She found Yukon a "amazing forever home." A lot of people gave her crap, and spread horrible rumors about her, all untrue. She is and amazing horsewoman, and unfortunately never ended up at another facility that I would take Denali. (See previous boarding facility)

Well....I love craigslist, and guess who I saw on there today...Yukon. The ad says that he was abandoned in a field. It broke my heart!!


My biggest fear is that he will end up at auction. I e-mailed Ophelia's mom freaking out. Want to know how much I love her? She offered to split his board if there are no other options for him until we can find him a good forever home. He's such an amazing horse.

There is always a small chance that it is NOT the same horse in the ad. Yes, the horses name is Yukon, the same as my first love, he looks just like "my" Yukon, and also did 3 day eventing. I'm hoping it's not him!!

If it is, to the woman who promised him a "forever home." You're a !@#$(*$ bitch! How dare you!! I e-mailed you in February to see how he was doing and said "contact me" if you ever need to find him a new home. Not that I can EVER take him, but I can at least do better than sticking him in a field. He is so well trained and amazing. I really hope they respond to my e-mails and tell me I'm nuts. Sigh...

It hit almost 100 today, Anna... I don't know how you live like this everyday all summer. I'm going to die.


Denali said...

Update: It is Yukon :( He is at a rescue, so safe for now. I am going to see him this week!!! After that I would like to go find the woman who promised the "forever home" and leave her in a field for a few months.

Gryph said...

Poor Yukon. :( I hope the book gets thrown at her.


SprinklerBandit said...

Hopefully he gets a better chance the second (or fourth) time around. Poor old boy.

Denali said...

Yeah, it's more like the 4th time. This is the third time he's been abandoned. Sigh... I am going on Monday, so I will take pictures as long as all goes as planed!

Anna said...

hm. Well, I don't like that it's any horse, especially your Yukon.
I'll send you a note later, there may be something we can do to help him if we get creative?

The only way we survive this heat is the wind. We're on the Gulf Coast, so there's "almost" always at least a breeze, although, lately, there's so much freakin' wind that I feel sandblasted by the time I get home at night.
100+ temps and 95% humidity= NO FUN!

you're not going to die. Denali and your hubby need you!