Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot, SOOOO Hot!

You know your horse is dirty when.......

I did that, no worries that someone would write that on my horse. I have everyone (i.e little barn kids) convinced that she will eat them if they go near her. It keeps her away from small children. She hates small children.

I have NO IDEA how people live somewhere that has temperatures in the 90's - 100's normally. It hit 105 today in Seattle. Horrible, absolutely horrible. Yesterday I went out around 8pm and just lunged Denali. A lady was taking a western lesson on on of the trainers lesson horses and got tired and hoped off early. I asked if I could ride. The horse is much, much smaller than Denali, maybe 14 hands. I didn't put my lets on her at all. I couldn't, they were half way to her knees. She's SO sturdy, I didn't weigh too much for her, it was SOOO much fun! She listens so well.

Today went to the barn and got back on the girl! Thanks for the words of encouragement SprinklerBandit. It was really hot (it was only 80 when I got on) we just worked on collecting at the walk, walk to trot transitions (which we almost have down,) and now trot to walk transitions. That is proving to be a bit more difficult. I really know how to do each individual thing that is required to ride a horse. I am just having a hard time putting them all together! HA!

Hay was delivered this weekend while I was getting Denali ready to ride. She was convinced that this was horse abuse! She kept nickering to the guy who was unloading it then got pissed when she didn't get any of it put in her stall. Her sad face was priceless.My attempt at a confirmation shot. Sad hu? Seriously we took 10 pictures and I couldn't get her to stand still at all. I suck as a horse owner. She thinks that cameras are treats.

This is the best I got! Not too great! What do you think of her confirmation? I know she's over at the knees and long in the pasturns and her neck could be a little longer. Anything else I'm missing? She's my baby regardless. I just like hearing what other people think (I.E this blog)

This is the best picture I have of me on her! Sad hu? I need someone to come out and take pictures. It's hard to ask people who are trying to ride to take pictures, but oh well! I just love the fact that I look semi skinny!!

On Sunday we cleared trails! Above is the "before" picture and below is the "after" picture. It still is going to take a lot of work, but the loop is created, we just need to go back in and trim back and clear the floor. I walked Denali to the trail and she didn't freak. I have hope!
That's my life in pictures! I need to actually sit down and post the pictures. I don't do that enough and even I know I'd rather look at picture than read a whole bunch about some crazy girl and her OTTB :)

Oh! I have been e-mailing the rescue that has Yukon, I asked to come see him next week. I am hoping that they give me the address so that I can go see him. Part of me is really nervous that they will change their mind and I won't get to go see my old boy! AND! There could be some exciting news in the Denali training coming up! I might get a discount and Denali might get a leasor. Now that I wrote that it won't happen, but oh well!

Hope everyone's good!


Anna said...

ooh, I love the trail shot!
how fun that will be, someday when you and Denali can make use of it together!

I think she has a pretty shape. I am no pro on conformation, either- my boy has long pasterns, too- I was advised not to try to make him a jumper. No worries there!
She looks well balanced, to me- nice slope to her hip and shoulder, her back isn't too long, and she has a pretty head.

SprinklerBandit said...

On conformation, I agree that she's over at the knee. She has a nice neck, though, and I like how her body's put together--nice deep chest and strong haunches. Don't take my word for it, though. I only ever placed in 4-H horse judging by being good at presenting my opinion, not in my accuracy in forming it. >.>

105 is a mite hot to ride. I don't like to get one when it's too much above 90. To get around it though, I just ride really early in the morning and do light work on the really hot days.

Pictures are so hard to get! Last time I got conformation pictures of Izzy, I had to talk another girl into doing her horse at the same time and we made it a group effort. I'm particular about how pictures look, though, so I have trouble getting good riding pictures. (I like to see the whole horse, even the feet. Write it off to mild neurosis.)

Good job getting back on and riding! It sounds like you two are doing well together.