Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot, SOOOO Hot!

You know your horse is dirty when.......

I did that, no worries that someone would write that on my horse. I have everyone (i.e little barn kids) convinced that she will eat them if they go near her. It keeps her away from small children. She hates small children.

I have NO IDEA how people live somewhere that has temperatures in the 90's - 100's normally. It hit 105 today in Seattle. Horrible, absolutely horrible. Yesterday I went out around 8pm and just lunged Denali. A lady was taking a western lesson on on of the trainers lesson horses and got tired and hoped off early. I asked if I could ride. The horse is much, much smaller than Denali, maybe 14 hands. I didn't put my lets on her at all. I couldn't, they were half way to her knees. She's SO sturdy, I didn't weigh too much for her, it was SOOO much fun! She listens so well.

Today went to the barn and got back on the girl! Thanks for the words of encouragement SprinklerBandit. It was really hot (it was only 80 when I got on) we just worked on collecting at the walk, walk to trot transitions (which we almost have down,) and now trot to walk transitions. That is proving to be a bit more difficult. I really know how to do each individual thing that is required to ride a horse. I am just having a hard time putting them all together! HA!

Hay was delivered this weekend while I was getting Denali ready to ride. She was convinced that this was horse abuse! She kept nickering to the guy who was unloading it then got pissed when she didn't get any of it put in her stall. Her sad face was priceless.My attempt at a confirmation shot. Sad hu? Seriously we took 10 pictures and I couldn't get her to stand still at all. I suck as a horse owner. She thinks that cameras are treats.

This is the best I got! Not too great! What do you think of her confirmation? I know she's over at the knees and long in the pasturns and her neck could be a little longer. Anything else I'm missing? She's my baby regardless. I just like hearing what other people think (I.E this blog)

This is the best picture I have of me on her! Sad hu? I need someone to come out and take pictures. It's hard to ask people who are trying to ride to take pictures, but oh well! I just love the fact that I look semi skinny!!

On Sunday we cleared trails! Above is the "before" picture and below is the "after" picture. It still is going to take a lot of work, but the loop is created, we just need to go back in and trim back and clear the floor. I walked Denali to the trail and she didn't freak. I have hope!
That's my life in pictures! I need to actually sit down and post the pictures. I don't do that enough and even I know I'd rather look at picture than read a whole bunch about some crazy girl and her OTTB :)

Oh! I have been e-mailing the rescue that has Yukon, I asked to come see him next week. I am hoping that they give me the address so that I can go see him. Part of me is really nervous that they will change their mind and I won't get to go see my old boy! AND! There could be some exciting news in the Denali training coming up! I might get a discount and Denali might get a leasor. Now that I wrote that it won't happen, but oh well!

Hope everyone's good!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr. Yukon

(Caution: I swear :) )

About three years ago I answered an ad on Craigslist from a barn looking for someone to do some repairs around the barn in exchange for board/lessons/leasing etc. I responded, knowing that the person would probably want a man, not that I can't fix things, I just have no references to that fact. The barn manager humored me and offered me to come and clean stalls in exchange for riding time and lessons.

I did this for a few months, and rode a little arab name Najah. Najah was probably 14 hands, and I just felt really silly on him. That's when the barn manager humored me and introduce me to Yukon. Yukon was a 21 year old OTTB who had done 3 day Eventing for the majority of his OT time. He taught me SO much in that year and a half that I rode him. I bought Denali, and even had the animal communicator ask him if he was mad at me. She said he wasn't as long as he could still get treats! He's part of the reason I named Denali, Denali. Not that the two area's are even close, but I like the sound of Yukon Denali.

Last September my barn closed down. The property was crappy, and instead of the owner of the property fixing it up, he upped the rent to $3,000 a month. My original trainer/barn manager did all she could, but with a facility that didn't merit an expensive board price it was hard to keep people. She found Yukon a "amazing forever home." A lot of people gave her crap, and spread horrible rumors about her, all untrue. She is and amazing horsewoman, and unfortunately never ended up at another facility that I would take Denali. (See previous boarding facility)

Well....I love craigslist, and guess who I saw on there today...Yukon. The ad says that he was abandoned in a field. It broke my heart!!

My biggest fear is that he will end up at auction. I e-mailed Ophelia's mom freaking out. Want to know how much I love her? She offered to split his board if there are no other options for him until we can find him a good forever home. He's such an amazing horse.

There is always a small chance that it is NOT the same horse in the ad. Yes, the horses name is Yukon, the same as my first love, he looks just like "my" Yukon, and also did 3 day eventing. I'm hoping it's not him!!

If it is, to the woman who promised him a "forever home." You're a !@#$(*$ bitch! How dare you!! I e-mailed you in February to see how he was doing and said "contact me" if you ever need to find him a new home. Not that I can EVER take him, but I can at least do better than sticking him in a field. He is so well trained and amazing. I really hope they respond to my e-mails and tell me I'm nuts. Sigh...

It hit almost 100 today, Anna... I don't know how you live like this everyday all summer. I'm going to die.

Monday, July 27, 2009

10 steps forward, 5 steps back...

SO! Ever see your horse do something that you wish you didn't? On Sunday it was in the 80's, so I only rode for a little bit, and just worked on collection at the walk. I REALLY needed to use the restroom, so I gave her to my trainer while I ran for it. When I got back, I decided I was WAY to hot, and asked if she wanted to ride her for a little bit. Guess what she did? She spooked. My trainer said it was "fun" and that it wasn't hard to get her to stop, BUT from my point of view it did not look like fun at all! A little kid and his tiny dog were running past, and that was what she spooked at. I FELT SO GOOD riding her!! Now I'm back to being nervous. Sigh. I'm such a loser!!

After her spook we all went outside and worked on building trails behind the barn. We have a little loop built that lets you ride down the road, then do the loop and come back up the barn. It will take A LONG time before Denali can go on trails. She gets freaked out in trees when you lead her, I can only imagine what a trail ride will be like.

It's going to be over 90 tomorrow. Little riding will be happening the next few days. I live in Seattle. This is not what I'm use to!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


By the time I met Abby to leave for the barn yesterday I had had it with everyone and everything I encountered in the day. Ever have one of those days? I found nothing humorous, which is VERY rare for me. I swear that all parents picked their children up from day care and took them to Trader Joe's then let them run around. I was not pleased.

Abby did make my day better by A. Driving me to the barn, and B. Letting me borrow a book called $TUD, adventures in breeding. It's pretty cool. It's written by a non-horse guy. So far it's addicting. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Thoroughbreds, and truly believe that there is nothing better than an OTTB! (My crazy opinion, I know.)
I showed Denali the book since her grandsire, Storm Cat, is on the cover. I can see some similarities in their build. Other than that they have nothing in common. He gets paid $500,000 for 30 seconds, and the only way Denali could make that kind of money in 30 seconds is if she wore a black jammy mane tamer, and walked into the local bank with a gun. Not going to happen. Plus she's too lazy to actually run fron the scene of the crime.

Denali on her way to the bank. (Is it sad that I actually took time to make that, I suck at photoshop as well.)

Also, I'm not sure if I even mentioned Denali's "thing" with her halters. She eats them when she gets mad. I'm not kidding. When I was gone, apparently she didn't like that Ophelia kept getting to go into the arena. SO she ate Ophelia's halter and hers. This is halter number 7. I know that there are some people who will give me crap for using a rope halter, but honestly, it works so much better. I use a "normal" halter in the barn, but to lead her to and from I use this one. She'll eventually graduate to "normal" halter, but for now this is our choice. In case you were wondering, she eats "normal" halters too.

As for pictures of me and denali riding... not happening yet. Saturday maybe. I asked my trainer and she joked that she wants to make sure I'm doing it right before she takes my picture. I wasn't in the humorous mood. I didn't remind her, so no photos of us. I even made a point of matching. Oh well! Abby said she'd take pictures on Saturday. I might try to canter her. I'm just going to dial 911 and then all Abby needs to do is hit send.


I signed on to write about my crappy day yesterday and to upload a few pictures (none of me riding, I'll explain that later) and guess what!! My brand new camera isn't turning on, so I can't upload the pictures.... ROAR! I'm going to wait to write...right now, I'm going to go figure out what's going on.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I suck!

I brought the camera, I hung it on Denali's stall door and I still didn't manage to get any pictures of us riding. I did however manage to take a picture of her halter that she ate. This is number 7. Six of hers and one of Ophelia's. It's a damn good thing that Ophelia's mom and I are friends. I'm not really sure what causes her to decide that her halter is food. She chews when she's mad or upset. That's all I can figure out. She at 5 halters at her first barn, even laid on her side and pulled them in with her leg (it's a wonder she never broke them.) I use to yell at the barn girls who worked the shifts asking them to not hang her halter on her fence. They kept telling me that they didn't, and as the anal horse owner I didn't believe them (it was one of the few truths they did tell.)

I got there early one day and busted Denali red handed, or would it be hoofed? Regardless, she was trying VERY hard to get the halter. I can't figure out why she's doing it and it's going to drive me nuts.

Other than that, I got to the barn and at first was the only one there, then the 4-h kidlets showed up to practice. We rode for a while, but with 4 other horses in the arena I got nervous of Denali taking out another horse when it got to close to her. We did have a great ride and worked on her collecting at the walk. She still throws her head up at the trot for me. Her trainer can make her move beautifully, and I keep trying and she keeps coaching me, but I may need more help than she can give me, lol.

I gave Denali a bath tonight. I cleaned her udders, and boy does she LOVE that! She gets all droppy eyed and sticks her neck out and moves her lips. Only my horse would have her "spot" be there. Sigh... She was a champ in the wash rack. She stood perfectly still unless she thought the people walking past were going to feed her. She looks really clean for the moment and after a whole year, I was FINALLY able to spray show sheen on her. I've never been able to do that before. She's freak out. Fly spray and Show Sheen. We're doing good!!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. AND maybe a short video as long as no one laughs at my riding (at least not to me.) I'll direct you to the name of the blog if you do, Green n' Green. I can't sit her trot at all, and I revert right back to hunt seat when posting. WAY too far forward.

Happy Horsing!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

How to wind up divorced in two easy steps...

I forgot to mention.... I'm on a Swedish Warmblood kick. I don't know what it is about them, but I LOVE THEM. I told my trainer I wanted to breed to either of these two horses. I already have the name of the foal picked out, Swedish Pancake :) I'm 100% positive that my husband would kill me. No doubt in my mind, but It's SOO Tempting!!

Day 2 of Greatness.

I may need to change the name of this blog from Green n' Green to Green n' Semi-broke, but it doesn't have as nice a ring to it, so I'll have to wait.

I went to the barn with Ophelia's mom tonight to ride. We left Seattle at 5 and got to the barn at 6:40... Traffic SUCKED!!! It should only take 30 minutes. That was the only bad thing of the night, and we managed to continually discuss how amazing our horses are. Actually, we wish we had video of them before to compare them to now. There were two other people there to ride, but luckily the girl who does gaming was just leaving. I got super nervous when she and her horse were FLYING around the arena. I was convinced that Denali was going to fall over and die. THEN I remembered that I'm the problem, not her.

I am working on (and by I, I mean my trainer is working on me) to get her to drop her head. She brings it up all the time. I have to work on her all night to get her to drop it, and as soon as she drops it, it pops right back up. Of course her trainer does something magical to make her keep her head down. I was trying it at the walk, and got it for the most part, but at the Trot, no go. I LOVE LOVE LOVE trotting!! I use to hate it, but while I was home I took up running. If you knew me you'd call me to make sure I mean running as in exercise and not running as in drugs (not that I touch drugs...I hope you get the point) ANYWAY, running has helped me have a better seat, and I enjoy riding (at least the past two days) so much more! I went running this morning and my knees have been getting revenge the rest of the day. They still hurt like hell and that's after lots of Motrin. I have always had bad knees, but they have never hurt this bad.

Babble, babble, babble....

Is anyone doing any shows? I have read most of your blogs if you follow this one, I am amazed at some of the things you do! I hope that we (Denali and I) can get into showing. Not big ones EVER, just local schooling shows.

Pictures soon, I promise!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Super Amazing Wonder Horse!

I'm back in Washington State...and VERY tired... Rode Denali today and she was AMAZING!!! She was so forward and very responsive!!! I'm so proud of her! The thing I'm most impressed with my trainer with is that Denali no longer almost goes over backwards when you put fly spray on her! For the first time I was able to put fly spray on Denali without getting out a rag and putting it on her that way. So happy! :) tired. Hope that everyone's horses are doing well! I'll write more later. Maybe I'll even show off my amazing photography skills!!! :) I'm improving...well, that and my camera rocks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm putting this here so A. you can look at it, but mostly B. I can find it if GOD FORBID I ever need it. I really REALLY REALLY hope that when the time comes Denali passes away that she is at least 30 and just falls asleep under her favoriate tree in our field. This will require me to own a field, but I don't like the idea of sending her away for rendering, although I know it makes sense. If I can't bury her on my property, I'll have her cremated. Here's to hoping that I don't need to make that decision for at least 25 years. Hope everyone's horses are happy and healthy!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Phone Update!

I haven't heard from Denali's trainer for a while, so I gave her a call. I forgot that this weekend was the property owners 60th birthday, so they had his party in the arena. No riding was done this weekend so they could get it cleaned up and set up (in case it rained.) Apparently Denali thought all of the 120 guests were there for her. She stood (from what I was told) right by the fence and called to anyone and everyone in hopes that they would bring her over some carrots or grass. She's such a suck up. I guess she had her own little fan club. What a horse! Hope all is going well with everyone's horses!

Oh! I was wondering if you had your horse in training how it works. Do you pay for a month and then that's it or do you pay for it by lessons? Denali's training is $350 for 16 lessons (1 hour.) It works out since sometimes I don't get out to the barn that often, and that way I know that she is being worked. It is expected that those 16 lessons will be done in a month, but sometimes that doesn't work out. When I first put her into training in March she was such a hot mess that we did a BUNCH of ground work. The trainer would show me something and then I would work on it for several days. That 16 lesson package lasted until May 1. That's when the real riding started. Have I mentioned on her that she is now cantering under saddle? I haven't ridden her while cantering, the day that the trainer asked for the canter I had been in the car accident and didn't want to die. :)

Hope everyone who reads this is having a great week! I love your comments!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 months ago...

This is what my horse did.... I still just find it amazing that she was able to TAKE OUT the arena wall and NOT get hurt. Not only did she not get hurt but by the time I got over the shock of my horse going THROUGH the wall she had let herself into one of the paddock areas and was drinking water... Her look was priceless, as if to say, "What, WHAT? WHAT!" She was indeed shook up, but no worse for wear....

No other Denali news. She's still 3000 miles away from me. I guess she was great on the 4th of July (have I mentioned I LOVE her barn manager/trainer?) She put them in early, gave them extra dinner and apparently Denali thought it was the best thing Ever. EVER!

My friend reported that Denali tired to kick another horse through the fence who, God Forbid, was eating some grass. You have to understand that Denali has 0 grass in her paddock. Not a blade. Everyone else has grass, but my eating machine has destroyed it all. It's not a little paddock either. I guess 9 years ago before my BM took over the person before her had 4 horses (at least) turned out in the paddocks. The ground just never recovered. Denali doesn't help it by eating ANYTHING that sprouts. I'm glad that the BM checks for poisonous plants diligently. I wouldn't know what to look for.

Denali gets fed a huge breakfast and a huge dinner. I know it's not the ideal situation, and that horses should graze throughout the day, but 1. Denali couldn't be turned out with anyone. She's super food aggressive and 2. Denali DOESN'T need to eat all day. She looks like a tank. A huge muscular tank. Seriously, people can't believe she's a TB when they see her. Maybe I should make up some fake warmblood name and start my own registry. What's a country that doesn't have a warmblood breed yet? Humm...Kazakhstan? My Kazakhstan Warmblood. Sounds good right? This is coming from the same ADULT (yes, I'll admit it) that wants Denali's show name to be "your mom" because I think it would sound HILARIOUS to have someone announce, "Now entering the arena my name here on Your Mom." Sigh... I need a life... sorry! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

1 Year!!!!!

One year ago today my world changed for the better, I just didn't realize it yet. Who knew that a wild horse bought at an auction could bring so much love into my life. My husband is amazing, and I love him with my whole heart and soul, but Denali just brings something to my life that I never knew was possible. She keeps me honest and lets me dry my tears in her mane.

One year ago, I had to figure out how the hell I was going to explain to my husband that I just made a VERY large financial decision on my own.

One year ago today my little girl dream came true!! I wish I could be with Denali today, but I know she's fine and happy. I love my horse!!!! I'm so glad that I decided to go to the auction!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Home, home on the range...

Right now I'm around 3,000 miles away from the girl. It's funny how much I miss her when I'm away. Part of me wishes that it was possible for me to come home for the summer and just haul her over here at the beginning of summer, then haul her back to the Seattle area at the end of summer.

I know people haul horses all over all the time for competitions, I just get really nervous with the idea of my precious baby girl (yes, I really just called her that) being hauled all over the United States without having a REALLY good reason. Other than I miss her and want to stay on the East Coast longer.

It's funny, a year ago I was leasing Yukon, an amazing 23 year old OTTB (who had been off the track for A LONG TIME of course.) Yukon is a school Master. He is very forgiving, but also loved to go fast. I loved that horse. I still love that horse. I would have bought that horse, but 1. I wasn't in the market for a horse, and 2. He as just a little older than I wanted for my first horse. I wanted (if I were in the market that is) a horse that I could ride for at least 5 years at least 4 days a week, if not daily. I couldn't be guaranteed that he would be able to do that.

Then, on July 6, 2008 I went the the Enumclaw Horse Auction. If you read this and know about the auction, you know how scary it is (for a horse.) I saw Denali, and there was just something about her that made it impossible for me to leave her. I don't know what it is, but the next think I knew I had grabbed my friends bidding number and won her. I explained to the hubby, that it was the same feeling that I got when I met him. I just knew that he was the one, and I just knew that she was the one for me.

Why I thought a 3 year old Appendix was a good idea, I dont' know. I thought I'd give her some more time to grow and then put her in training. Not so. I'm really glad that I have an OTTB, and not an Appendix. Everyone who meets Denali is so impressed with her personality, beauty, her smarts, and most importantly her heart, that I like telling them that she's from the track and indeed NOT CRAZY. I may call her crazy, but she's not "truly" crazy. She's a mare which sometimes I just think = crazy.

Alright, enough rambling.... I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July Weekend!! I also hope that none of your horses get too tramatized by the fireworks!! :)