Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunny Sunday

My husband was asked to come to Iceland and present at a conference. He is currently there, while I get ready for work. Boo real job! I would much rather continue to "run" a non-profit than work. I am attempting to do both, and do both really well. I don't do things half-assed (well, I do, but it's things like cleaning, and cooking, and fun things like that.) I get very annoyed with people who do things half-assed and so I will run myself into the ground before I slack.

One thing I did to help make sure I can handle everything is I got an "understudy" at the GWB. She rocks and loves horses so much. It's nice to have help and it only takes us 2 hours to do everything, so that helps. Today we were finishing up our shift when we noticed that one of the lesson horses was being ridden by her lessor. We sat to watch for a minute from the barn (so we could see her, she would have a hard time knowing that we were there.) She first let her mom (very, very overweight) ride him first. He's a saint, I would have bucked her off right away. Then she got on him (he's older, 19...20?) cranked his head into his chest and asked him for a a canter (with no warm up.) When he wouldn't do it she started to hit him with the whip, and not the "lets go whip." Both of our jaws dropped and we went ripping and tearing up to the owner of the GWB's house. I normally call her but was so appalled that I just needed to let her know asap. We left after we got the owner (who was obviously not happy, she loves that horse) and so not sure what happened.

I finished up all the paperwork for the fundraiser that I organized. Final total: $10,210.25 which won't even begin to cover vet bills, but it's a start for the owners and will help them out. The horse under our care is doing better. Friend "Northwest Equine Stewardship" on FB and you can see the photos of him. Poor boy, it looks so bad, but he's doing well. Still some puss pockets, but doing okay.

Thank you everyone who sent in their dontion for Andrea and Gogo. We have some pretty cool ideas picked out, and I'm starting the "main" gift tomorrow since it will take a while, and it will make a great present regardless of the outcome. If you'd like to make a donation use the button to the right at the top of my blog. I had a "donate" button up, but I guess you can't do that. I got a wordy e-mail from Paypal asking me for my 501(c)3 status number and yada,yada,yada. So, "Buy Now!" (HA!) I sent an e-mail out yesterday to everyone who donated with what our 'plans' are and heard no "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING" back so I'm going to start the one since I need to meet with the woman and she has only tomorrow off and lives 2 hours away. I'm excited about doing the gift, not why we are doing it. Send your donations in, I will keep the button up for a while. I'm putting the deposit down tomorrow morning for the "main" gift and will happily cover the whole thing if  need to. :)  IF you didn't get an e-mail let me know! I repsonded to your paypal account e-mail so check that. Also, if you want to send in a gift, but don't have paypal, e-mail me at and I'll give you my address for snail mail.

Love you Andrea and Gogo!!


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

I get paid tomorrow, so I will try to send a little something then. I figure it's the least I can do...

And I'm still looking for a box to ship your picture. :x It's not even that odd of a size. >_>

eventer79 said...

I just sent in a "donation," LOL. I wish I had more to send. Thank so for putting this together!

Stacey said...

Oh wow, $10K?? It may not cover vet bills but that is impressive!!!

That is so sad about the lease horse :( Luckily you guys saw what you saw so hopefully it won't continue!!

I will make my donation today :)

achieve1dream said...

You are doing a really great job at all of the things you do. GWB, fundraiser, Andrea's gift and caring for D. You're superwoman! Thank you for organizing and doing this for Andrea. I really wish I could donate something. I'll talk to my husband and see. Even $5 makes a difference.

Let us know when you find out what happened at GWB please.

Jennifer said...

Just got a "donation" sent. Thanks for coordinating this for Andrea!