Monday, August 3, 2009

My Boy

I guess I can't call him "My Boy" anymore since he's not. :( I went to visit Yukon, and he's doing amazing!! The people at PONYUP Rescue have done a great job with him and the other horses that are at the stable. Yukon's new "mom" Chelsea was absolutely wonderful to me!! I did start to cry like a baby when I got to go see him. He still stomps his foot and demands food. It makes me very sad that he was in a field by himself, stomping for food, and no one was there to feed him. I don't know what happened to to him, or how he ended up in a field, but there is no excuse. I hate people!

Here are some pictures of my boy for your enjoyment! Also, the website for PonyUp if you ever have extra funds you want to donate to a good rescue! (There are a lot of NOT good rescues out there.)

(Please ignore my large butt)


SprinklerBandit said...

He's good looking for an old boy. His front feet are pretty long, though. I hope he gets a better chance this time around.

Denali said...
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Denali said...

The lady who has him is amazing! I love her already! One horse there is a 38 year old Appy they rescued a few years ago. You'd never guess he was 38 except that he had no teeth. That didn't stop him from trying to walk off with the bag of peppermint treats. Very cute!

The farrier came as I pulled out:) I'm so happy that he ended up in a "good" rescue, unlike some of them out there!!