Tuesday, September 8, 2009

0 Denali, 1 Ophelia

We don't know what happened, but I must have gotten to the barn right after it happened.

(back story) My brother randomly showed up from Ohio, but I had planned on going to the barn so I drug him with me (he's TERRIFIED of horses.)

When I went to get Denali she didn't nicker at me and didn't come to me. It had rained so I thought she must be getting the winter blues. I went to get her and she walked really slow to the barn. I just figured she was tired or calm. I groomed her and noticed that her back legs were stocked up. I thought that she must not like the mud and just stood around all morning.

I turned her out in the arena when I noticed she looked sore. I went and got some grooming bushes and started to clean her off. I got to her chest and noticed some mud between her front legs. I used the brush and touched her and she took off backwards. I thought she was being naughty so I grabbed her halter.

I brought her over and started cleaning the mud off her chest when I noticed that she has a HUGE lump between her legs. It looks like a mango, complete with a cut that is shaped very much like Ophelia's hind leg. Okay, okay it's a cut and there is no way to prove that it's Ophelia, but there is no other explanation. Ophelia is also hurt with a cut on her leg. What we think is that Denali bossed Ophelia one time too many, and when Ophie tired to run off she clipped herself in the leg. That hurt so bad that she kicked back and got Denali in the chest.

It is worse today than yesterday. It's pretty swollen. I rinsed it with cold water for 5 minutes and put her in her stall early so she could eat and just relax. If it is still getting bigger I'm going to call the vet on Thursday. If it's a Hematoma it should go away soon right?

Advice oh wonderful horse people!!


SprinklerBandit said...

Oh, hematomas. Cassie, my old TB mare, somehow acquired one on her croup last winter. There were no marks on her skin or anything, so we thought maybe she had just rolled on something.

The vet said if we drained it, we'd have to do all kinds of complicated things, so we just let it be. It was there for months. It didn't hurt her and she let me groom over it. Finally, when it was warmer (over 30f) and she could work more, it did magically go away.

So I guess check with your vet, but exercise is probably useful.

Denali said...

Yeah. The vet said to give her some bute, cold hose it, give it a few more days and then he'll come out. Unfortunately its swollen where her girth goes so no riding until that goes down :( Boo.