Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This needs a caption!!!! I came across this via (have to give credit:) How funny and WTF!? Really? I'm pretty sure I would need to wrap Denali in bubble wrap first, twitch her second, and then attempt to put this contraption thing on.

Captions!! Give me a Caption!

(In the process of gearing up for another school year. I hope to see my horse this weekend. KEY WORD: HOPE!!)


SprinklerBandit said...

I'm at a complete loss. Um? Who would put this on a horse?

It's terribly Freudian, imho.

Anna said...

Having trouble getting Silver to keep it in his pants? Try the All New Equine Strap On. it will really help you hold your horses....

LMAO- word verification: scwhele

just scwhele...haha!

Anna said...

p.s. you found this thing..what IS it? surely there was some sort of description with it?

Anna said...

w.v.: undise. Horse undise, maybe that's what it is?

Lindsay Michelle said...

That's a horse diaper!

We used them in equine nutrition research studies at my old university :)