Saturday, September 12, 2009


How in the hell do people own more than one horse!??!!?!?!?! Seriously, I am going to have a nervous break down! Went out to see Denali. Her hematoma is looking better, but NOW her right hind pastern is swollen, and where the other red circle is, she won't even let me touch it!! The POOR POOR barn owner! She's going to throw me out if I leave her one more crazy, crazy letter!! I titled this one "Crazy Horse Mom Note #7,432" I'm sure she's fine right?! The upper circle area isn't swollen, but she wouldn't let me touch it long enough to figure it out. She kept freaking out about it. The Barn Owner/Trainer wasn't there, but I called and told her about my crazy horse mom note and she said she's sure she's fine. Ugh. Are all new horse owners like me? Is this like having kids? After I get two I'll stop freaking out? I don't know, I freak out about all horses!! Sigh. Suggestions?

(This is an old photo. I'm not as fat now as I was in that picture, but I'm no where near where I need to be!)


joanna said...

For one, you are not fat. Stop it!

Yes, you tend to be a worrywort when you have kids. At least with the first one. After that, no blood, pupils the same size, screaming their head off, they're fine.

I have four horses. Sometimes everything is fine,
sometimes everything falls apart. Last winter my big red, Sean, had a bad case of rainrot and ringworm at the same time. In January. During a really cold spell ( in the negatives). Joy. I just sigh and deal.

SprinklerBandit said...

It's not so much the worry, it's the work. Maybe it's easier if you can keep them at home, but to have time to go out to the barn and work multiple horse? Yikes.

That said, I really want a project horse. As if mine isn't one.

And you look great. So does Denali.

Denali said...

I know right? I really want a yearling. That's JUST what I need. Lol. Not really, but someday when I'm more confident with my ability to train a baby.

As for her leg, still swollen and her stifle area is still sore. She's going to be the end of me!

joanna said...

Remember, bad things come in threes.
She has 3 injuries, so you should be good for a while.

Denali said...

I really hope so!! The vet comes in the AM. I have to work in the AM so Ophie's mom is going to go out with her. I'll update tomorrow.

Anna said...

OMG, I'm wanting a yearling, too. Only I really really know better. The colt in my avatar is a year and a half, still down the road, and hasn't been touched since they put him in the pasture. I handled him every day from foaling to 10 months, and he was "my" first foal. I love him.
Owner toys with the idea of giving him to me, then we drop it. I have no business with two horses, one is financially and emotionally plenty. But I know that if she handed me Boom's leadrope, I'd take it.

and I don't know about all new horse owners, but I can surely tell you that I've fretted over every little speck on Dancer until I knew what it was. To the amusement of everyone at the barn, and much eyerolling.

You are sooo not overweight, even in that photo. You're Denali's mom and she knows, as do your friends, that you're just perfect.