Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Horse In the Country

I am trying to make Wednesdays the day I go out to the barn. It's almost 50 miles from my work, and it takes a long time in Seattle traffic to make it out there. I sneak out the door as soon as I can and leave.

...almost 2 hours later....

When I got to the barn Denali was in her stall. I was a bit nervous to see her in her stall, because I know that the Vet had wanted to put her in the pasture, and when I went there on Sunday she was out in the pasture.  I looked in her file, but didn't see anything glaring as to why she'd be in her stall. That's good. Then I noticed that she was sweaty, really sweaty. After a few minutes, she was trying to pee, but nothing came out. She seemed to try to pee a few more times, and at that point I freaked and called the vet's office and left a message for the vet.

I continued to hang out with Denali and freak out. The caretaker showed up, and I told her my worries. She tried to take Ms. D's temp, but Denali WAS NOT HAVING IT. We decided to turn her out in the arena. She was in her stall because the herd was being really mean to her. I guess they've been running her off her food, and when she's tried. to join the herd. She's in her stall untill the shelters are built and they can break the herd up into two groups.

While in the arena, Denali didn't do a whole lot. Then I pulled in the wheelbarrow and layed the stall fork in the wheelbarrow. I have a video on my phone and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it of my phone onto my blog. Sad.

I can't describe what I saw. It was hilarious. It looked like my horse was getting sexual with the end of the fork.

Long story short? We think Ms. Mare's crazy behavior was from being in heat. Rip, roaring, heat!!

In other news, I have until tomorrow at 5 pm to get votes for Smartpak. I don't think I'm even close, and I've driven EVERYONE I know crazy, but if you can talk your friends into voting for me that would be awesome.

How to vote is in yesterday's and the day before yesterday's posts.



Mrs Mom said...

I've been voting!

You have a slutty mare! LOL ;)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I voted :)
Your Mare is too funny. She got herself in a tizzy. Too bad Laz couldn't help her out but he wouldn't have a CLUE. Plus, I think he's into dudes. lol!
So the straining to pee...I assume it was a position during heat??

Marissa said...

I voted too... Surely there are 30 or so more people out there who will like your photo???

As for your mare... I believe I know the type of behavior to which you are referring. My trainer's lovely mare has been known to do this little act with the blanket bars mounted in the aisle way of the barn. Things can get rather graphic!

Denali's Mom said...

Graphic is a pretty good description!!! Lol, I was FREAKING OUT, little did I remember it was because my horse is a hussy!

Sydney_bitless said...

lol dirty mare!
At first I thought maybe she had tied up because the way you described her straining to pee. Silly mares.

Dom said...

That little harlot!!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I don't know about the 'graphic' part, but my aunt's new mare did the peeing thing when she was introduced to the herd. Gotta love the hormones huh?

I vited, and reposted on my facebook... you have GOT to win this... c'mon a freaking neon bathingsuit with attached tutu????

Laura M. said...

I voted too!

My mare flips her tail and flirts with everything on four legs when she's in heat. Ridiculous!

achieve1dream said...

LOL Silly D will always come up with ways to scare you. :) Evil mare is trying to give you gray hair!

I will see if I can get anyone else to vote. I really wanted you to win!