Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vote and Nawlers

This will be short and sweet. I have tendinitis or something in my right arm so typing hurts a bit late at night. Went to see Denali, she didn't seem to feel well, so I freaked and called the vet. Long story short, she's doing better. Denali. Really??  Also, found my camera!!

And for my newest purpose! Please vote for me! It's easy. If you could convince your friends to vote that would be great too!! Feel free to embarrass me on your blogs, your facebook, etc.

More on Denali tomorrow when I can use both hands! (She's more important than any contest!)

1. If you are already a fan of Smartpak, skip to step 2. If not "like" Smartpak on Facebook by clicking here first, and then click on the second link.

2. If you're a "Fan" of Smatpak just click here to vote. (You need to "like" the photo to vote.)

So, like away!! Have your friends like, your horses, your enemies (I don't really care.) Vote, Vote, Vote


eventer79 said...

I "liked"!!!

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad D is still doing better. :)

I "liked" on more than one account, although of course I don't have more than one account, since that would be against the rules. :D I'll do a post later asking peeps to vote. :)