Monday, December 13, 2010

Take a Bite Out of Crime

and you can just call me Crime.

If you are new to reading this blog, I teach students with severe emotional/behavioral disabilities. I have 11 students (when I should only have 10) but they are amazing little guys (and girl.) They do "blow" once in a while, and when they do it gets hairy. Today was one of those days. I gave my student a consequence (aka, go sit in your seat) and he lost control. He took a nice bite out of my arm, and after yesterday's flooding I hope this doesn't become a daily thing this week.

I got out of work and turned my phone on to 9 text messages. Three of them were from the vet.

Guess who had a saddle on today?

Guess who had a bridle on today?

Guess who was RIDDEN today??

Ms. Denali Slew!! I was so excited. She said she can tell she's green but she listened really well and they only did some walk/halt exercises, but she called it a success.

After I guess Denali kicked the herd leader in the chest and he, in return, bit her in the butt.

Looks like we both got a bite taken out of us, but only one of us deserved it! (hint: she only has 2 legs.)

It was funny, I talked to my trainer and told her about Denali being ridden. She seemed offended that she called Denali "green." I reminded her the last time she was ridden was September (by me, and who counts that?) and before that it was July (again, me) and before that....April!! That's 9 months, and a long time. I would consider Denali green too, and told her so. Plus I'd hate to change the name of this blog to Broke and Broken (Denali and me.)

We had to pack up our stuff and move out of our house today. Our landlords mom is in Hawaii and offered us her house. And by house I mean mansion! It's HUGE and amazing and I just might not leave. I wonder if we change the locks if we can stay?

Two more days until I get to go see princess. I can't wait!


Marissa said...

That's great news about Denali! Enjoy your little vacation in the mansion.... I am jealous :)

Mrs Mom said...

GOOOOOO DENALI!!!!!!!! Girl, how stinkin AWESOME is that?????? Geeze!!! Happy DANCE baby!

We're going to all chip in and get you Kevlar to don when the natives get restless in the classroom ;) (My husband sells it at the range... wonder what kind of deal we could get? LOL)

SprinklerBandit said...

Hooray!! That's so exciting for you and Denali. Sounds like she is continuing to do well.

Your trainer is kind of weird.

Sydney_bitless said...

yay! Ridden!! Really!? So I take it shes definitely on the road to recovery and her EPM is not as bad right now?

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

WhooWeee, moving on up!;)
That is awesome that she rode Denali..and YES, I would agree with "Green" comment. She's been out of commission for awhile. I consider Laz still VERY green and most has to do with me too. She just needs reminder lessons and I'm sure when she's physically able, she'll bounce back very quick. There are LOTS of benefits of just walking too

Kelly said...

Yippeee!!!!! So no current neuro signs then? Now would be a time to call the animal communicator- see what Ms. D. thought of her ride, and if she's happy with having a job. :)

achieve1dream said...

That's fantastic!!!! I want to hear lots and lots more of great posts like this (well about Denali, sorry you got bitten).

Very cool that you get to stay in the mansion while your apartment is repaired. That would be sooooo awesome! Keep us updated!

Kate said...

Go Nawlers! Talk about an early Christmas gift. Enjoy your mansion vacation, but I wouldn't recommend changing the locks. People don't tend to agree favorably to things like that :P

Laura M. said...

Big YAY!!! for Denali being ridden :)