Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Well.

My lovely photo came in 4th :(. Oh well, worst things could happen (see November.) I think I drove everyone I know INSANE to try and get them to vote.This morning I had my craziest idea yet. I made an "invitation" on facebook and invited all my friends to it, "Vote for Me." I should have been crazier earlier in the week.

Tomorrow I get to see Nawlers. I got a gift that I'm using tomorrow. We'll see how it goes before I look totally crazy and tell you what I'm doing.


achieve1dream said...

Hey fourth is better than last. :D

I can't wait to here what you are up to tomorrow. :)

Nicku said...

While I can read your blog fine, I definitely cannot read the animated ad in Japanese below it...just made me laugh a little :) Hope your weekend was a good one!