Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This isn't an amazing post. I just started writing it last night, got tired and knew I'd be too lazy to change the tense today to past tense.

Anyway, I took Denali into the barn and the vet and I started coming up with a plan. Denali's been on "vacation" now for a month or so. She hasn't done a whole lot other than be a horse. I put her into her stall and we started coming up with a game plan. Denali walked up to the bars, looked at me, looked at the vet and then gave the biggest sigh as we discussed a "work out routine." It was HILARIOUS. I swear she knows what we say.

There is a new patient at the barn. He is a beautiful Dutch Warmblood who has a rearing problem. Not just with saddles, but anything that touches his back. His owner has been working with him, but wants him put down because he's so unpredictable. My vet talked her into giving him two weeks to see if she can pin point a problem. His muscle build is so interesting. He has divots in his back and his neck is inverted. He doesn't carry himself at all like a "normal" horse and no matter what holds his head really high up. He is SUCH a sweet boy. I watched her work on him and you could see the whites of his eyes when she started touching his back. No rearing though. I swear when my vet talks the horses totally know what she's saying and they listen. Denali is going to loan him her back on track neck wrap to see if that helps with the tension in his neck. My vet was worried he'd destroy it. I told her that Denali would be okay if that happened, I don't want him put down if it's fixable. He came from a shady home before his current home bought him. He's lucky they have him because they really are trying. The guess is that he was an eventer and had a bad crash. I'll keep you posted on him!

Also, remember the old mare who was in the kill pen? Someone saved her! Yay!


Frizzle said...

Hey, I got my Smartpak catalog today and, lo and behold, there was a pic of you and the lovely DenaliMare -- congrats on being famous!! :-)

Denali's Mom said...

ha ha ha, Thanks! Ridiculous is that we are suppose to be in the next one too!! She's going to let all of this go to her head, I just know it!

achieve1dream said...

Aww that poor Dutch Warmblood. So sad. I hope your vet can fix him.

Marissa said...

I love the picture of you guys in Smartpak! So cool. Definitely sounds like that horse has some pain issues, I really hope your vet can get to the bottom of it. Poor guy.