Thursday, March 24, 2011

Measure twice, cut once.

So, I think I mentioned that I started a "little" business making tail bags. I had two bags to make last night and was so tired, but decided to try anyway. FAIL. Never drive when tired, and NEVER sew when tired.

I finished an entire tail bag and then went to snip one tiny string and with my wonderful eye hand coordination I snipped the fabric too. It's a tiny, tiny hole, but I can't sell something with a tiny hole in it. I tried to fix it, but made it worse. Sorry Pia's Mom. It's coming!!

I threw my failed attempt at a tail bag in the corner of my office and figured I'd finish the other one and then go back to re-making that tail bag. I was making it for a friend who loves burgandy and black. I decided to stop sewing when I thought to myself, "Dawn would really like this tail bag..." Sigh....the tail bag is for Dawn. After the fact I realized I sewed the tube on upside down. Not a huge deal, but the fabric looks "slightly" different when the light hits it. Me being the anal human being that I am needs to re-do it.

As for Pony Princess. I haven't been out since Tuesday. Love that Mare-Face!


DS said...

Hum...maybe sell your "seconds" for cost. That way you can re-coup something without trying to pass it off as something it's not?

Adventures In Colt Starting

Kate said...

Aww, look on the bright side. You didn't sew yourself, or any part of your clothing into the tail bag. You also didn't cut of any fingers, as a bloody tail bag is even harder to sell than one with a teeny tiny hole in it!

achieve1dream said...

Yeah. No sewing when exhausted. Being tired messes up a lot of things. I've gotten to where I don't even attempt to do certain things when I'm tired.

jenj said...

Oh my yes... do not sew when tired. I cannot tell you how many times I have set sleeves in backwards (i.e. inside-out) at 11 p.m. because I was "almost done." FAIL.

Gingham said...

Um, I guarantee that Miss P will install her own holes right quick. :)

Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

Sewing while exhausted... yeah, been there. And yes, I actually managed to sew something TO THE CARPET. -___-;;;