Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Update

It has been one week since I've seen the mare. Horrible I know. Who does that?

I had my Pro-Cert due on Friday at 8pm. It's pretty much 40 pages of me telling the state why I'm a good teacher and then proving it with artifacts. What it really is is a way to make me a crappy teacher because it takes all my time and effort. Not fun, but I turned in the last entry at 2pm on Friday at at 5pm we left the country for Canada!

I've needed a break from life for a while, and it was wonderful to have no phone/Internet/work/etc. to worry about. We went with some friends to Vancouver to an outdoor show. On Saturday we got to meet (and KISS) Mantracker. If you don't know who he is, it's my favorite show!! I LOVE HIM. On our way to see him we were out for an early morning walk and I saw this man and thought to myself, "Hu, he looks a lot like Josh Holloway" (aka. Sawyer from Lost) and as he got closer I almost stopped breathing. It WAS him. I kept walking and acting cool (since it was the 4 of us and just him on the street) but then had my 12 year old girl melt down. I wanted to turn around and stalk him, but decided to let him enjoy his early morning walk. I LOVED Lost and he was my favorite (I love a bad boy, it's funny I married the nicest guy possible, and wouldn't have it any other way!)


Ms Martyr said...

We love Mantracker and hope he is filming more episodes. Glad you had a chance for a break. It sounds like you have been incredibly busy. I'm sure Denali will forgive you.

la mexicana said...

The Pro Cert is such a joke. I agree with you on that! No other profession makes its workers endure such ridiculous "certification" and then, to add insult to injury, makes the teachers pay for it out of their own pockets. After 9 years in the profession in Washington, I still have not done mine. The entire process and lack of overall respect for teachers in the state is making me seriously consider a different profession rather than do ProCert.

On top of that, I am a good teacher. I've touched the lives of many students and do my best with what I am given each year. Why do we have to prove on paper and with our checkbooks that we are worthy of staying in the classroom? It isn't like there is a surplus of teachers in most areas (certainly not yours!).

Your job is suckier than mine (I think I got that word from a student). There is no why I could put up with what you do on a daily basis. Good for you for your dedication and committment to help the kids!

I hope this all makes sense. After dealing with over a hundred hormonal teenagers today, I have a migraine!

achieve1dream said...

That is so awesome that you saw Josh Holloway. cool! I loved Lost. :) I'm glad you had a nice vacation. It's great to get away for a little while.